Sand pit, sand fish house

Those who are caught in early childhood, "the then" 20-inch minnows, has always been clear that this is a worthy trophy fishing, because the meat of this fish has a great taste in hot and very nutritious. Today, these trophy minnows — a rarity. Somewhere marred their unfiltered foolish masters, drove somewhere rotan, because this "Far plague" are happy to devour the eggs minnow, but also actively pursuing his youth.

Gudgeon named this little fish, because she loves the sand and kept it all year: even in winter looking for a hole with a light washed down and a noticeable trend.

The Latin name of the species — Gobio gobio, and circulated it was not long ago almost everywhere — from Europe to the Amur basin. In the middle of the last century minnows densely populated almost all clean streams and rivers of the European part of the country. In creeks large flocks of these fish quickly darted from cover to cover, and buried under the overhanging the water herbs, Curtin bottom vegetation, is very abundant in the rivers of sand banks, dark clouds roaming the brightly lit sandy bottom. The boys caught them even Mike, driving down in their makeshift network. Times these seem to have gone for the summer and the reason is probably not only in the fact that minnows pushed rotan (aka brand): Hexavalent dirt washed from asphalt roadside streams, does not add sand fish likely to survive and reproduce .. .

Scientists call minnow "typical benthophage" — a lover and devourer of benthic invertebrates. Indeed, this is one of our few river fish,


that never melts. She does not participate in feasts obscherybnyh about departure kakih-nibud kozyavok when all the inhabitants of the reservoir on the surface gladly devour even corpses of insects that fall into the water.

Not paying attention to the fun, gudgeon and this time finds a living just on the bottom. Coloring of its tatty, but it has features that allow you to not confuse this fish with any what other. The back is dark, turning on their sides in a bluish-gray scales, painted dark rhombic spots. The abdomen is almost white, but with the same bluish tint. The dorsal and caudal fins are spotted, abdominal — gray. The most notable decoration minnows are his mustache. They are located at the corners of the mouth, and, while not reach the value soms bend gives them romping fish species. Dimensions minnows can be very well: maximum length — up to 220 mm (today caught the fish no longer than 150 mm).

In our country found several species of fish. Besides the usual minnow, there are several species that inhabit the rivers of Siberia and the Amur River basin. Their number and role in small ponds.


In winter, the gudgeon also holds deeper water, but rarely is the pit at depths greater than 2-3 m usually minor deeper nearshore with subtle movement of the water.

"- What, Dad, your river fish is? -I asked the owner after the meager breakfast.

-In Muravlev for? — He asked, as if the village flowed ten rivers. — What sort of fish! Thus, the man at entertained. Every little thing.

-A small change in a pan and it is delicious, I concluded, and began to get ready for the indiscriminate Didove purr. He mumbled something, it seems:

-Sure, Sure … — And shook his head doubtfully.

After a warm house with a durable oak spirit, mixed with the smell of herbs that have dried grandfather literally everywhere, frost on the river, supported by a gentle but steady wind, seemed particularly hot. But when I jumped off a rather steep bank into the river bed, the feeling is gone. Here was zatishek and frost hardly felt. Moreover, sheltered from the cold and wind here, under the slope, continued vegetation coastal grass, amazing pre-New Year in the December cold of his dark-green stubble, clearly making its way through the yellow carpet of withered vegetation. Flourished particularly bitter wormwood. Her luscious bushes were so beautiful that, apologizing her I otschipnul one of them a small piece of paper, or rather, the edge of the leaf and, stretch the fingers, sniffed. The aroma of hot summer smelled at me, reminding dusty roads of this vast steppes.

Muravlev really wide failed. Six or seven feet from shore to shore. But the first hole showed that the depth is solid and the flow velocity causes or catch vprovodku, or use heavier lures and even equip them with weights. I spent more than an hour for this interesting job, but not only did not catch, but did not see anything resembling a nibble. Moving on the bed, I was almost a kilometer and saw a small stretch of river, surrounded by steep sandy beaches. Probably reach the farmers have done, once the site of Copan in the sand. Wind swept here freely along the river, swirling and swirling blizzards. Therefore, the ice was completely naked. It was good to see the curve of the higher of the left bank, where the deep stream here, so where are wintering holes — the dream of every angler. However, wells drilled through the entire reach, did not produce results. This is not like me at all. Still at the first hole, I carefully examined the water, sniffed it, and then try the shaft to the taste. To mine, it could not even drink. The absence of such a reserve of fish did not climb at all in any gate. The complete lack of even a miserable brush or Okushko (what to crank baits and no one responds, I regard the only way) is alarming. Maybe some kind of environmental disaster in the form of a tractor with a "fertilizer", capsized in the fall in the water of this very small stream, and drove away all life?

Almost desperately looking reach, I noticed that the left bank of the large pipe sticking out. It was two feet above the ice, but the low water, apparently, was located at a height of not less than 2.1 meters. I did not know what the spillway, but is difficult to assume that here, about thirty kilometers from the nearest paved road, it might be at least some company. I think that this pipe dripping water from the fields in the summer or something like that.

Drill a hole directly under the pipe, I did not clear it from the slush and just pierced reed in the white hat centimeter hole. Black lacquer gleaming jig, bearing on the hook big moth, went to a depth of about three meters. Before I could even start the game, when the small nod and shook him vigorously someone pulled down. When I felt weak hooking jerks, and although fish was clearly not of the giants, I was happy and her. Vowing grandfather "zharehu" I felt it was almost a matter of honor — to catch the least little things for his big pan. My first catch was a large gudgeon length of 19 cm to a giant fish this size, close to the maximum possible. I quickly replaced his "balalaika" spool, putting fishing line diameter of 0.05 mm with a black jig-drop and hook № 2,5. An hour later, it was possible to go back — I catch minnows for some good pans. Deciding to stop cleaning their wintered, I hooked one last time. But another minnow I saw. Cutting is ended so that the line broke, not even giving me the opportunity to understand that someone pecked more impressive myagkogubyh minnows.

— Perhaps the jack! — I hurriedly changed the snap, and the ice left a big jig on the line with a diameter of 0.15 mm with my firm leash. She brought me almost polukilogrammovogo humpback, and that all nibble ended. Scared perch minnows and coastal pit was empty. However, this "bully" from

personally decorated the pan and made grandfather poudivlyatsya:

— Catch what you see in our groove, then! "

Old Angler

While angling

Caught minnow during the winter season. Perhaps this contributes to the fact that in places where he would prefer to spend the winter, oxygen regime always favorable. Some days there may be no biting, but to establish any relationship between the cool and the weather is difficult. It may well take in the thaw, and after a snow storm, and in a period of significant cooling.

Minnow — fish day, and caught him in the night are not fixed. Best bite during the day is celebrated in the morning and in the morning.

Fishing practices

Fishing pole with a nod and jig, no more than 3 mm in diameter, equipped with a crank — all you need for fishing minnow. The game consists in lowering the jig to the bottom and periodic perturbation of it with a pause of 3-5 seconds.


Baits are rare. And she does not need, because even small feed bloodworms can quickly feed the flock of minnows. And this is the task of the angler is usually not included.


Nozzle serves medium and large crank. The white tips minnow takes worse. When angling float rod can be used on small jig pieces bloodworms. It is important to mask the sting of the hook well, then the fish will regularly take it. All other heads caught worse. However, on the first ice takes on a piece of good manure or earthworm, which you can still get this time of year.


In recent years, specialists, able to provoke a minnow bite muhoblesny. But it is still unusual for a sand fish. Yes, surprisingly, there were cases capture the tiny minnow lures! These "tricks" he is doing in a place where winter ice is formed and it can be easy to catch a spinning class. He is able to stop the "propeller", floating near the bottom. Although more common in this fish nibble on small dark jig fitted with a crank.

Biting and vyvazhivanii

Biting and vyvazhivanii minnow difficulties not present. You only need to remember the tenderness of mouthparts of this fish. Upper lip minnow easily detached and could be the only trophy hasty angler.

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