The organization works bivouac

A common mistake inexperienced leader is that he believes if bivouac works do not require the organization. When he came to the place of bivouac, he gives a command like: "Well, now, boys, get to work! Bring the wood, make a fire, put the tent. Let's not waste time. " After that, for a while there is a general commotion, and then young tourists covered enthusiasm run away through the woods. And it turns out … All who had axes, went for firewood. Tents can not be placed because there is nothing to hammer pegs. Someone has already brought an armful of firewood, but can not raise the fire, so as not ready to focus. Bring water not because young tourists, in backpacks which were pots, also ran for firewood. Instead of going to fetch water, the attendants run through the forest, asking who the backpack pan. As if all busy, all at business, but runs for two hours, and the head in bewilderment sees breakdown bivouac is still in its infancy. You can ensure that the unit bivouac and cooking such a group will spend at least 4-5 hours.

 That did not happen, the manager must advance, even when driving on the route, to consider the organization of work bivouac. The main thing needed in this endeavor — is to ensure broader front. In other words, the maximum number of cases must be executed in parallel. But as all the required work zaparallelit unlikely, should be at each stage of a breakdown bivouac clear about what parts of the works currently hampers progress of all work and to focus on it, throwing here the most experienced and skilled guys.

Consider the example of what has been said. The group stopped at a summer campaign for the night in the woods. Bivouac place is enough to provide water and firewood. What is the main area of work? Firewood for the evening, making a fire or putting up tents? Of course, making a fire. Therefore it is very important at this moment, someone is ready to simultaneously focus, someone went to fetch water, someone is willing to kindling and someone else first batch of fine wood. At the same time need to plan the camp: campfire, camping, firewood, etc. All the other work is being performed to the extent that the group are unemployed persons.

What if all this is not zaparallelit? Suppose a young tourist, tasked to prepare, focus, instead, took up tents. Then for a while there can be such a situation: the fire is lit, the water is brought, but it stands apart from the fire and does not get hot, so as pots nothing to hang. The time it will take place from the time when tanned fire until the last pot hung over the fire, is unjustified increase in the total time bivouac works. With skillful planning bivouac work can be largely complete by the time the food is ready. Experience shows that after dinner is usually a peculiar discharge — begins to feel not tired mentioned earlier, there is a desire to sit quietly by the fire, talk, sing something. Therefore, we must strive to ensure that the maximum of work, including zastilanie tents blankets and cooking headboards, to have time to finish before dinner.

 Of course, the above example is not more than an example and should not be treated as described in the order it works, and how the optimal placement of people for all trips. If the place where the group makes camp, it's hard to firewood, from the very beginning that location will be crucial in turning around the front and it works here should be sent to the best forces. If during the campsite rain coming, you have to focus primarily on the installation of tents. In many ways, the correctness of any decisions by the balance of forces in the bivouac of work depends on the size and experience of the tourist group.

The ability to assess the progress of the work camp and allocate them among the main site at any given point depends heavily on tourism experience. Therefore, if the chief executive does not have such experience, he should, having thought the balance of power, and the sequence of work in the bivouac in advance to discuss it with someone of the more experienced members. By the time of arrival at a camp site at the head have to be prepared all the orders that he would give immediately after stopping. This must be done before the young tourists will start work in his own way and work flow into bivouac style free improvisation.

The first order must be the place at which it is necessary to lay down their backpacks. Otherwise backpacks will be scattered at different shrubs and trees over a large area. And the search for one of them (for example, a salt or a tent) in the darkness can be very slow. It should be borne in mind that the appearance of a camp site often changes drastically after the arranged a fire, put the tent, etc. The person has the feeling that the field where he had left the backpack was not the one on which he currently.

The second order — who should get out of backpacks before all diverge on bivouac work. Usually, you need to immediately get axes, utensils (like cooking and personal), products for today's food, tents, along with a cape or tents, matches (if they are not on duty). Of course, this listing is purely indicative. The third order contains the distribution of orders — who what to do. The manager should clearly say who chooses campfire, who — for tents, who goes to fetch water, etc. There are effective are the considerations of the need to ensure the widest scope of work, which we discussed above. If any of the current business manager intends to carry himself, he has to say about all this. Often you can give one and the same person is not one, but several orders, but be sure to specify the order in which they perform, such as: "Victor bring water first, and then will the tent." If it another way: "Victor will be engaged in the wood, and the tent," it is quite possible that Victor at the crucial moment to leave a fire without wood, carried away by installing a tent.

To continuously support a wide scope of work, time throwing people to the site, which now becomes the master, someone has to take the role of manager. Most often, it is the leader. In a large group, he should not take on any other functions. This of course does not mean that he will be standing in the middle of the camp back and just give guidance. Let him, in addition, will retain the role that tourists call "to be in the wings." In other words, he will reserve performance of many small things that always arise in the course of work: Score in the earth brought Rogulin or will pull the cable will help to build a fire campfire, planed stirrer for duty, will chop wood, which brought the children to the fire, will cans or narezhet bread, will help pull the tent, etc. But to do so it will be only in those moments when will be free from their control functions.

In small group, when to have a camp in the formulation of dedicated manager — a luxury, that person should take some functions associated with being in the center of the camp, best campfire duty. Bonfire is always a center of camp, and being around him, it is easy to be always up to date. Combining the duties of campfire and manager might as well, such as firewood and responsibilities clicker Manager unlikely. Procure firewood usually have somewhat. side of the camp, and it is not possible to monitor how the work proceeds on other sites.

Also, being on the ball, the head retains another role — the latter provision introduced into the business at a critical time.

Supervisor, or manager, it is useful to monitor the running time on the clock and periodically declare all, how much time has passed. You only need to pre-set before young tourists specific task — to meet with the bivouac works in a certain period. Then periodically (say, every 30 minutes), a reminder of the time elapsed are mobilizuyusche. Appears sports passion — meet at a designated time. Of course, this time must be real for the tourist group.

In educational campaigns, when the situation permits, Manager feature should subcontract to someone from the best trained guys (especially the senior group), thus preparing them for constant performance dispatching duties, and as experience is increasingly entrust them with this not only in educational campaigns.

All that has been said about the organization of work in the bivouac, is, above all, to the leaders of campaigns. And now some advice addressed directly to the participants.

Council first. Establishments once and firm order: borrowed from a friend thing always give him by hand. Otherwise you will always lose that one, then another.

Council second. Roysya not in others and do not allow backpacks to dig into her purse to other. Often young tourist, when asked on duty: "You have the salt?" Replies: "I! Climb into my backpack! "First duty perepotroshat several similar backpacks, until find the right one. After the search in all the backpacks will be dug, so then, if necessary, the right thing and can not find the owner. And most importantly — all it will take much more time than if the owner of the backpack for a few minutes and got stopped out myself what is needed.

Tip three. After graduating from the assigned work, look for something to do. Estimate, which is not so, where you can be helpful, who need help to speed up the work. If all the necessary things are already being made and help is not required, consider what can be improved or retrofit. Maybe it will be drier socks and shoes or seat on which the group around the fire for dinner, or firewood in the morning. Remember: work must end at the same time as possible for everyone.

Tip Four. Do business, not play. I remember, for example, such a case. One girl was asked to quickly mangled dry wood for a fire. For ten minutes she jumped under a tree, trying to grab a branch to which she got only his fingertips. All was plenty of dry wood at the height of its growth. But for some reason she wanted to get exactly that, a high branch. Just jumped — not pulled for the second time — as well. And then became excited. The case has been forgotten, the game began. Unfortunately, the ability to turn the case into the game features many young tourists.

Tips listed here should be particularly highlight the third. It would not be an exaggeration to call him one implementation of the basic rules of camp life. As long as it does not become a habit, a person can not be considered a real tourist.

Incidentally, in this connection, we wish to mention the following. In a well-coordinated group, there is no need to allocate and manage the work, and no one takes responsibility manager. All without it is done quickly and well. But so can only work by the group, whose members have experience, that without any guidance at every stage, to understand what the site is now crucial. They have acquired a strong habit of constantly seek to do until they finished all the work.



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