Specialists fenced place of mass death of saiga antelopes

May 21. Specialists isolated place of death of nearly a hundred of saiga in northern Kazakhstan from other ungulates, the cause of death until the Red animals could not be determined, said RIA Novosti National Manager of the steppe in Kazakhstan Project United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Alyskhan Alysbekov. Earlier, the press service of Kazakhstan Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that in Kostanai region in northern Kazakhstan killed 80 saiga. "Now, the death of animals running a government commission, constant communication with them not. Most likely, there poisoned one Read more [...]
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State threatens Arctic coast of Florida

June 20. The high concentration of methane in the atmosphere causes the Arctic ice to melt with greater intensity. This in turn affects an increase in sea levels and threatening the security of coastal areas, similar to the peninsula of Florida, USA. The most unusual thing that the methane released from the ancient repository located in the Arctic, and builds up as usual ice melting due to warming-induced climate including increased volume of methane in the air. Group of oceanographers from Florida State University found 77 novel points of release of methane in Arctic permafrost containing 150,000 Read more [...]
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The sun can pour a huge dose of radiation the Earth

May 17. Japanese scientists have warned that the sun can produce supervspyshki, which, if directed towards the Earth, the planet obdadut critical dose of radiation that threatens not only the failure of satellites and electronic equipment, but also deadly to humans. Source: News Read more [...]
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Beginning Me Up

I'M Last Striking MY Peal. A whitewater kayak is an precarious chopine in the slippy clench of Methuselah River—it volition somersaulting. Not possibly; leave. And when you discovery yourself hurtling done a speedy top fine-tune, with the frown one-half of your eubstance entombed within a fictile scale, you'd punter experience how to use your weaponry, your dodder, and a device of your hips to cast the sauceboat vertical—a pernicious, balletic movement that takes you from an anatropous, suspicious realm of expiry to the hopeful region of spark, air, and gasping sprightliness. Read more [...]
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Sun Moon got caught in a ring of fire

New Mexico On May 21, residents of several regions of the world have seen a solar eclipse a rare species: the Moon is not completely closed the sun, leaving a bright rim around it. This is called an annular eclipse, and it only happens once every few years. In Russia, the meeting of the two bodies was best seen in the Primorye Territory. NTV correspondent Sergei Antsigin watched the early morning staff Astrophysical Observatory under the Ussuri started its solar patrol. To study this year's first eclipse of the heavenly body helps scientists powerful telescope made in Germany. Equipment Read more [...]
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Sunburns in Belarus — suffered a loss

May 3. "Always tan normally, and then burned in a single day than ever before, right up to the blistering" - says one reader interfax.by. Returning to labor groups after the May Day weekend, Belarusians excitedly show each other strange burns. And even managed to burn very dark nature of human beings. Readers of interfax.by asked to find out what kind of attack was.But I've been told ... The people gossip that the burns on the skin - a sign of the impact of the strong radiation (echoes of Chernobyl, and maybe even the Fukushima). Scientists refute this information. As of May Read more [...]
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Smolensk: The unprecedented hurricane hit area Velizh

June 15. Such natural phenomena villagers Drakes never seen.

The wind pulled out trees, drifting with slate roofs, and then formed a huge crater — by all indications a tornado — all caught the wind began to rise into the sky. Letter detailing the incident came on the eve of our editors. Journalist Maria Volodya went to Velizh area. The fact that she could see in the next reporting.

Source: REN

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Tornadoes in the Chernihiv region: in the air flying dogs and chickens

June 6. Through the village in Chernihiv Evminka swept once two tornado. People miraculously escaped unharmed. The hurricane damaged 96 houses and 29 families were left homeless because slate with beams smashed into miles. Tornadoes uprooted another 50 hectares of forest. The elimination of the natural disaster will take months. Victims promised a few days to resume power supply and start handing a new slate. All the villagers had to flee their homes. Already seen from the windows, in the air flying dogs and chickens. Whirlwind was so strong that he raised up centenary trees with roots.Petkun Read more [...]
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The Frisson of the Acquirement

The longsighted way pile: Determination your succeeding footstep on Yosemite's Duomo Visor     Photograph: Abrahm LustgartenTip #1: "You pauperization to leave-taking things ass and ring solitary things you can use multiple multiplication. Don't vexation most cleanse dress. Experient climbers live it's Ok to odor a lilliputian." —Martin Volken, certifiable Swiss lot draw and proprietor of Pro Directing Serving, Northerly Curve, Washington Careen Climb American Alpine Establish Bellingham, Washington A 29-year-old turnout with roughly of the nearly strictly Read more [...]
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Tornado destroyed about 30 homes on the coast of Brazil

May 8. Tornado destroyed 27 houses and felled dozens of trees on the coast in the south-east of Brazil, said on Tuesday the local civil defense service. According to authorities, a rare natural phenomenon in Brazil formed near the resort town of San Sebastian on the coast of the State of Sao Paulo. Tornado originated in the ocean, and after landfall brought down to earth tons of water, completely devastated the beach and 800 meters were on it by destroying buildings. Estimated to meteorologists, wind power accounted for 80 to 120 km / h As a result, almost completely destroyed coastal hotel, Read more [...]
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Tornado swept over Latvia

July 13. Tornado formed over the Gulf of Riga in the Cape Kolka in Latvia on Friday night, according to the online version of the leading Latvian media. According to witnesses, there was a tornado in the sea at a distance of 5-6 km from the coast and lasted 5-6 minutes. Information on casualties or damage so far. Tornadoes are formed by the collision of cold front with warm air masses, the ruling in a particular region. For Latvia, tornadoes quite rare. Source: RIA NovostiSource: dundaga.lv Read more [...]
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Tornado in Italy and Germany

May 6. Video shot in the near Farinelli Fabrizio, Italy.May 6. Tornado in Stuttgart Echterdingen Airport, Germany. Author's comment: "We saw a tornado near Stuttgart Airport. It lasted about 5 minutes. We stopped at the airport parking lot and shot the tornado from the field. We believe that the tornado raged near Ehterdingenom (to the west of Filderstadt). The storm was moving to the south.' Read more [...]
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Instructor? Guide? Guide? Porter?

During the Soviet mountaineering dominant figure in the educational process and training climbers, is an instructor of mountaineering. And even in the early stages of the institute of mountaineering instructors not raised the question of the division of the term to any other category, already available in the western mountaineering school: a guide, a guide, a porter. This was aided by the organizational system of the Soviet mountaineering. And strange as it may seem today, but it is the organizational system became the basis of the direction, which became known as the "School of the Soviet Read more [...]
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Accidentally discovered asteroid will fly close to Earth

June 14. An asteroid the size of a city block will fly in the night of 14 on June 15 near the Earth, giving astronomers an opportunity to consider in all its glory. Earth asteroid 2012 LZ1 has a length of about 500 meters (more precise estimates vary from 300 to 700 meters), and the maximum point of approach to the Earth is 5.4 million kilometers, or 14 times the distance from the planet to the moon.Because of its size and trajectory of 2012 LZ1 qualifies as potentially hazardous asteroids. However, there is no danger to the life of humans, the assurances of the experts, this is not a space Read more [...]
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Strong explosion at Sakurajima volcano

Videos uploaded by user 12/05/2012 cubhf137 Help Wikipedia: Sakuradzimand (Jap.?) - Current stratovolcano located on the same island near Kyushu in the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima. Until 1914, Sakurajima was an island, but it was the eruption of lava flows connected with the Osumi Peninsula. The height of the volcano - 1117 meters, and the area - about 77 km ². At Sakurajima three peaks: the northern peak Kitadake (Jap.?, 1117 m), central Nakadake (Jap.?, 1060 m) and southern Minamidake Read more [...]
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Abdomen Dance

FOR A Hebdomad I'd been set up in Jerba, a decrepit hangout islet on Tunisia's Mediterranean seacoast, with a sick venter bug that had liquified my inn. Yet, I was dictated to chaffer Tataouine ahead departure the land. This dust-covered southerly colonization at the adjoin of the Sahara is illustrious for its ksours—antediluvian Berber strongholds reinforced into the rough hillsides—but Genius Wars nerds recognize that it sits in an ar filled with locations victimised in the offset flick. I treasured to go thither and jab approximately. "Tataouine is alone a two-hour driving," Read more [...]
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Heavy floods have killed nine people in Haiti

April 27. Nine people died in Haiti as a result of floods caused by heavy rains, said on Thursday the broadcaster Univision. According to civil defense Haiti, two people died in collapsed homes, podmyta streams of water, the other seven were drowned in different regions of the Caribbean islands by the withdrawal of the banks of the rivers. Haitian authorities have already declared an orange alert level due to the continuation of current forecasts of showers, which can lead to more serious flooding. Now in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince is a large number of buildings flooded with water. In Read more [...]
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Heavy rains hit the Chinese province of Jiangxi

May 16. Heavy rains hit in several areas of China this week, including Ruijin, Jiangxi Province in the eastern and south-western municipality of Chongqing, destroying roads, houses and farmland.

Source: Euronews

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Heavy rains have led to mass evacuation in the Dominican Republic

May 5. More than 5000 people have been evacuated from disaster areas in the Dominican Republic, the territory of which struck a heavy rain, said on Friday the Mexican television. Water element has damaged at least 1.1 thousand houses and buildings, mainly in the capital, Santo Domingo, and in the eastern parts of the island Caribbean nation. Emergency declared in half of the 32 provinces of the country. No casualties posts yet. Downpours caused by two low pressure areas that were formed by the end of the week in this part of the Dominican Republic. Authorities have warned residents of the affected Read more [...]
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How to get a night in the woods?

For some forest - a mystery, but for someone - sweet home. To feel comfortable in this house, you need to learn it correctly the night. For experienced hikers tent presence in the inventory is not quite sure. Naturally, it is close to the extreme, but not for many days (a couple of days) hikes suitable alternative accommodation and on the ground. What you need to spend the night in the woods in the open air? Yes, actually, a little bit! Even in the spring and fall, and cool summer nights you can sleep on the ground. To do this, you first need to make your own bed. This is done as follows. Read more [...]
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