How to pack a backpack?

_MG_4136A properly packed backpack important part of camp life. Improper packaging can lead to severe fatigue, vertebra and other troubles, aggravating journey. To avoid any inconvenience when packing a backpack should adhere to a set of rules.

The first rule — all things must be packed in a backpack, your hands are free. The second rule — all things you need to pack in plastic bags, especially money, papers, matches, and what you'll be sleeping. Recently on tour. stores sell special Germ bags if they pack up, they will not get wet, even if you drop the bag into the water. Hard and heavy items (canned, boxes, cereal) fit in a backpack at the blade as close to the back. In addition to those canned and products that may be needed, for example, for a lunch snack. These products should be placed so that they are easy to get. Cereals and other dry products (salt, sugar) is very convenient to pack in plastic bottles, as they do not break, do not get wet and do not have weight. Small soft things should fill the void backpack. Acute and fragile items put in the middle, protecting their soft things. Incomplete backpack should pull the side ties to reduce the volume. Weight is evenly distributed between the right and left sides ryukzaka.Karmany backpack to fill things that you might need on the road, so that they could get without unpacking the entire bag. Things you might need: a jar of water, a knife, a spoon, toilet paper … In the pocket over the upper flap put a raincoat and jacket, as Bad weather in the mountains can break out suddenly and you have to be prepared for this.

If you have a bulk pack, and not a lot of things, you can put inside the twisted karemat (insulating mat), it will just keep the shape of the backpack, and additionally protects things from getting wet. In addition, the mat itself folded inside a backpack will be protected from mechanical damage (for example, often mats, sticky outside, scratched on the branches, etc.). If the volume of the backpack you can not put carpet in, it can be fixed with special straps on the side.

At low volume backpack, have to move a sleeping bag or tent in a backpack or under it, in this case, the data items must be well packed in plastic bag or germanium and the most firmly attached to the backpack.

Every tourist should always carry a few boxes of matches. What does each box should be carefully packed in plastic boxes and put in different places. The loss of such a seemingly small things like matches can sometimes be a tragedy for the entire group, as do without the fire very difficult. A couple of boxes should be placed in thick plastic bags and sealed with a lighter and an iron. In addition, the campaign in any case should be taken dry fuel, in order to be able to light a fire in any weather conditions.

Do not overestimate your hand, taking a hike a lot of things. Weight of a backpack for women 15-20 kg for males — 25-30 kg.

After you've packed a backpack, it should be adjusted. Put on a backpack. The shoulder straps should be thus weakened. Fasten and tighten the hips belt. Tighten the shoulder straps so that they are resting on the shoulders, but do not put pressure on them. Then, convenient to adjust, a little walk around the room. Remember, in a well-packed backpack nothing should rattle, rub and dig in the back.

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