Weather conditions and signs of change


Frost, cold

crows circling flocks and sit on the tops of trees;

tit morning peeps;

Trees crack;


Smoke from the fire pole;

Morning dawns soon burn out;

Stars shine strongly;

see the northern lights.

To sustainable, fair-weather tan dawn;

night frost, which weakens the afternoon, in the evening, with full windless sky completely covered by low stratus clouds.


A strong wind, the Buran

the wind blows, and no frost, thunder in the winter;

beak bird hide in the sand;

Birds sit on the lower branches of trees.


For snow, blizzards

ravens cry, bullfinch crunching, the smoke from the fire spreads, heavily sypyatsya star, stars "play";

long dry spruce twigs stoop down.

To thaw, heat

forest rustles, the birds sit on the ground, the frost on the river stands the ice water, the smoke from the fire follower, and the air above the forest is blue, evening sunsets soon will not burn out, stars high and the light is dim.


Spring, summer, autumn

To clear and hot weather

Stars shine strongly, crows cry;

temperature during the day varies sharply, hot day, cool at night;

evening and at night in the forest is warmer than in the open, on the slopes and tops of hills, the wind is weak, the evening fades, the smoke from the fire rises vertically;

evening dawn has a golden-yellow color with a pink tinge;

Morning clear, then there are cumulus clouds, which in the evening


no precipitation;

night falls heavy dew;

there are cumulus clouds that grow in the afternoon and go to the evening, the day is hot, fresh and cool at night;

Green points to the dawn of the summer offensive of severe drought, and in the lowlands in the evening and the day is formed mist disappears after sunset;

in the fall there is no mass cobwebs;

clouds moving in the same direction as the wind at ground level.


To windy weather

around the sun or moon there is a big white circle.


To rain

stars seem high and the light is dim, the crow cries;

Smoke from the fire is spreading with no wind, wind, dew in the morning does not settle;

in the evening the wind increases, it becomes jerky, sunset purple;

Rain intensifies, rain clouds dragging the whole sky, stars strongly "sypyatsya" and "play";

temperature is high, with light winds in the afternoon strongly soars.


Signs of the approaching storm

Cumulus clouds appear early and intensively developed, taking the form of towers, anvils, and if they move in the clear sky high, the storm will be in the afternoon, and if the storm clouds are in the form of individual and high towers — storm will be short;

If the warm and muggy evening sky prolonged continuous blanket of clouds — thunderstorm will be at night.


By cooling and sustained inclement weather

in the western and south-western sky cirrus clouds appear, elongated narrow strips of curved and "smeared" edges — harbingers of the approaching storm, and the clouds are moving faster, the sooner cooling, if the clouds are rapidly from west to east, rain and cold will be in 10-12 hours, but if they move slowly, the storm will arrive in 1-2 days;

saving feature is to keep inclement weather overcast with drizzling heavy rains and low winds;

If the weather today is the same as yesterday, and there is no sign of change, tomorrow it will be the same.

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