The untouched wilds of the taiga. Old Matvei

tayga_1Old Matvei.
"Dedicated to the great taezhniku and this man"

Bustle of everyday life, a bachelor's boring life and view of the Maritime hills weary soul. Before my eyes there are pictures mountain springs, magnolia bushes, evening fire in the forest. With trepidation remember soaring grouse, wild boar trails spotted kosulenka, a meeting with the bear, finding ginseng. My heart stops and inside there is a shiver. Open card and now there is no power to stop access to the taiga. Fear of danger go by the wayside. Pulls a mysterious force, and the feet go where it smells of cedar needles, home to tiger and hides unique ginseng. Two weeks later, after a night of exploring Amboy fears subsided. Desire to continue the study of the taiga and its harsh laws prevailed. I am no longer afraid of the taiga. Most feared dangers. I began to feel in the forest and its felt that I could face difficulties and dangers … with interest and listened grin beekeeper fantastic story about the night the defense camp. There Amba-host, her lad this year — wisely explained Matvey. — Well, well done, if he survived, rescued dog. And where is your hairy friend? I told him that on the advice taezhnikov goodbye to Dick. I had to take him away from the master of taiga and give hunters a familiar Dalnerechensky area. Let there Utey and goat rides. -Well, that is correct. Ambu battered with fear, not an assistant in the taiga. And beekeeper said many years ago he tried to escape by flight from the tiger because of the dog. Just standing on the Little soldier apiary. Several times during the night barking excitedly dog. Watchman jumped with lanterns and fired a gun to scare off an amateur honey bear. But bear tracks were visible, but the evidence remained intact. Only at the end of the week we note the following young tiger. Sorry for giving dog-bear hunter tiger and Amur Czerniawa vociferous mongrel protein. Therefore temporary dog decided to close for the night in the van. After a few days you should not enter the striped predator beekeeper and relaxed. Early one morning, Matvey with Cupid examined the evidence and went up the trail to get a couple of key grouse. Cupid immediately ran forward fifty meters. Before he had gone a hundred yards from the edge of the clearing, Matvey found fresh tracks tiger. Even the dew was hit on the grass, there was no doubt. Cupid beekeeper whistled and turned back to the little wagon to share the news with a partner. At this time, screamed wildly Cupid and heard noise coming jumps. Matvey understood that now can happen that there are forces rushed to the van. Do not run down ten meters to the trailer, the beekeeper we heard a roar and squeal. On the run, he turned around he saw a terrible picture. Amba grabbed Cupid for ass, covered his head with his paw and tore it up in one motion. A moment later, the tiger and dog disappeared into the bushes. Dog running away from the tiger, can make it to the owner. Stop a tiger chasing your four-legged friend is not known. That's what the dog in the forest. I would love to talk to an experienced longer taezhnikom and I volunteered to stay in the apiary. And also proposed pokaraulit bear that almost every night trying to rob the evidence. Beekeeper liked my idea revenge shaggy robber. Matthew's grandfather invited me into the van taiga taste of tea and a chat …

Matvey was born in Wrangel Bay. There, a young kid, running around with the local children into the forest to pick berries, mushrooms and pine nuts. Times were hungry and only saved taiga. Later adapt spear hit the red fish. Sometimes brought on 8-10 Sem home. Like many teenagers at the time worked in a port: unloading the catch, soap trays and schooners deck after the fish, dried network and sails. But Taiga attracted him more than the port life. Therefore, in his spare time Matthew was packed to help cut down the cabin, or to patch up the roof, or to place provisions to clean soot Kazanka. Gradually, the passion for the forest more seized his soul. One winter Matthew volunteered to help to fishermen. Three long months Matthew learned the tricks from real taezhnikov. Endurance, perseverance, patience helped gain recognition and hunters began to share his secrets. Within a month and a half young taezhnik caught first sable, and a few days took the loop musk. Senior fishermen, after advice from the companions gave Matthew to rent a single-sleeve. There was so much joy when the first young hunter went into the forest with a gun. Matthew and before that shot, but only in bottles, although rarely admit mistakes. His first hunt was successful. In two of the gully from wintering Matthew came across traces of wild boar. Small family, digging out of the snow for acorns, moving up the slope of a hill. Tracks, after a night of snowfall, of course, were fresh. Matthew for two hours, with bated breath conceals boars and there was only two slugs and four shotguns. Going down once raspadok. Matthew saw ahead of ingots and a few pigs. Intuitive understanding that not come out in the open, he obbezhal raspadok and sat down in an ambush near the young firs. When the pig seemed more Matthew could not see or hear. Heart stopped, breathless. The body of the pig more creeps on the fly and, in a moment, fell on its side huddled in convulsions. Many hunters in the voltage can not hear a shot. And it did. Matt pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. Only when he opened the trunk to recharge, he saw the spent case. The bullet hit a pig just under the shoulder blade, shattering his heart. Matthew evening was dedicated to hunters. Old trappers, following the laws of the taiga, gave the young hunter single-barreled gun, and took him to his team. Thus began a difficult hunting fate Matvei Ivanovich …

We drank a few cups of fragrant tea with honey taiga. Only then went to inspect the approaches to the apiary. Together with his grandfather Matthew, we went around the perimeter of the apiary, saw marks, land crushed grass, bushes and paths going to the apiary. It turned out that the thief is coming to an apiary for one of two paths. One of them is low-lying, the second to the big bush cherry. In an open bear does not fit, cunning. Beekeeper went into the van for the rags and we hung them on the branches around the perimeter of the fields except for the two approaches. So cut off from the shaggy attempts to penetrate the apiary on the other. To make it more attractive, the grandfather of Matthew threw a bucket of water, honey, wax and bee droppings. Sly taezhnik poured the mixture ground on two approaches. The result was a scented path leading from the taiga to the extreme evidence. Bear on his weakness can not help it, when he got to smelling honey track. Matthew ambush grandfather had made for himself in the low-ilmenite, which was about thirty meters from the hollow. I adjusted the pair of boards on bird cherry trees, just opposite to the second approach. On boards is possible longer sit motionless. For a better view, I cut the excess branches, but some branches left for camouflage. Matvey your ilmaku put a ladder to make it easier to climb and descend at night. For hunting beekeeper prepared horizontal sixteenth caliber shotgun. I brought with me vertikalku sixteenth caliber. We expanded the existing cartridges and took necessary to bear. I took a few rounds with a bullet Bear-3, and Matthew took his grandfather, charged heavy bullet. Not attracted to a dream we drank two cups of tea, infused on Aralia and magnolia. Promises to be a full-moon night, unless you will pull sunny. Dog locked in the trailer, not to frighten the animal barking and got ambushed at dusk. Many night sounds heard in the forest, something falls and plops down on the ground, something clicks, mouse squeak, bark box. That someone stronul stone and he fell, hit a tree. A little further, on the side of someone digging in the leaves, stomping, scratching. Even someone sneezed. And every time you wait in suspense. That's it … just around the corner … but it's not that. So half asleep waited until morning. I woke up to two hours of the day. Near the trailer heard sound of an ax. This grandfather Matthew chopping wood and cooking dinner. How much strength and health in man. When he had time to sleep, make a fire, peel potatoes and season with cauldron. -Walk to the key factory there, exactly refreshed. Night shaggy just come, dogs barking in the morning on a hill. After swimming in the cold spring, I finally cheered. Hearty meal added strength. More Matvey gave me a glass of vodka infused with this wild ginseng. -It's an eye for accuracy and youth — said taezhnik. This potion really has the power. No wonder the Chinese are particularly appreciate wild ginseng. Medicine found that the tincture of ginseng improves performance, response, observation, and visual acuity. And that we had to come in handy soon. I will say that these same properties have roots aralia, Eleutherococcus and devil. Part of the same action has Chinese schizandra. Even tea made on the vine vine has the properties to remove fatigue and give strength. Day in care and conversations took place quickly, with dusk we again took up the bear. One hour, two, three, half the night, haunted by the shadows. Already the moon started to come over the hill, the animal did not leave. Taiga loud sounds were not published, so click the branch, no crunching leaves. I would have never thought that this is not a mouse. But it was what we've been waiting for. Through poludremu I saw on their bellies from under a bush cherry crawled big black mound. Bear crawled toward ilmaka beekeeper, but to me was just sideways. Flash shot me completely blinded. The bear roared and then shot the grandfather of Matthew. Echo swept hills and all was quiet. Only you could hear something bubbling in the grass near the extreme evidence. Is hunting ended so quickly? -Smoke break and go down, — shouted Matvey. — It seems taken Rogue, there's blood as the bay. Five minutes later, I heard the creak of the stairs and saw a flashlight. Beekeeper let the dog out of the van and they were barking rushed into the grass. -All slazit is ready. And then all the dogs tear tramp — called Old Matvei. We dragged the bear to the little wagon and lit the lamp. Here's a trophy! Real black bear with huge claws. Ivanovich said it was a large male, in short good luck. -You hit the devil, boy, do not make a blunder, — happy child-grandfather Matthew, — Your bullet exactly knocked him vertebra, and then I get help. Yes, this "help" looked terrible. Floor of a bear skull was missing. The bullet struck the beast beekeeper just above the eye. But all the same and I got well, so this is my trophy, too. Matthew's grandfather congratulated me with the first bear. For an hour he coped with body completely. Peppered meat and skin with salt, we celebrated the success soundly mead. Just this morning I learned that my grandfather Matthew already 102 years. We parted good friends. Taezhnik made me promise that I would'll visit his apiary. A month later I visited a specially deep key. But the clearing were only stumps, cleared by evidence squares, but standing alone ilmak and cherry, with a stuffed waiting in ambush for the board …

In August 1995, I was returning from an unsuccessful kornevki, descending Steklyanuhe. The trail led me to the edge of the clearing. Dogs barked and I heard a familiar voice. -Well Rogue, stop, … Come on, my only bark. I jumped at the apiary and we embraced like old friends. Old Matvei gladly began asking about my progress. At tea with honey, we got to talking again. All-you see, pulled himself up, gain experience. Taiga quickly learns — happily concluded taezhnik. -Yeah, ran for the hills, but this time nothing. No root, only two Maltz found in Ashenvale vein — I said with annoyance. Beekeeper slyly smiled. The root-mean like, a good thing. For myself at al earnings? For a long time I told you what I know about the great root, where he was and how to search. Matthew's grandfather listened without interrupting, thought long and finally asked to spend the night with him. -Let's go fishing in the ear, and in the evening at the root of mead tell — slyly said beekeeper. We have prepared a pole and went up Steklyanuhe. On the forest road we came across traces of deer, wild boar and deer. Rich area. A little further out to the tracks of Himalayan bear, and near key scared two mandarin ducks. Matthew's grandfather told me that two weeks ago, went hunting for waiting in ambush. Noticing that the boar trail crosses the road, it became her daily survey. This week it became clear that almost every night on the trail down boars to the floodplain to feed. It was then that the idea pokaraulit them on the road. Before dusk Matvey hid thirty meters from the trail, sitting on Kolodin. And pigs do not have to wait. The first popped up on the road yearlings, looked around, grunted and went into the bush. Beekeeper but did not shoot. This is an old trick. The first is young — a scout, and only for him the rest. And it did. A minute seemed pig carcass Maltz pigs came after proshlogodniki. Shot and grapeshot pig, dragging his hind legs crawled along the road. The second shot it finally calmed down. Old Matvei happily showed Kolodin, where he was waiting for luck and birch, pierced with shot. Not gone to bed yet taezhnik old, have the strength and sharp vision to beat the beast in the shadows, and then make it almost a kilometer to the apiary. We turned to the river and climbed up a kilometer or two. Immediately after rolling and the audience, in turn formed a deep pit with rapids. Tut and catch, a notable place, and I'm going up. Bait — ordinary worm. Ten minutes later, caught five small minnows and Spotty. Now catch sliced into pieces and place of bait on the hook. Two casting and float dragged under a snag. I'm hooked, and felt a heavy fish. Fishing line rang, and a fishing rod bent arc. I had a moment to fight with the fish and over as I can to bring the catch to shore. It was a six hundred grams of flax with colored dots on the body. Beautiful! Excitement took my head …-Well, the ear is? — I heard the question grandfather Matthew, with a bundle of fish coming from the bushes. Wow! Matvey three hours caught four Lenk, nearly one kilogram, and even a couple of dozen large minnows. And I have a couple dozen minnows Lenka and different caliber. -And this is a gift for you — and Matthew's grandfather opened the envelope from the bark. Incredible! Ginseng! Grown-five grams per thirty. I do not understand. And I go and I can not find it. -You look for the root of the soul. Lay on the ground and if you do well, and the root of it will grow. And if you're chilly or wet, hot or hard to lie, then the root is no joy to live there. Got it? And see the root tag, nicks. Not just then his advice helped me to find relict. One sentence to describe practically taezhnik basic techniques search. The apiary we quickly cleaned the fish and cook a delicious dinner. Satiated fish soup and fried Lenk, we switched to mead. For mead grandfather Matthew continued stories about ginseng.

His first root Matthew found in twenty years, when away from winter quarters for the vine and chagoy lemongrass tea. When he reached for the key to a small gully, he began to cut the birch chaga. One of the pieces broke off and rolled down. Matthew began to look for him and saw a bunch of red berries. He'd seen the famous ginseng. When the hunters brought the cabin found in the forest root. But he came across a find for the first time. To celebrate, taezhnik hastily dug root, wrapped it in a handkerchief and rushed to the winter quarters. What was his surprise when he received from fishermen for a good thrashing damaged root. Now, Matthew took the kornevku and showed the whole ritual of extracting precious roots out of the ground. Not one hair should not be damaged. The root is placed only in the special envelope from the bark, lined with moss. Hole after the excavation is filled and some are planted seeds. Only adults can take and do not touch kids. And it is — a small part of what you need to know. Once again, the perseverance, dedication and desire to take his own. The next season in grounds Tiger Taiga key gave Matthew a family. Pyatilistki four, two fours and a dozen triples and dvuhlistok. In those years, the collection of the root are largely dominated by the Chinese. Occupation it was very dangerous. When Matthew tried to sell the valuable roots, left barely alive, with no money and roots. And after all, could kill. Therefore, at the time Matt left trying to make a bud. However, almost every year, traveling to the forest, caught taezhniku ginseng. Taezhnik memorable places, hack and planted the seeds. Over time, listening to the stories of the root-seekers, there knowledge of the life-giving, healing power of the root. A later repeatedly happened and believe it. Once hunting familiar taezhnika broke bear. Doctors were not taken to treat crippled body. Somewhere took Chinese. Two months otpaivala poor healer. Tinctures and lotions from the root of ginseng leaves, lemongrass tea and taiga herbs, ointments and powders. In two months, the scars healed, the bone healed and taezhnik again could handle a gun. Another time, fell into the icy water lumberjack. Until reached the village, just incredible. Fever, cough, pain in the lungs, was preparing to die. In the village there lived a family of Chinese, which was famous for healing. Woodcutter's wife turned to him. Three weeks to his feet lumberjack Chinese. And again all the same tincture of ginseng, grinding bear bacon and herb teas taiga. The largest root Matvey found in the fifties it was in the hole Steklyanuhi. Weight roots reach two hundred and seventy grams. Real king of the taiga? In the 67 th year Matvey korneval in the upper Deep key. With a partner, they got a month over sixty roots. Two of them were weighing more than a hundred grams, a few vosmidesyatigrammovyh. In the 69th, he found one hundred grams root in the Lazo district. A 71-year one hundred and two dvadtsatigrammovy eighty-five grams in Olginskiy area. So the root is everywhere. Now of course it was much smaller. But it is impossible to comb the entire taiga. Matvey said taezhniki-grandfathers planted many seeds away from human eyes. But sometimes even close to human habitation. Planted so that at the very old age is not walking, but that others were nearby. And could not find. Yes, how can you hide it well — I wondered. -There are secrets. Dozens of people, mushroom pickers, hunters each day will be on the trail next to go. And he is on top of them and will be looking to gain strength — posted taezhnik experienced. I do not let up, surprised and argued. Well, how can that be. I scoured all the slopes and near the tracks, and up to the very top. But there is no root. Nicks saw, but root. -You are a good man, and a bear that respect. Old I do not go away, you give long holdings, where is the root. In the morning some of the secrets to show you — busily said Matvey. We came out of the trailer into the fresh air. Was the night. Near murmuring river, after a hot day it comes from a nice freshness. We sat down on a stump, smoked flavored shag beekeeper. Under the twinkling of millions of stars, we smoked in silence and listened to the sounds of the taiga. Hops mead gradually prevailed. Ten minutes later, the inhabitants of the apiary into a deep sleep. After a quick bite, it was still dark, we moved up the Steklyanuhe. Before going out for some reason, Matvey brought along a thick coil of rope, and gave me a single-sleeve. Dawn caught up with us a long way from the apiary. Opened before us a beautiful view of the river valley Steklyanuhi sandwiched on all sides by hills and steep slopes. This is a real reserve area. Here did not get logging and fires. Human presence betrayed only a narrow forest road winding as the river itself in the valley. Along the way there are small clearings, where the mountain burned with fire berries raspberries. And along the way numerous ropes and vines curling vine Actinidia. Where there was a little more light, they drove out the Chinese schizandra. A thick elms and cedars made the traveler to feel the greatness of the Ussuri taiga. Once lived in this valley the Chinese, even before the arrival of Russian Cossacks. They cleared the meadow, putting them their homes — mud huts. Having a great work ethic, the Chinese managed to grow on poor land rich harvests of cereals and vegetables. So far, the meadows are found apples, pears, cherries and large strawberries, planted residents boreal plains. Later Russian immigrants have displaced indigenous residents and who podobru not gone, destroyed. So said Matvey. We turned to one of my friends keys that belonged to the right. Almost immediately raised two grouse. Beekeeper took my sleeve and from a distance of thirty meters shot grouse. Fritillary, struck shot, collapsed under a bush. At the same time on the right side of crackling branches, a stamping and trails through the opening flashed roe with the matured kosulenkom. Somewhere they hid in the day, and our shot broke their plans for the holiday. By the afternoon we came to a fork in the key, slowly climbed the ridge crest passed quite a bit, and finally stopped. -Everything came. Now go down to the root of light — said taezhnik. -No way. Here people shy away all year, and I find the trail on the ridge, and along the key. It immediately scoured long ago — I said in surprise. -Now you will see a secret — and only answered taezhnik, preparing rope. We walked down from the ridge to the north side a hundred yards and fifty. Left slope steeper and steeper, and finally, we stopped in front of an almost vertical section, a height of twenty meters. Matvey tied a rope to a birch tree and asked me to come down on the rope down to the platform, which is below us. Yes strongly advised to not to mark the site down and take a closer look around without moving. After a few minutes I was on the horizontal part of the slope. Width of six meters and a length of about fifteen. Do not even have to stare. All along the area flushed a dozen bunches of berries. It was a ginseng. It was planted in a line. This line is located almost on the edge of the area that went down almost vertically. I walked over to the edge and looked down. Seventy meters below buzzed key by which we ascended and was visible section of trail. Ginseng was really over the path and watched all the wayfarers, and the top area is not visible. I know for sure that this path I took at least a dozen times. And then, very close hiding chetyrehlistovyh dozen mature plants. Thank you, Great taezhnik for a lesson. No one would guess climbing the steep slope, if not to know about the horizontal section. Matthew's grandfather called me to descend down the rope, and then meet at the fork keys. After that, he untied the rope from the birch, and threw it to me. I tied a rope around his waist, then double wrapped around the tree and lowered himself to the key. Below the trail area was not really visible. Thirty minutes later, we met up with Matthew Ivanovich and I gave him eighty-six ginseng berries. But taezhnik asked me to sit down in the nooks seeds Taiga on the "secret" places. I gave my word that all the seeds are planted in the same year. Apiary grandfather Matthew described in detail the root keys, which I decided to pass. I carefully wrote down the names, landmarks and labels. In parting beekeeper gave me a three-liter jar of honey this taiga. I was sad to leave the wonderful soul taezhnika, experienced hunters, skilled hunter and a real person. Your health and long life grandfather Matthew!

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