Sergei Golovkin — boa Fisher

BoA terrible trail lasted six years. The first corpse strangled and cut the boy was found in April 1986 in July — again, the brutal murder of a teenager in a few days — a new one. And everywhere the same handwriting — killing and mockery of a corpse. Handwriting sexual maniac.

Then, a three-year break. New victims. The boy, from which a maniac took skin. The next series, which ended with three murders in 1992

Those who are looking for it, still have to worry: how it happened that they could not find it at least a year earlier, though the month. Could, if after the first attack the police immediately turned to the people and to make clear that terrible happened. Unknown in green jackets tried to strangle the boy from the first group of summer camp. This means that once matured sexual sadist, which can be calculated only by the signals of those who could not see his face. And here is a word picture for reference.

He was seen at the Pioneer camps, near the lawn, where the boys were playing football near the river where bathing rebyatnya. Most often, he was looking for his prey through binoculars. But often lost control of himself, came very close, and then teenagers (if they knew what was wanted maniac) could thread the needle, call for help adults and detain suspicious type.

Then, when the forest will find dismembered body boys rozysknikam becomes clear that the sadist familiar with anatomy, but not necessarily a doctor by profession. Maybe an expert on animals. And it is striking that stud number one, where he worked Golovkin, has not come to the attention of detectives.

And if I got, they would have heard about a lot of interesting Golovkin. Lives alone, is not interested in women. When examining and insemination of horses too long delayed hand in the rectum of animal, with his eyes become cloudy. Came to him, but he seemed not to hear. Feeling his genitals mare something sings. Some women feel shame for his nervous look.

17-year-old Ivanov, who Golovkin lured to his home, equipped right on the stud farm, and watered with alcohol, trying to persuade him to a homosexual relationship, too, could bring rozysknikov maniac on the trail, but … where to go?

If the words of the first victim was drawn sketch, and if this sketch was published in all newspapers and caught the eye Ivanov, and Ivanov know where you can call without fear that his name would be made public, Golovkin would be arrested, his home subject to inspection. And it would be clear what so carefully prepared livestock, what monstrous passion obsessed. And there would be mangled into pieces 11 boys.

Golovkin made two misfires, but these two misfires being caught. Only 8 years after the first miss, he made a third, leaving witnesses. Because of this, a terrible bill finally broke.

In fact there are 2 photos Golovkin. First made in 1976, when he was 17 years old. At this age, it inhibited several disadvantages sunken chest, acne on the body and face, loss of bladder control, and the fear that others will feel the smell coming from his sperm.

During masturbation, he mentally imagined that makes sexual intercourse with his classmates. While torturing them, frying pan naked, burning at the stake. During the examination, he admitted to a psychiatrist that the earlier in life imagined himself in the role of Nazis who tormented pioneer heroes.

At 13, he caught the cat, hung, then cut off his head and felt for the first time, that he "came the discharge, took power, there was a mental relief." After that there were "a dream for the exhumation of a corpse and dismemberment."

During sadistic dreams gradually formed a perfect image of a boy — a slender, medium height, not older than 16 years. In general, one that will not have a serious resistance. Over time, wanted to go from dream to action. Began the search for objects of attack. Hiking around the pioneer camps were almost daily — until you feel tired.

Observation told him that it's best to attack those teens that go outside the camp to smoke. And he began to watch in the fence near the manhole.

As a sadist and a sex maniac, he has already taken place, but judging by the first attempted attack on the boy, he lacked malice. It had something human: the last crumbs of compassion for the victim.

He is probably still a long time to get rid of this noise. But it helped. When he was in the Agricultural, he was attacked by a group of teenagers, he knocked out his front teeth and damaged cartilage of the nose. He was restless, trying to find the bullies. They stood in front of him. He imagined how cracking down on them, hanging on the trees, cutting off heads, cutting inside, remove the skin.

He did not look in the mirror and know how rapidly and dramatically changing and blackened his face. Sometimes he was afraid even to himself.

Golovkin second photo is separated from the first 8 years. It Golovkin shot a few months after the first attempt. On the eve of the second — in all respects successful — attempt.

After the second murder Golovkin felt "thirst for new experiences", and in the forest, where every tree might hide mushroom, no feeling of complete freedom. In addition, the torturer needed comfort, a full set of tools for torture. He also believed that the already become skilled enough to carry out the murder of several boys. And most importantly — he wanted his pleasure lasted not minutes — hours.

Golovkin bought "Lada", was under the garage space in the stud farm, dug in the basement garage, concreted floor, he built the walls with concrete blocks, had light, wall Mount ring bought baby galvanized tub. Preparing the knacker's yard, "had a foretaste of joy," confident that "now, it will do what he wants" without fear that someone will break, hurt.

Now that he had the car, he could be redirected to a different category of boys. On those who run away from home, who did not immediately be missed parents, who can not even look. He drove to the train platform and waited patiently for hours when the train will go some kid coming on the road with his hand raised. These he rolled up.

Now he had to choose who to feel most "sympathy." Sometimes, that feeling of sympathy literally flooded. This can be called by his love. "The more I liked the victim, the more desirable to manipulate her, more cut, cut."

Now his pleasure lasted from evening to morning. Most "favorite", he left for last, tortured, killed slowly, forcing see what he gets up to the other boys. Even forced to participate in the torture and murder of the procedure.

Pleasure afforded not only a test of pain, but also solemn promises to fulfill any of its task, even lead someone in his place, but he let them live. Say what you will, in the basement was better than in the forest. Here, he felt not only sexual, but also moral satisfaction.

After each murder, "I had a good feeling that I did something good, as it has done his duty," — he would say psychiatrists.

Still, he added, he was never fully satisfied. For example, he did not like the taste of human flesh.

Burying the corpse of another boy, he spent hours contemplating any memory left on his thing. It is reassuring when he wanted to enjoy the next victim, but there was no such possibility.

The most favorite souvenir was a skull, made from the head of a boy whom he "totally sated."

Golovkin deal is 95 volumes. 150-page indictment was read for hours.

On the question why not start a family Glovkin replied, "I was afraid that I would do with his own son the same thing as with the boys."

And Maniac said: "I said suspended from a hook is, that now I will burn out a blowtorch on his chest obscene word. During the burn, not shouting, just hissed in pain.

I told these three, that together with them in my account will be eleven boys, I set the order, saying the children for anyone who is going to die. Sh I dismembered in front of IE, while showing the internal organs and give anatomical explanation. The boy survived all that calmly, without hysteria, sometimes just turn away. "

Senior investigator for especially important cases under the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, a senior adviser to Justice Eugene Bakin said the detention of this terrible maniac. He calls it a boa constrictor.

"I made this the case for April 2, 1992 The newly created investigative team, which consisted of mostly fresh people. Wanted headed senior officer GUUR Russian Interior Ministry police Major Vladimir Tskhai.

These were the dozens of volumes of the criminal case, which included three episodes — killing teen in 1986. But there were similar murders — in 1989, 1990, 1991. April 3rd I joined all these things.

The first three murders worked very hard. It is not suspended, but the active search was before 1988 then work ceased. But BoA still.

In addition, the period coincided with the killer Odintsovo Rostov maniac. Methods — murder, dismemberment, the targeting of a corpse — also largely coincided, however, the orientation was different. If Rostov Chikatilo was "combine" — and he attacked the women and boys, and girls, there is selectivity was evident. According to reports, BoA chose only boys of a certain age.

At the time the investigation was carried out in parallel. Not exclude a version that in the Rostov region and in the Odintsovo district, Moscow region acted the same offender.

Operatives called it a boa, but the orientation given to the "Fisher". Conviction, tattoos — nothing to do with the real culprit.

"Fisher" gave investigators boy who was questioned as a witness in the murder of a teenager near the pioneer camp "Star." Indications of young romance, with a mass of non-existent details each time varied. There were chilling details that resemble images from horror movies, as well as intimidating and scary note hints.

Naturally, the invention sieved through a sieve interrogation, but on the bottom left only minor grain of truth. Perhaps the boy was scared senseless. But Uncle Fisher with tattoos on his arm in the form of a serpent entwined with the sword, with a scar on his face, and a thick accent okayuschim belly looked like a real criminal, like a boa constrictor at the elephant.

When I studied the case and the available information on the crimes committed in the Odintsovo district, for young, I had a theory that the last murder committed by the same person. In addition, it became clear that the criminal's life has changed dramatically. In the eighty-sixth he was not "hospital" — a permanent place where he could carve the bodies. He went to hunt for children, but this was an element of chance. BoA never knew in advance who will be the victim, he "shot" of any, practically the first comer. He could stand and watch the one who will get.

He waits. The boy appeared. Found it, or rather what was left of it, a few dozen meters from the camp. Then, in the eighty-sixth, BoA killed where attacked. The first dead body almost hidden. His ally was wood, which did not immediately open its secrets.

"Hospital" it appeared in 1989, and there he was free to dismember the bodies, without fear that it caught by surprise. BoA then took out the remains in the woods. He knew the deaf, deadly place. It was clear that he was not killed there, that is the burial place was not the place of murder and subsequent dismemberment. In the ninety-first, you can be arrested without delay.

Location BoA was calculated absolutely. With regard to age, he found himself in our range. I relied on the record. If we talk about the profession, I feel closer to the medical aspect. I suspected that he was assistant, a nurse may be working in a morgue. It was too good, he knew some specifics. But did not exclude the option that the BoA is associated with agriculture, to be exact — to livestock. One episode of the murder fit into this version. There were other findings that showed that the offender is able to carve the body. We already knew that this area is the only enterprise — stud … The specifics of work allowed for the correct version.

September 15, 1992 BoA immediately killed and devoured three teenagers. It was these three murders and drew a line. Circle narrowed.

Cynical as it may sound, but each murder — is the next … The last case showed us that he began to take off to the side, it was clear that his personal vehicles, because otherwise he would not have brought the remains — hard. And the corpses he razvez the old places, back to 1986.

The circle has closed permanently. In addition, we realized that without his vehicle — a motorcycle or a car, he would not be able to take away the boys. All three lived in the Hills, the day they came home to the station early riser, from there you can get to Gourock bus. But the trains go more buses. Intervals do not coincide. If guys have waited a bus with them would not have happened. It was clear — they were getting on the associated transport. The boys did not return, and the parents immediately began to search for them.

When they found the bodies, it was obvious that they were victims of the same offender — the handwriting matched. It was found that on the day before the disappearance of the boys talked with a young man.

BoA read publications about their crimes, he knew they were looking for some kind of Fisher. Arrest did not wait. I was sure that it will not take. And if you would have waited arrest, would not leave evidence.

Outwardly at BoA everything was normal. Higher education. He graduated from the academy, Lieutenant stock. At work, all it is characterized by extremely positive. Do not judge, a tall, slender man. Many consider him handsome.

After his arrest, the reaction was shock. He is stunned when he began to interrogate him. Give clear answers. Not resented not say, "Why are you interrogating me?" "On what grounds?" BoA though dulled, "Yes — no — yes — no."

On the morning of the day after his arrest, he began to testify. Described the murder scene, which we did not know, do a background check on the spot readings and found the remains of a corpse.

The moment of truth.

BoA does not feel remorse. He considers himself a superman, that all is permitted. "

(Eremin V. "Version-plus». № 1, 1995; Svetlova E. "Top Secret", 1992, № 11)

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