Pirana, anyone? Laluna's mod seaboard linger commanding Portici Bay.     Pic: Layne KennedyON OUR 3rd Cockcrow IN GRENADA, we roast the Chickenhearted. So we did what any reasonable traveller in the Caribbean would do: We beelined it backbone to Laluna, a grand asylum tucked into a obscure bay on the island's southwesterly glide, and made square for the sea. We were laughably nasty, dabbled with mud from a three-hour mountain-bike drive with Volaille—a stringy, calf-strong Grenadian guidebook who's such a overzealous bicyclist, he'd already pedaled 25 miles earlier breakfast. Read more [...]
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Sulfa drugs

Preparations of sulfonamides are active antimicrobials and can be used in combination with antibiotics, and independently to treat various extragenital diseases in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum women, as well as for the treatment of chorioamnionitis and intrauterine infection of the fetus. This group of drugs includes streptocid, norsulfazol, sulfadimezin, etazol, sulfapiridazina, sulfadimetoksin, sulfalena, Bactrim (biseptol), etc. All sulfonamides (short, medium and long-acting) cross the placental barrier. In this case, due to delayed release of the drug from the body of the fruit they Read more [...]
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The structure of viruses

Virus is a kind of giant molecules consisting of nucleic acids and proteins, which in particles larger viruses linked to lipids or carbohydrates. Viruses have the enzymes that control the processes of reproduction and introduction into the cell, while the nucleic acid determines the structure of these enzymes and their activity. In large groups of psittacosis virus - lymphogranuloma superfine structure of the particles is almost close to the structure of living cells, they have a semblance of even the cell membrane. Apparently, the main component of the virus is a nucleic acid. It transmits Read more [...]
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Enzyme therapy is indicated for all inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, as well as after the removal of teeth and operations on their roots, preferably eating candy with proteases. Experts in the field of plastic surgery, which has for years used a mixture of proteases as a prophylactic and therapeutic purposes, appreciate this method. Healing is faster, discomfort persist, and the line turns a faint scar. The above examples show that area of proteases is almost unlimited. Suppression inflammatory reaction harmless as it enhances protease natural biological mechanisms. This kind of "inhibitors" Read more [...]
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Outside C

Reynolds, Indiana     59) Clavus FedThe itinerary to sustainable get-up-and-go goes done Reynolds, IndianaAsk hog sodbuster Roger Wiese if he's an conservationist and he'll respond in a tint that suggests the doubt itself is silly. But ask him what he thinks approximately the program to might his township with option fuels and he grows contemplative."Thither's lonesome arrivederci we can open to support victimization strange oil," he says. "Earlier or subsequently we're leaving to suffer to chassis something else out."Wiese's hometown, rechristened BioTown, USA, Read more [...]
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Staphylococcal endometritis

Staphylococcal endometritis often observed not only after illegal abortions, but abortion made in the hospital. In some cases it is possible to detect the source of infection among staff, who is a carrier of pathogenic staphylococci. It is not impossible, and auto-infection. Some researchers have linked increased frequency of postpartum and postabortion disease with massive use of antibiotics. In the uterus infection can escape into the menstrual cycle, with different treatments (scraping, probing, etc.) by a downward (from pipes) as well as with blood. Acute staphylococcal endometritis sometimes Read more [...]
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Remarkable journey

The book is about the search of useful wild plants etsya ending. Its readers - young hunters plants, vegetable treasure hunters, forest reconnaissance or "forest tramps" (as you like to be called) - now have to go into the recent tour of the fields and forests. Climb to the top of the tree. It sways in the wind, as is the mac ship. You hear the noise of leaves, like the sound of ocean waves. Take a look at forest from above, and you will discover the magnificent picture is not worse than that in the novel admired Mabel Fenimo Mr. Cooper's "Pathfinder": "To the Read more [...]
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Staphylococcal cardiac

Experimental observations have shown that staphylococcal toxin has a marked effect on the isolated heart, bringing it to a halt. Under the influence of staphylococcal toxin in the myocardium is loosening muscle fibers observed basophilic necrosis, infiltration of the interstitial tissue histiocytes, lymphoid and plasma cells. Further developing cardio. Now there are increasing indications of the possibility of severe staphylococcal lesions of the heart in the form of endocarditis, myocarditis and pericarditis. Staphylococcal cardiac can occur very hard, sometimes with fatal consequences. Often Read more [...]
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Staphylococcal infections (Control and Prevention)

The problem of anti-staphylococcal infections remains one of the topical problems in modern medicine. Staphylococcus affect many organs and tissues, the number of diseases they cause. Not without reason staphylococcus referred to as "the microbe number one." On the anti-staphylococcal pathologies at present is told in the book, which is designed for all those interested in the problems of microbiology and epidemiology. Staphylococcus: Some biographical facts The direction of impact - the whole body Treatment Antibiotic therapy Preventive measuresIntroduction Along with a marked Read more [...]
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Staphylococcus some biographical facts-2

Back in the 1884 FA Rosenbach found that staphylococcus can cause the collapse of white blood cells - white blood cells: white blood cells mutnela protoplasm, nuclei took an unusual configuration, disintegrated into small particles, resulting in leukocyte instead remained poorly or not the dye circle which subsequently broke up into small grains of detritus. In 1891, the domestic scientist Konstantin Ivanov said that the culture filtrate of staphylococci, in contrast to the microbes themselves, is more rapid destruction of white blood cells. The substance was named leykotoksinom. Destroying Read more [...]
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Staphylococcus some biographical facts-1

An equally important role in the development of the disease is the state of the human body. Many years of clinical studies have shown that impaired children malovirulentnye strains often cause severe disease utterance. Often observed during threatening staphylococcal disease due malovirulentnymi strains, and, conversely, a relatively mild illness, with the allocation of highly virulent strains of staphylococci. Children, early weaned mother increasingly ill staphylococcal infections. And they have the disease takes a very hard, with a large percentage of deaths. This dictates the need for increased Read more [...]
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Puerto Rico

Surfboarding Puerto Rico     Photograph: courtesy, LIHGroupPuerto RicoA MULTISPORT Standoff, Puerto Rico offers adequate mount biking, tramp, snorkeling, and dive to livelihood an up-and-coming visitant tenanted for months. But it's the surfing—centered about the townsfolk of Rincon, on the westerly shore— that you'll return for. Even with Huntington Beach, California, for hosting the almost ISA surfboarding events, Puerto Rico reigns as the browse mecca of the Caribbean, with 310 miles of coastline. "All the former islands deliver unfold windows, but they're little," Read more [...]
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Staphylococcus some biographical facts

Staphylococci studied long (L, Pasteur 1879, O. Rosenbach 1884). Under a microscope, these bacteria form clusters in the form of balls of golden bunches of grapes or a lemon color. Between pathogenic (capable of causing disease) And non-pathogenic staphylococci, there are a number of transitional stages. It is important to note that recent years, significant changes in biological properties of staphylococci exposed to antibiotics hamper the differentiation of pathogenic from non-pathogenic microbes, and non-pathogenic strains can be pathogenic. Surveillance of domestic and foreign authors have Read more [...]
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Means the reduction of stress

1. Means the reduction of stress. This species is referred to as detenzivny, is the most basic and common form of alcohol use in order to meet the need for relaxation. Extensive studies of representatives of behavioral (behavioral) trends in psychology Alcoholism (Cappel, Herman, 1972; Strickler is a., 1979; Lisker, 1982) have shown that the discharge of mental stress can be self-motivated alcohol abuse, regardless of the type of personality and character . There is reason to believe that the apparent simplicity of this type of motivation is deceptive. Apparently, the desire for power reduction Read more [...]
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Relict gopher — citellus relictus kaschkarov

Synonyms: Spermophilus brevicauda, Citellus musicus relictus. Russian book title: Talas gopher, gopher Tien Shan. In Pushnikov: common ground squirrel. Notes on taxonomy. Systematic relationship relic gopher with other long time remained insufficiently understood. Kashkarov DN (1923), originally described as a gopher relic as a subspecies of small, calling it S. pygmaeus relictus, and only after a comparative study identified a separate species - C. relictus (Kashkarov, 1925). The same conclusion was arrived and SI Obolensky (1927). Under this name already this gopher is listed in all Read more [...]
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A means of having fun

3. A means of having fun. This type of motivation associated with addiction to alcohol, is also one of the most common. Psychopharmacological effects of alcohol is used to achieve a certain time of the mental and physical comfort and enjoyment are not available for various reasons, by other means. The basis for the formation of alcohol craving is here expressed hedonistic motivation, and finding acute and unusual sensations. Despite its apparent simplicity, and even the relative social acceptability of such a motivation, it may be a prerequisite for highly malignant course of the disease, since Read more [...]
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A means of increasing self-esteem and self-esteem to achieve

4. A means of increasing self-esteem and self-respect, self achievement. As noted in Chapter II, the desire for a high and stable self-esteem is one of the leading motives in both normal and in alcoholism. Due to various reasons, such as premorbid personality, wrong education, the unresolved problems of self-psychologically dysfunctional aspects of family relationships, unsatisfying patient's social status, and the effects of alcohol abuse in the form of deep-rooted in the structure of individual guilt, alcoholics have a sharply reduced level self-esteem and self-respect. In turn, alcohol Read more [...]
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Means of communication and communication

6. Means of communication and communication. The basis of this type of motivation are unmet needs in communication, leaving the lonely, in love, in kindness, in candor, etc., that occur when excessive isolation, in anxiety, in the underdeveloped communication skills, lack of range of communication and culture . In this group of patients in a state of intoxication, not only facilitated communication, but, as a rule, is the attribution of others (for example, participants in the feast) of positive moral values, friendliness, etc. The result is a looseness, a sense of security, identity overcomes Read more [...]
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Means of interpersonal manipulation protection

8. Interpersonal means of protection - manipulation. Manipulative behavior is one of the characteristics of alcoholic patients during remission. In the previous chapter the main options manipulative games that are enjoyed for their own patients, subjectively meaningful goals. The main motive in all cases of such behavior is the desire to maintain proper patient "alcoholic" style of behavior and achieve unilateral advantages in interpersonal relations: financial benefits, elimination of liability, and so are the subject of manipulation is usually an emotional relationship to the patient Read more [...]
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Means to compensate

5. Means to compensate. Means the use of alcohol to replace any missing person forms or ways to meet the needs and correction disharmonious character structure and personality in general. In cases where recourse to alcohol acts as a form of compensation for the unmet needs of both higher and lower levels (Brother, 1974), alcohol can be considered as a substitute motif in the true meaning of the term disclosed in the thesis B. B. Gul'dan [1986]. Formation of motives related to the surrogate objective, subjective and often not adequately objectification of needs. The implementation of such Read more [...]
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