Airing offices

Daily cleaning of the room and periodically held ventilation chambers maintain the health of department at a high level, but also for the prevention in hospitals of various infections such measures are not always enough. Therefore, all the maternity hospitals are closed once a year for a month for routine ventilation. To top it completely stops receiving maternity, and all those in the nursing home the children are issued, if you can not extract them transferred to other maternity units. In the hospital environment is redecorating. Maternity hospitals as close to ventilation, if they observed Read more [...]
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Fig. 4. Mask Schimmelbusch: 1 - assembled 2 - frame, 3 - ring gaskets. The patient was placed on an operating table in a horizontal position. One arm is removed and fixed on a table or stand, another is put on the chest, wrapping her in a shirt, or placed under the buttocks, palm down. The legs are fixed to the table wide belts 15 cm above the knee. Anesthesia apparatus and a table with instruments on either side of the patient's head. Measure blood pressure, pulse and count the respiratory rate, dotted vein and establish a system for the introduction of the liquid. Needle carefully Read more [...]
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Causes of prematurity

The birth rate of premature babies, according to various authors, ranging from 3.5 to 12% and the average is about 5-6%. What are the reasons that can cause premature labor? There are many, they are diverse, and their share in causing premature birth different. First of all, we should distinguish genital abnormalities. These include functional ovarian failure, previous abortions, particularly repeated and made long before the current pregnancy, a history of spontaneous abortion. Common causes of preterm birth are: toxemia of pregnancy, especially severe nephropathy, medical and infectious diseases Read more [...]
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Principles of education for the mentally healthy child-4

We believe, contrary to popular opinion, wrong to deny a child the promise of pleasure, even if he was guilty. For the offense, when it is necessary, he shall be punished, but I promise pleasure to be delivered to the child, or the word will not back up the feeling. To show the great importance we attach adequate (appropriate) to support each word and how important it is to teach it to their parents, to give one comedy. To see me mother year-old boy was first brought. From examination of the child, I covered his eyes with an electric torch. Child interested buzzing flashlight, and he asked Read more [...]
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Yellow scabious

Perennial herb 25-90 cm tall, with a spindle-shaped root. Stem erect, simple or dichotomously branched in the middle, at the bottom and a capitate inflorescences with curly white hairs. Leaves in a basal rosette, and 2-4 (5) pairs on the stem, covered with short hairs. Lower leaves are lyre-shaped, medium - once or three times pinnately or ne-ristorassechennye. Flowers pale yellow, clustered in dense apical inflorescence-head diameter of 2-3 cm Wrap-lanceolate or narrow linear green pointed leaves, usually densely pubescent, especially beneath. Bracts scarious, pale, linear-lanceolate, with Read more [...]
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Principles of education of mentally healthy children 3

The second reason for a child's disobedience (typically closely entwined with the first) is the claim that he would not be able perform. Most often, this incessant attempts to limit activity and mobility of the child: "Do not touch", "Do not jump!" "Do not make a noise!". The baby continues to move, jump, make noise and making sure there is nothing wrong for him to not, does not respond to the word. Children should be prohibited as possible, be as small as possible to limit their initiative. Child must have opportunity show independence, it is necessary to give Read more [...]
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Can the Colorado River Menstruation to the Sea?

Volition the Colorado River e'er menstruum again to the Sea of Cortez?     Exposure: Putz McBrideLift the River To assistant reconnect the Colorado River to the Sea of Cortez, attend Ascent the River is a task of the Redford Core, the Environmental Refutation Stock, Pronatura Noreste, The Home Angle and Wildlife Founding, The Nature Conservancy, and The Sonoran Plant. Its destination is to ascent cognisance, finances, and finally, the waterline of the Colorado River.Death Monday, in the townspeople of San Luis Río Colorado, in the Mexican province of Sonora, Read more [...]
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Principles of education of mentally healthy children 2

If the teacher will resist nervous manifestations of the child and would not comply with its requirements, as they are not expressed in the form of a quiet, child, having relevant experience, will cease to resort to a nervous reaction and get rid of them. The same method can be used to wean the child from one of the most common in young children symptoms of nervousness - from whining. Observations show that crying baby weakens not only the nervous system, but also the overall resistance to various diseases. Crying - it's innate, unconditioned reflex - a signal for help. For an infant it Read more [...]
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Principles of education for the mentally healthy child-1

One day recently, I had to watch the next scene. In the courtyard of a group of children playing ball boy of six. Suddenly one of the windows opened and it appeared a woman's head, apparently the mother. The mother looked at her a moment playing son, and met his eyes, said, obviously indifferent tone: "Bennie, enough to drive the ball and go home, not a sin" - and then close the window. Bennie from her tone clearly understood that going home is not necessarily that it is because the mother said, among other things, and she immediately forgot about it. He continued to run around Read more [...]
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Principles of education for the mentally healthy child

How to bring up a young child, to prevent the possibility of his neurosis? This question is easy to answer and can be answered in different ways. To combat child nervousness important and adequate sleep, regular and rigorous schedule, and good nutrition, and personal hygiene, and well-organized games, and to teach the child to feasibly work, and physical education, and tempering, and no child frightening effects, and much, much more. And in each case, the breach of any of these things can play a significant role in the origin of neurosis. But what did we think the most important? The child Read more [...]
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Cogwheel of the Class

    Tents REI Two-seater $129 It's loyal and sleek-just care a substantial hot-rod. We're dissipated everyone bequeath wishing to start in. Why It's Aplomb: Apparatus is a cinch—the fly can stop committed to the camp torso in its stuffsack, import all I had to do was coast in a perch and draw and stress the niche struts. Given, my five-foot-six underframe doesn't fill virtually tents, but with 15.5 lame feet of flooring place, the two-pound-ten-ounce Two-seater is the roomiest one-man residence I've always slept in. The hall was gravid plenty to protect my mob and boots, Read more [...]
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Admission of new nurses

Due to the nature of working with premature babies every sister coming to work in the maternity ward for premature delivery or department In preterm infants, regardless of her medical experience to have an internship. The unit for premature babies (with integrated children's hospital № 20 in Leningrad), adopted the following system of training: each new sister mastered the work of separation for four twelve-hour duty - two day and two night. To do this, it is attached to the most experienced and sister under her leadership met with the internal routine office, document preparation, feeding, Read more [...]
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Preparing disinfectant solutions

As disinfectants often use bleach and chloramine. The pharmacy department receives 10% bleached solution bleach, out of which as needed to prepare working solutions of the desired concentration. For the preparation of these dilutions can use Table. 6. Table 6. Preparation of working solutions of bleach bleach requires concentration (%) Number of 10% solution of bleach per ml, which you need to take to make 1 bucket (10 liters) of working solution of the desired concentration amount of water that needs to be topped up 0.1 0.2 0.5 1 2 3100 200 500 1000 2000 3000 9900 9800 9500 9000 8000 7000Chloramine Read more [...]
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Conditional topographical signs

All items are shown on local maps special conventional topographical signs. Surveyors come up with these characters so that they possibly were similar to local objects themselves, and the size to fit them to scale. For example, the forest on the maps depicted in green (in fact he is actually green) houses and other structures depicted rectangles, because when viewed from the top (the plane), then they really are almost always rectangular in shape; River , streams, lakes depicted in blue as the water, reflecting the sky, too, we feel blue. But not always, of course, be just in shape, color and Read more [...]
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Mothers stay in the nursing home

 In the nursing home mothers are in the postpartum or observational unit. Depending on the condition they are assigned bed, polupostelny or common mode. The main objective of mothers — to ensure their children fresh breast milk. As a rule, the mother only decant milk, as the vast majority of infants premature infants nourished by bottle or through a tube. Access to the children's mothers house is strictly prohibited. All child care is only medical personnel. When the baby to the breast to bring to the house of the mother's breast.

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Mothers stay in the department for premature babies

The unit for premature babies are only the mothers who have to maintain lactation. As in the nursing home, they are to care for their children are not allowed. Breast-feeding is performed or in the children's ward, or in specially designated area. Regarding the stay of mothers in these offices have different settings. 1. Laundry stay mothers in the ward. This is taken in the department for premature babies at the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute. 2. Mothers day stay in office. Mothers are in office during the day, such as 8 to 18 hours (this mode is used in our department, in the Read more [...]
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Why does a child become neurotic-3

It is important to teach children by example to resolve conflicts without damaging the nervous system themselves or others. Here is an example. In a crowded tram is a girl of fifteen, with a big backpack on his back. In the car closely, and she accidentally for his backpack sitting on a bench boy about her own age. Displeased boy roughly tells her: "Look not, to his you put the bag! "Watching this scene, I waited for him to answer the girl on his sharpness. "Excuse me - she said softly and calmly suddenly - you seemed to me so strong that I did not think that you will be a little Read more [...]
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Why does a child become neurotic-2

In previous chapters, when we talk about mistakes in education, contributing to the emergence of neurosis in a child on the different mechanisms of their origin and methods of prevention of neurosis, we first had in mind was the prevention and elimination of neurotic reactions. So now, speaking of neurasthenia, before we proceed with our consideration, I want to just remind the most important of the provisions discussed above, the basis of prevention of neurasthenia in preschoolers. We have said above, what are the three physiological mechanism (overload excitation process, or the transfer of Read more [...]
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    Pic: Jeff LipskyEmbarkation Shoal Is in Sitting From top, BOLLE's 5-0 shades ($100; 800-222-6553, blending retroactive assuredness with tod's optic transcendency; the raincoat nylon on the OAKLEY Parka ($160; 800-414-5215, keeps you dry done pulverize, splosh, and sleet; with glutinous golosh on the palms and fingers, DAKINE's GORE-TEX Broncho GT gloves ($60; 541-386-3166, let you seize both rail and railings with informality; face vents on THE Northerly Aspect's waterproof-breathable SURVEILLANCE Heave ($189; 800-447-2333, Read more [...]
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Why does a child become neurotic-1

As it may sound paradoxical, it is necessary to teach children to master their emotions, yes, I made a reservation, it is your own experience, not just their outward manifestations, that is, not to feel anger, resentment, fear, and other such negative emotions when they not needed. And this can be achieved, as a rule, in the preschool years. In the development of animal emotions emerged and consolidated because they enhance the activity of the animal. The extent and nature of affect (normally) the animal is strictly corresponding challenges in front of him at the moment: if the animal is compelled Read more [...]
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