Rhode RANUNCULUS L. — Buttercup.

Rhode RANUNCULUS L.  - Buttercup.

Herbaceous perennials, rarely single, biennials. Propagation: All.

Contain flavonoids, karotnnoidy, coumarins and other heterocyclic oxygenated Comm., Phytosterols, and other nitrogen-containing cyanogenic Conn., and y-lactones and higher fatty acid established structure. Marked tannins to 4.2% of R. sce-leratus L, fatty oil to 25.9% of the seeds R. sceleratus, essential oil to 0.1% of oversight. Part R. japonicus Thunb. (Syn. R. grandis Honda). Detected alkaloids, cardenolides, saponins, organic acids to 5.7% in oversight. Part R. sceleratus, vitamin C.

Medicinal. Therapeutic action — irritating — Hopes. Part R. acris L., R. flammula L., R. japonicus., R. repens L, R. pedatifidus Sm., R. polyanthemos L., wound healing — the leaves of R. japonicus, R. repens, R. sceleratus, laxative — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. polyanthemos, lactogenic — Hopes. Part R. sceleratus, tonic, restorative, normalizing metabolism, haemostatic — Hopes. Part R. acris. Indications — diseases of the digestive system: for stomach — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. sceleratus, chronic gastroenteritis — Hopes. Part R. japonicus, R. pedatifidus, R. propinquus C. A Mey. (Syn. R. borealis Trautv.), R. repens, R. sceleratus, jaundice — Hopes. Part R. illyricus L., R. polyanthemos, liver — Hopes. Part R. acris, hernia — Hopes. Part R. polyanthemos, R. sceleratus, constipation — R. sceleratus; pain: for headache — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. japonicus, R. polyanthemos, R. propinquus, R. repens, R. sceleratus, dental pain — flowers of R. acris, Subtitle. Part R. sardous Crantz, neuralgia — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus L.; diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat: with skin diseases — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus, leaves of R. sardous, R. sceleratus, warts — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus, R. repens, blisters — Hopes. Part R. bulbosus, R. repens, scrofula — Hopes. Part R. repens, eczema — flowers R. acris, boils — Hopes. Part R. acris, leaves of R. repens; symptoms and syndromes: with ascites — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. japonicus, R. pedatifidus, R. propinquus, flowers R. repens, edema — Hopes. Part R. japonicus, R. pedatifidus, R. propinquus, R. sceleratus, flowers R. repens, dizziness — Hopes. Part R. pedatifidus, R. propinquus, R. arvensis L. (Fujita et al., 1995), fevers — R. lingua L, hypoxia — R. sceleratus; infections / infestations: with erysipelas — flowers, fruits R. acris, R. sceleratus, flu — R. bulbosus, R. sceleratus, pulmonary tuberculosis — Hopes. Part R. sceleratus, scabies, intermittent fever — Hopes. Part R. flammula; immune system disease: rheumatic — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus, R. sceleratus, leaves of R. polyanthemos, flowers R. repens (Fujita et al., 1995), hay fever — R. bulbosus (complete) (the Medina, 1995), diseases of the lymph nodes — Hopes. Part R. acris; injury: for wounds, burns — Hopes. Part R. acris, in veterinary medicine with festering wounds — Hopes. Part R. sceleratus; disease of the reproductive system: the women's diseases — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. japonicus, R. pedatifidus, R. propinquus, R. repens, R. sceleratus, leuco-pee — the fruits of R. acris, amenorrhea — Hopes. Part R. sceleratus, mastitis — flowers R. repens; tumors: malignant novoobrazovaniyah1 — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus, R. flammula, R. sceleratus, lipoma — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus, R. repens; eye disease: in diseases of the eye — Hopes. Part R. acris, night blindness — Hopes. Part R. polyanthemos; metabolic diseases: gout — Hopes. Part R. acris, R. bulbosus; diseases of the cardiovascular system: the tachycardia — flowers, fruits R. acris, Hopes. Part R. sceleratus; diseases of the blood and of the blood: the infiltration of spleen — Hopes. Part R. sceleratus; hypovitaminosis: in scurvy — Hopes. Part R. flammula; ear, nose and throat: the sore throat, the nose — Hopes. hours, diseases of the respiratory system: respiratory infections — flowers, fruits, diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis — flowers, fruits, diseases of the nervous system: the sciatica — flowers, fruits, kidney and urinary tract: the enuresis — flowers, fruits R. acris.

In the experiment, R. arvensis, R. chinensis Bunge, R. flammula, R. japonicus, R. illyricus, y-lactone protoanemonin R. acris exhibit antibacterial activity; R. bulbosus, R. chius DC, R. sceleratus, protoanemonin R. acris — antifungal and antiprotozoal.

Tokischnost. Toxic: R. acris, R. arvensis, R. bulbosus, R. flammula, R. pallasii Schlech., R. sceleratus; exhibits insecticidal activity: R. propinquus.

Stern. For sheep and goats: R. auricomus L, R. reptans, beaver: R. lingua, R. reptans, deer, red deer: R. pedatifidus, R. pedatus Waldst. et Kit., R. polyanthemos, R. propinquus, upland birds: fruits R. repens, R. polyanthemos.

Melliferous. R. auricomus, R. sceleratus, R. oxyspermum Willd. (Perganosnoe).

Environmental significance. Decorative: R. bulbosus, R. lingua. Needs protection R. sajanensis M. Pop.

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