Typical accidents and their prevention

Technical errors. During the day-long hikes and lead to serious consequences BREAKING ropes, breaks, falls on slippery logs, falling from the trees, burn the fire. No matter how simple campaign, must be clearly and correctly organize it.

Severe accidents are the result of ignorance of technology to overcome natural obstacles, and in particular the crossing over the mountain rivers.

In one of the campaigns in the Caucasus tourists overcame a difficult and complex route. However, while crossing a mountain river, they lost a comrade. The accident occurred as a result of a number of errors. In the mouse crossing involving a total of two. Not measured the width of the river, rope was short, and when jumping from stone tourist "yanked" him back. Fear rope was tied for stone on the shore, and so it was impossible to eradicate, to allow fallen into the water to float downstream. In addition, the rope was stretched to the hopping upstream against the rocks, and when tourist hit the water, caught on them. There was a very dangerous situation: the rope as it were. pulling fallen into the water in one direction, and rushing water — in another. In this position, can neither stand nor swim, man fills his head.

Place to cross was well chosen: le crosses most of the river, had to overcome the jet stream to three meters wide. If I had taken all precautions, accidents would not have happened.

Tactical errors. A group of tourists, students planned a route Transbaikalia total length of 1,000 km. So-called "porches" on a boat on the taiga river a few hundred kilometers. About three hundred kilometers had to walk and swim on a raft on a sparsely populated mountainous taiga. Unjustifiably excessive length of the route was one of the major errors of tourists.

Not checking for settlements on the mountain section of the route, tourists rashly decided to replenish the supply of food in the middle of the leg. However, it appeared that the settlements there. Lack of food put tourists in a very difficult position.

While on the road, the tourists have changed their approved route, There is nothing to Moscow, although they had the opportunity to do this through radio geologists. As a result, the search for the missing tourists were difficult.

The raft was bound by them, so that collapsed, stumbled on stone. Ax and matches drowned. They did not have the required number of compasses, ropes crossings.

In the end, the sick, hungry tourists were found as a result of search operations involving aircraft and boats.

When investigating the cause of the accident was that the two are more or less experienced tourists, including the head of the expedition, however had little experience in the taiga hikes. In an effort to make challenging hikes, they ignored routes intermediate degrees of difficulty, in which tourists get comprehensive technical training. The third member of the group had even less experience, and the fourth, breaking all the rules, went on a difficult route at all without the tourist experience. Three of the members of the group that went to the area where the orientation is difficult in the field, lacked the basic skills to use a map and compass.

This is very typical of the facts. These and similar violations and frivolous behavior of tourists are the true causes of disease, serious injury, tragic cases in the campaigns.

At the same time, experience shows that the vast majority of even the most complex campaigns performed without a single accident. Sound planning campaign, established rules, discipline, technical and tactical skills — is what ensures the success of the case.

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