The first hours in the boat or liferaft

First of all, do not rush to cut safety tench. If there is no immediate threat to spassredstva and crew should be as long as possible by the ship on belay Lina. If there is a threat of a coup vessel must move away to a distance of two to three feet higher than the height of the mast and the upper deck superstructures.

Semi-submersible vessel, in contrast to a small raft or boat easier to spot from a plane or a ship passing. In addition, it reduces the wave and wind drift, covering spassredstvo from wind and waves.

If at the last moment it became clear that the raft (boat) is not any of the passengers or crew, then try again examined ship and water space around it. For the same reason you need to carefully listen to the surrounding sound, trying to distinguish among them cry victim.

If you find water people need to approach them with oars or dokinut to them saving end. In exceptional cases allowed to help people to have one or two good swimmers, after tying their long belay tench.

When the ship starts to sink, cut the line. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the lining raft.

After spassredstvo formed the free drift, on the windward side should be lowered into the water kite. Sea anchor reduces wind drift two to three times, improves stability spassredstva on the wave. We need to further untie rafts lanyard exempting ballast pockets.

If liferafts (boats) some, they need to bring together and link tench. On the wave distance between the flesh should be increased to 15 — 20 meters, and the distance must calculated in such a way that they both rose on a wave and came down with it. The more wave, the greater the distance separating the means of salvation.

With the general drift of several spassredstv easier detection in distress from the air and water, it is easier to organize the observation.

Someone reading these lines may be thinking, "This advice will be useful except in an emergency in the Pacific or the Arctic Ocean. But to me they are for? I swim in the lake, a short walk from the house! "

Of course, these recommendations can not be universal for all occasions. Each alarm has its own peculiarities and differences. The fact that the course is suitable for large vessels, can not be applied to small recreational or fishing boat, and vice versa. But there is a general pattern of behavior, which to a greater or lesser extent, can be applied to any body of water, whether ocean or pond for any boats — from kayaks to passenger liner inclusive.

If a person was in the water, for it does not matter where it happened — in the Barents sea or a lake, hypothermia — it's everywhere hypothermia, and control is the same everywhere. Similarly, the universal advice may be to land in a storm on the beach, mooring to a rescue ship, etc.

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