Hike with a minimum of equipment for the North Caucasus

In previous trips we have been trained skills mainly in one place, ie will not go. In the same exit we had a full campaign with a minimum of equipment. Weight of a backpack is limited to 5 kg. I weighed 8 kg 5 kg and 3 kg snaryagi camera with personal belongings. Well, traditionally we have not carried a tent and food. There were three of us again.

Location — the North Caucasus. The time of year — the beginning of November. We went with a small group (7 persons), where everyone wanted to experience the hardships of varying degrees of survival. We had a triple 1 Bed, 1 mats, 1 hammock and 2 pieces of already proven polyethylene. Landed. Rain. And we went.

Forest consisted primarily of beech, chestnut and oak. Along the way we collected chestnuts and beech seeds (in common — chinariki). Often eat at once, save some for the evening. At 900 meters suddenly began to snow. We walked a bit and decided to set camp.

Visible boundary, where no rain, and snow added to the weather and a little more cold. Everything before that was just wet, now covered with a thin crust of ice. And we started a fire flint … It took 2 hours, cold hands almost refused, to this kind of weather we frankly were not ready. Desperate to burn natural materials, we burned flint paper, and further, have started to create a little fire. I should note that to himself quite independently at first fire goes out. All of the energy was spent on fire warmed the cold wood with ice crust, and the flame has nothing left. Constantly had to blow the fire. Total for the creation of fire took 3.5 hours, and we could not consider it purely vyzhivatelskim.

Evening warming and drying of the

By that time it had been cleaned all found chestnuts, and we had one mushroom. Before the dinner, some of the guys to tempt us grilled chicken, but we proudly refused, not wishing to spoil your whole concept. Stew cooked chestnuts and mushrooms called "Death of Koschei" for the dreaded black and excess salt. Cooked chestnuts resemble sweet potatoes, because of various sugars and starches — high in calories. So we ate heartily. It is time to sleep.

Given the experience of previous campaigns — just crashed on duty at 3:00. A man sleeping in a hammock in a sleeping bag, the second — on karemat the fire and wrapped in plastic, putting his feet in an empty backpack. And duty did not allow himself to freeze, maintaining and collecting fire wood, or even in a state polutransa wandering around the camp and doing it is not clear what. 3:00 nezametno.Uspevaesh flew over his shift completely dry, drink some tea, and even meditate. Cold, hard, wet. But still asleep.

Morning — the most difficult time. Get out of the sleeping bag is by no means desirable. The rise in the 7.00. Again arrogantly refused coffee, cooked on the burner. The route that we were going — was popular, we often encountered quite fed faces from other groups. Some of them even kindly offered to drink tea with them with a gas burner, but we are always arrogantly refused, saying that he was ready to stake all exclusively, diluted flint from wet wood. Rain. Day has come to an end and we, half wet, began to put the camp. Chose to spend the night Urozhaynoye place — for half an hour a kilo collected 2 huge chestnuts that have not eaten yet. Turn fanaticism: again trying to make a fire flint. The fire kindled, and the fire — no. Set ourselves fail. This accommodation was very comfortable. We protected from the wind by three walls of polyethylene and an awning, windbreak design built of stones. Sleep by the fire was not even hot.

Our megaukrytie. If you look closely — you can find three people in this photo.

Began and came to an end a new day. All the time the rain. Most tour groups go home with them and our group. We stayed together. At the point of departure we donated bread and stew. It was a critical argument, when we refused to undergo a slingshot on birds. And probably saved several lives. We gathered in the 3 days pretty much every kind of natural food, so we do not worry about food. Could stretch on one only chestnuts.

We have gone further. At this point, we were completely soaked, but cheerfully singing "He goes into a separate night, the tenth our landing battalion" went into the night. We decided to go until the run out of power. Our goal was access to the sea, we have long followed the asphalt. But when I finished the asphalt, we realized that the last 20 miles were on the wrong road. Not there turned. Impact fatigue and distraction. It has long been dark. We spent the night without a fire and dinner. In the attic of someone's Sennikov barn for quite surmountable fence. We sometimes wake up at night is cold, then the fact that someone is severely shook and shook this very platform on which all lay. Left before dawn, not to light up. The next day we successfully take the bus to the point of departure, frightening people with his smoked flavor.


  • Again proved itself polyethylene. We are accustomed to use it to create a windbreak walls. When they went — wrapped in foil packs, which protected them from the rain.
  • Unfortunately, we have not tried to plant several fires because of the complexity of their maintenance.
  • Hammock again paid off. If there is a sleeping bag, you can spend the night in a hammock and without fire. One of the guys was a loyal makeshift hammock with sewn into a heater. This solution takes up more space, but more versatile. You may want to sleep on it as an ordinary karemat.
  • Duty confirmed its positive qualities. Time passes quickly. Duty time to dry by the fire all their belongings. Monitoring of fire in the still of the night cool soothing. Maintaining a uniform fire duty to ensure the peaceful sleep warm the rest. And all to sleep, knowing that you will not light the fire, because someone is following behind it.
  • Rest. We have neglected the rest and comfort, and this led us to a critical error in orientation. Fatigue and distraction — it's very bad at a time when it is necessary to make important decisions. In terms of the present survival of this can be vital. Therefore, we have taken into account for the future — rest and comfort is not haughtiness, not a sign of weakness, but a necessary means of maintaining clarity of thought and ability to make appropriate decisions. This is perhaps the most important of the experience gained in this campaign.
  • A fire. We never were satisfied in terms of a production of fire. Determined to provide special trips for the purpose it was skill training fires without matches and improvised natural materials.

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