Insects as a protein source

Insects as a protein sourceIf you are like me, then your mind will never come, that insects can have! Of course not all. Approximately 1,700 species of edible insects. And regularly eaten in 130 countries! Basically, it is the countries of Asia and Africa. But the fashion for "fried insects" and comes up to the European countries.

And so, with what insects we first encounter in the woods? Mosquitoes and midges is possible, but I think the effort to capture them will not pay off. Let's look for something on kalloriynee.Klassika: larvae of beetles borers. In the forest, a lot of dry trees, under the bark beetles and lay their eggs, which, in turn, larvae appear. They feed on wood and pull them out from under the bark is not difficult. If you have the ability to strip the bark off of live oil, then the smell of fresh bark beetles fly off enough themselves, which are easy to assemble. And eat.

Ants. Live almost anywhere. Especially nutritious ant eggs. Edible ants themselves. Not for nothing that they eat even bears. Early spring to collect ants is not difficult, they go "warm" large clusters, only manage to collect! And at another time, in the presence of wet sticks, you can collect the ants easily. But in the autumn they will have to dig out of the ground.

Not bad, if you can find a hollow with wild bees. You can profit not only by the bees, but their larvae, and perhaps honey. But if you do not fire, do not try to get them. Bee and wasp stings are painful, and the Hornets sting can be fatal. Of dry bracket fungus that grows on trees in the form of scallops to do dymovushku. From grass to gag sufficient to close the hollow with bees. And try, after laying dymovushki in the hollow, close the gag. After some time, the insects will die, will only get them. Wasps nest quite markedly and resembles a paper ball. Fire if exposed to such a nest, it will burn very quickly, as it consists of cellulose, the same time slot fry their residents and their larvae. When mining bees, wasps or hornets, do not forget that these insects are primarily responsive to movement, not waving their hands and do not run (or run very fast and far). And one more thing: when they bite, secrete enzymes that serve as reference for other relatives where to bite! Be careful!

Bumblebees, by themselves are not aggressive. If not much waving, the honeycomb can get out of the nest with their bare hands. Live bees, usually in abandoned mouse burrows. But sometimes build nests in the grass. In shmelinogo honey mouthwatering flavor! Found shmelinoe nest you're lucky!

Do not forget that insects do not eat a litter! It is best to fry. As an alternative to dry, crushed and added to other food.

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