Mamatus clouds over Belgium

April 29. BeligiyaCertificate Vymeobraznye or tubular cloud (Mammatus cloud) - the clouds, the base of which has a specific cellular or marsupial form. Are rare, mainly in the tropics, and are associated with the formation of tropical cyclones. Cells typically have a size of about a mile, often sharply defined, but it is with soft edges. Their color is usually blue-gray, like the main cloud, but due to exposure to direct sunlight or light from other clouds may appear golden or reddish. The clouds are a manifestation of the Rayleigh - Taylor. Read more [...]
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New landslides in British Columbia

July 16. In the Canadian province of British Columbia came second in the last few days of a landslide. Much larger landslide last week destroyed several houses in the town of Johnson's Landing. According to rescuers, one person was killed and three others missing. Source: BBC Russian Service Read more [...]
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Group equipment: axes and saws

For a group of 4-8 people is enough to have a saw and two axes - one tourist, with a wooden or metal rubberised handle, the other - a carpenter, a better long-ax - suchkorub. Tourist hatchet used for smaller works, tents, fish cutting and carpentry - for equipment camps indiscriminately debris, firewood, construction smokehouse, etc. For these purposes intended and two-handed saw.Before you hit the road, axes, and to sharpen the saw should be good to do for them from the bright fabric covers with drawstrings, and ax handles and saw paint in bright red: so they will be more visible in the grass Read more [...]
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New records

The air above the deserts of Central Asia were heated to around 40 degrees. And already the first day of summer was marked by new temperature records. In Turkmenbashi the first time in the history of instrumental observation on June 1 was 40.4 degrees, CHIMBAY (Uzbekistan) 39.0 degrees, Kyzylorda (Kazakhstan) 37.4 degrees. The same heat was seized and the south Urals, Orenburg 35.3 degrees, which is also a record of the day. Up to 30 ... 32 degrees in the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions, Bashkortostan, in Omsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk. In the Altai, in separate paragraphs were above 33 degrees. Meteonovosti  Read more [...]
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Amaze Together

It's a Guy AffairBig Batch Repair, Whitefish, Montana. Ski the double-black Ikon Chutes, so dissect your proficiency on television with practiced coaches. Three-day men's shop, $250; 406-862-2909, www.bigmtn.comExistent Men Fudge, Annapolis, Maryland. Brand care Mario Batali and larn to flog up a frutti di maria Mediterranean spread without sounding care a cissy. Weekend courses for men from $695; 410-849-2517, www.realmencook.bizLet Her RipLas Olas Surfboard Safaris, Mexico. Key your interior wahine on beginner-friendly waves in a sleepyheaded Peaceable channel-surf townspeople 45 proceedings Read more [...]
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New records of the Russian weather

June 13. In Russia no day is complete without a weather record. June 12 in the afternoon at the stations Bor (Nizhny Novgorod region), the temperature rose to +32.9, Novokuznetsk - to + 32.1, Kerch - to + 6.31, Volgograd - to +36.7, Stavropol - up to +31.6, Kyzyl (Tuva Republic) - up to + 35.2, Mineral water - up to +34.0, Vladikavkaz - to + 30.8 degrees. Recall that the previous record heat in Kerch, for example, belonged to 2003 and amounted to +30.3 degrees. Record, set on Cape Chelyuskin, where day temperatures rose to +6.9 degrees hot not name. However, on the Cape, where the snow is 10-11 Read more [...]
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New records of the Russian weather

May 30. In the north-east of European Russia and northern Siberia established very warm weather. In Vorkuta and Salekhard May 29 the average daily temperature is 10-12 degrees higher than its normal. Not without new warm records, - the day in Vorkuta temperature rose to +20.1, in Salekhard - up to +22.5 degrees. However, in Vorkuta and Salekhard any temperature not reached until May absolute maximum. Recall that the absolute maximum temperature in May in Vorkuta and Salekhard occurred in 1991 and amounted to +26.5 and +24.5 degrees. The new temperature record on the same day and was installed Read more [...]
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New records of the Russian and Ukrainian Weather

May 6. Over the last few days, and in Russia, Ukraine and install new hot records. May 5 champions came just a few cities. Day temperatures rising in Khatanga to 6.0, in the Tour - to 15.7 in Erbogachene - up to 19.2, in Tula - to 25.8 in Orel, to 26.5, in Nizhneudinsk - to 26.6 in Kirenske - to 26.9, in Ulan-Ude - to 30.2 in Konotop - to 29.0, in Krivoy Rog - to 29.2 in Kherson - to 30.6 in Kerch - to 27.5, in Kursk - to 27.6, in Voronezh - to 27.3 in Kharkiv - to 29.1, in Dnipropetrovsk - up 30.3, in Donetsk - to 28.6 in Zaporozhye - up to 29.3 in Primorsko-Akhtarsk - to 31.1, Krasnodar - Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. Infectious diseases, epizootic and epidemiological significance.

In ex. Virgin territory in marmot found rikketsni Burnet (Karulina, 1961 b). There is speculation that a few centuries ago, when lazybones was widely distributed in the steppes of Europe, there are natural foci of plague (Gromov et al, 1965). In Northern and Central Kazakhstan marmot plague disease were detected. In the spring of 1959 in the south of the lakes Tselinograd mass mortality water rats (probably from tularemia). In this same period of the lake. Shoindykul neranenyh found two well-fed, the recently dead marmot. The cause of death is the same as that of the rat, as such we will Read more [...]
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New weather records

In southern European Russia and the Ukraine almost daily updated absolute maximum temperature. May 4 is the air temperature is 8-10 degrees again exceeded its normal. Hot new records were set in several cities of Ukraine and European Russia - the day the temperature was increased to 28.7 in Nizhneudinsk in Zhytkavichy - up to 26.1, in Rivne - to 26.7, in the winery, to 28.2, in Chernivtsi - up to 28.3, in Krivoy Horn - to 31.2 in Chisinau - to 30.7 in Odessa - to 26.9 in Kherson - to 30.5, the station Black - up to 25.1, in Kerch - up to 25.6, in Krasnodar - to 30.3, in Stavropol - to 25.6, in Read more [...]
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New Zealand sweeps snow

June 6. June 6th region of South Island in New Zealand covered the heavy snowfall. According to local media, closed some schools and roads. At Christchurch Airport cancel and delay flights, but in general the airport continues to operate. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, by the end of the day in Christchurch fall to 15 cm of snow, and in the Marlborough region - up to one meter. Source: New Tang Dynasty TelevisionThe climate of New Zealand CD% EE% E2% E0% FF_% C7% E5% EB% E0% ED% E4% E8% FF Read more [...]
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Smarting Probe

    Pic: Jameson SimpsonPhotograph this: Your chum was interred by an avalanche, your lighthouse has helped you zero on his cosmopolitan placement in proceedings, your examine hits something firm, and you madly dig ? a stump. This overwinter, Ortovox unveils a smarter-than-average avalanche examine tip that takes around of the guessing out of excavation for avy victims. The Levelheaded Examine includes a transceiver that audibly alerts you when it's about a pharos?and your pal.1) HOW IT DeedsGimmick the frown helping of the examine tip to play the scheme on. An national liquidator Read more [...]
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Several people were injured in the earthquake in China

July 21. Several people were injured in the 4.9 magnitude earthquake in eastern China, local media reported. Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 was recorded in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province in 20.11 on Friday (16.11 MSK). Quake epicenter was at a depth of 5 kilometers. According to news portal Sina, is now known about the four injured in the county Baoin urban district. Information on the victims were reported. Various injuries recorded dozens of dwellings. According to seismologists, a major earthquake followed by at least 50 aftershocks, the strongest of which reached a magnitude of 3.6. Today's Read more [...]
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Unexpected thunderstorm storm in UAE

July 11. On the north-eastern city of the UAE, including Dubai, suddenly swept heavy rain. This increased the already high humidity brought by the north-west and east winds. Temperature at +45 ° C only exacerbates state residents. Discomfort index reached seven on a ten point scale.In many localities there were warning of severe weather conditions, people are advised to drink plenty of fluids and stay home if possible, in rooms with air conditioning. The afternoon visit to the streets is particularly dangerous, as the temperature and humidity reach a maximum. Due to the rains the drivers Read more [...]
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Unexpected earthquake in Ireland

June 7. Earthquake that struck off the west coast of Ireland, has caused confusion among geologists and was very surprised the scientific community. The fact that earlier there was no information on the presence of active seismic processes in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. The epicenter was located at a depth of 3 km, 60 km west from Bellmut, County Mayo. On the Richter scale, it would be 4 points. In the entire history of the region is the most powerful seismic events. It is also the second known such a high magnitude earthquake in Ireland and Britain. The first occurred July 19, 1984 to Read more [...]
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Cannery Woe

'tween JOBS A FEW Geezerhood Binding, I distinct to sour in a south-west Alaskan cannery in Dillingham, which is not so practically a township as an alfresco sauceboat garpike by a encamp metropolis cheeseparing Bristol Bay. Shifts ran 16 hours, 24/7. I had not been on the goo contrast cinque proceedings that day, my one-fifth, when I was pelted in the pharynx with a pinkish-orange spirit. It lay cheeseparing my bang—a overweight, purplish harmonium the sizing of a Harmony grapeshot. Crosswise the conveyor, a man steeped in piscine life-sustaining fluids grinned. "Advance, issue a Read more [...]
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Unusual sonic booms and strong aftershocks throughout the West Michigan

May 29. People are wondering - what could cause loud noises and strong aftershocks evening of May 27 and the morning of May 28, 2012 throughout the West Michigan. Reports came people in Calhoun and Kalamazoo Counties. People say what they felt and heard, for example, John Nyuvenhyuysa who lives in Oshtemo, said that he felt and heard an explosion that shook his whole house. Nyuvenhyuysa called firefighters, but they could not find the source of the explosion. The blast damaged the trees near the house of John Nyuvenhyuysa, but how - remains a mystery ... See also: Rift in Michigan NewsChannel Read more [...]
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The unusual heat wave in India

The guy saved from the sultry weather in the river Dhansri, Nagaland State. May 19, 2012. May 21. At least four people died as a result of abnormally hot weather, established in the last few days in the north-eastern Indian state of Odishi. In areas of Bolangir, Angouleme, Jaipur and Subanapur were missing one resident after the temperature exceeded 46 ° C, which is 7.6 degrees above normal. This month, the number of victims in the country is steadily approaching the ten. In April, the heat died Hindu. From unofficial sources report that from diseases associated with the sultry weather Read more [...]
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Oakley Rad     Photograph: Photograph by Crisscross WiensBrilliant and MightilyAfterward examination lots of sunglasses on route and chase and pee, hither's what we can separate you: Glare-cutting polarizing filters, photochromic lenses that auto-adjust to luminance, and alien coatings are now standard-issue on high-quality shades. You suffer to invite them, course. With a match exceptions (which you'll get on the pages that survey), the too-cheap-to-be-true cable now hovers roughly a 100 bucks. Which?if you view that shades touch both how you see the reality and how the earth sees Read more [...]
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Incredible, in the form of tornadoes in Kansas

May 25. The unusual shape tornado-like long hose, but still curvy, filmed witnesses in Kansas, USA.

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