The untouched wilds of the taiga. The golden pen. Hogs

For nearly two weeks, every day I was doing in the forest harvesting. So when a friend invited me to go to the huntsman to the taiga to waiting in ambush, I politely declined. -Something I tired to run on the hill, we have to rest at least a week. -Then let's go, we go for the gold pen — offered huntsman. I did not understand and asked in surprise, like this? Huntsman explained that in the days of the kings on the table served deli roast bird with golden feathers. They even bought specially for the court of the hunters. Valued instance name with the brightest color. -Yes! Of course, this is a pheasant. As I just did not think. -So let's go. We practice in shooting. On hills to seek, to go through the valley, admire nature, and pheasant fly — shoot — persuaded huntsman. But I no longer had to persuade. Needless to hunt pheasant, one of my favorites.

The whole evening was spent in the preparation of the hunt. Loaded cartridges, poured coffee into a thermos, checked clothes, shoes prepared. Not to oversleep made all the clocks in the house … There were still twilight, when we met at the appointed place. The sky is a cloud, light mist shrouded hills and the weak freeze frost lay on the grass and sagebrush. We slowly moved forward along the bypass channel that runs in the middle of the valley, skirting the old runway of the former airfield. I went through the long grass, a ranger at twenty feet away along the canal. Half an hour later it became quite light. Just before we reached the island tall dry sagebrush and thistle. Suddenly ahead rustled. Suddenly the noise and slamming vertically fazanka soared. I raised the gun and fired. An explosion of feathers and fazanka clipped shot charge, stone dropped in a thistle. Put down the gun, I ran to the crash site. -RDF, RDF, ke-ko. Ke-ke-to, — was heard on all sides. Pheasants and fazanki soared two meters away from me, and in front, and right, and even the back. Whole family. I randomly shot, but missed. Huntsman raised his gun and fired a doublet. Nearest fazanka as — as if hit the wall and stopped and fell to the ground. The second started and flying close to the ground, fell to seventy meters. We collected prey. Fazanki three for two. Young, but well-fed, grayish-brown with dark streaks and long tail feathers. Common Pheasant on directories — the average is a bird with a wing length of 190-240 mm. Weight comes down to one, sometimes a half kilograms. Common pheasant in the delta of the Volga River, in Central Asia, in southern Kazakhstan, the middle reaches of the Amur, Primorye, Amur region, in the Caucasus and Caucasia. Inhabits the thorny berry bushes, reeds, agricultural crops, in bushes and grass cover on rivers, lakes, ravines. It feeds on fruits, seeds and stems of plants, insects and larvae of invertebrates. Kept sedentary, singly or in small groups of 3-5 individuals. The most attractive male with bright golden-orange color that accentuate the dark mottled blue-green sheen to his head and a white collar around his neck. The tail feathers are bright and reach a length of the body. Pheasant shoot better fine shot number 4 and number 3. It is advisable to let go and do not hit close range. Need to fly off fifteen meters. Then less shot beat the carcass, and get better. It is noticed that a strong cock on the wound. But we just knocked fazanuh. Rooster took off one and it is very far outside shot. Therefore, we continued to hunt until they take the cock with golden feathers. After finishing carding channels, we turned to the river and plunged into Shkotovke coastal shrub. -Re-ko, ke-ko. Ke-ko, ke-ke-to — again resounded from the bushes and flapped their wings. We shot two times. Each of us hit one fazanke, and the cock went off without a tail, loud crowing of bewilderment. At the sound of shots from the bushes jumped two local children. It turned out that they were watching the network posed by salmon. I am interested in the catch and we turned to the river. Five large Quetigny with colored spots lying on the grass near a fire. The boys were told that two of them ikryanki those that fat belly and less bright. But those with a sharp-toothed, hooked jaws and red stains on the body, this loach. The boys were treated to soup with fresh salmon. We gladly dined with young fishermen. Chowder was delicious, rich and hearty … That's from childhood accustomed to local children for food. Never in the lean years, these boys did not die. Taiga, river, sea, their native element and nurse. In parting, the huntsman gave fishermen fazanku. We moved to the side of the house, on the way parts of combing dry grass and the bushes. When up to the garrison had about two hundred meters, and showed an extremely small houses, I took off from under the feet of a huge cock. Close range shot in a hurry and miss. But I really wanted to get handsome. I sent him to fifteen meters and hit the second barrel. But the cock flew on, as if nothing had happened. Fifty meters, he hid behind a bush strip. I was very upset, but the huntsman reassured me, promising more to go for pheasants in a couple of days. We came out of the bushes on the primer. Rifle hanging on his shoulders, we went talking to the garrison. But here in the middle of the road found lying cock. From the beak of his bleeding. Only one pellet pierced his neck. A beautiful copy. None feather was not damaged. That would be a keepsake to make a scarecrow. This brightly colored big cock I was never caught. This is the reward for a day of searching. The real king of birds with golden feathers!

Most European nations have long been considered a symbol of the boar physical strength and fertility. In ancient times, the hunter became a "grown man" only after the murder of his first boar. A little later, the strongest knights were given the nickname "Wild Boar". In Russia, hunting for wild boar was famous for centuries. Most distinguished ranks sought to obtain a powerful beast. But such hunting has always been dangerous, because it is a strong, swift animal, weighing up to 300 pounds. In males, the lower jaw teeth are sharp wedge against which departs wolf. Even a bear and a tiger can not always cope with the large chopper * (photo).

It does not take years to wounded boar tusks not ruined any sluggishness hunter. Known when the animal with a hole running through the heart of hundreds of meters and hit the arrow. Also many cases of attacks on humans and the uterus, which protects pigs. With short fangs, it can trample to death with sharp hooves or severely bitten. Reported cases where the maternal instinct made attack not only on the person and the bear, but even on cars and motorcycles … _______________________________________________________ * Chopper — the name of adult male — boar.

There are many ways … hog production. In our time more often hunt pens or under dogs when a pack animal stops. Only goes up and shoot. There are fans waiting in ambush near Boar corn or potato. You can do an ambush on the trail, which made daily at the location dnevok or feedings. I tried different ways, but the soul has fallen hunting "in private." That is, take the beast himself on the trail or creep "by ear." It is worthy of this taezhnika. Develops composure, quick thinking and knowledge of the habits, hearing, sight, smooth and silent movement. You merge with nature and its laws are operating. For some years I have practiced hunting "by ear", studied the habits and locations feedings, trails and jumps. Tried to approach, ran forward while moving, even crawling, but this type of hunting skills are not enough. That wind uchtu, then strongly Shumla, do not guess the direction of movement brood. Already taking a few wild boars in the "pens", I was getting ready for a single output. Carefully observed the traces memorized area, rereading directories. The outcome of labor ever had to appear …

… Wild pig, nicknamed me "Guide", was born five years ago in the Deaf vein, which originates in the mountains of the Przewalski (near Bald hills). Here, with the onset of spring, she again gave birth to piglets. This area is very quiet. Loggers are not able to reach the key because of the steepness of the slopes, the poachers — because of the remoteness. And the most terrible enemies — tigers, keep close to the floodplains of large keys and streams, where it is easier to get young at the watering. The first few months of the Guide with the kids stayed in a secluded way, descending into the cedar belt at night. There boars searched last year cones. Occasionally, in bad weather, brood left in Arsentevki understand where fed tasty bulbs and shoots of grasses. But increasingly, across tiger tracks and the remains of his victims, was more dangerous to go down into the valley of fodder.

Once the kids are a little stronger, Guida took them a long time friend of Tiger River area. The name of the river terrible, but in fact the Tigers only go there in the winter. Tiger floodplain along many wet areas, where the springs and the Wetlands easier to extract insect larvae, worms and roots. The river empties into the set of keys with taiga thickets of thorny shrubs and windfall: here is where to hide. But the most valuable — on the gentle slopes of the hills are many oak forests and cedar. And this year, a good crop of acorns and nuts — so youngsters quickly gain weight. Difficult and dangerous transition to tens of kilometers. Kabaniha remember one old tiger killed more than half of her brood, hurt her right jaw and ear. And last year, shot a poacher Tour Guide almost deprived of life. Half year Kabaniha healed wound on the front right leg. Pierced by a bullet 20 caliber. But it did not become fully straightened, making Tour Guide limp on the move and on the run using only three legs. Now Kabaniha led seven mischievous silly that loud screaming and fussing. They darted from side to side, chasing each other and met with his mother. The noise of their fuss differed by several hundred meters. Kabaniha so nervous, and sometimes its hard to give in much nickle Razgulyaev baby. In order to survive in the harsh taiga, it still has to teach offspring walk silently and leave as little trace. Forest life, full of dangers and surprises, severely punishing the unfit. Head of the family has decided to hike alone at night to attract less attention. A holiday on a day's rest hold in the upper Keys, closer to the tops of hills. Here impassable rubble and shrubs. This instinct in the blood of females. Only in the wind-fallen trees can rest easy. No one can silently sneak up or surprise attack. The first night the family was only five miles away. Kabaniha conducted carefully thinking through the family way. She did not come out on the trail, which can wait in ambush Tiger, avoided open spaces and ravines. Therefore, the transition went without any adventure. Only at the central ridge Guida could smell the enemy. But striped predator was almost a day to pass back and in the opposite direction. Weather accompanied. Thick dense fog covered the hills, drizzling rain washed out smells and helped covert movement of the family. In this weather, hiding in a small mammal burrows. Not fly out of bird nests, even a bear and a tiger prefer to remain on lezhke. The pass under the cedar trees began to appear immature cones. With great pleasure Kabaniha ate a few pieces with scales. She also took along the road with a dozen sweet roots, a couple of snails, a hapless tree frog that did not have time to jump off the trail. Just before dawn the family scared old one-eyed goat that lived near the cold springs. He barked so that Kabaniha leapt from their seats to three meters to the side ready to break any. But the time to learn this one-eyed hermit. The pig grunted loudly on the offender silence and continued on. By dawn, the brood reached the upper Silver, which flows into the river Guerilla. Kabaniha grabbed dimes leaves together and with the kids got a rest under polupovalennoy birch. By eleven o'clock the fog lifted, the established warm windless weather. Family boar resting. Pigs lazily lounging around the mother, putting his side to the sun. In the middle of the day somewhere in the southeast single shot was heard. Kabaniha sympathized someone who has been exposed to a poacher. Several times she shuddered at the sound of flying aircraft. Alien sharp sound has always bothered her. Evening over the mountains suddenly pulled low dark clouds. In the forest dark and buzzing in the crowns. Clap of thunder rolled across raspadku and immediately there was a heavy downpour. Piglets were afraid of thunder and clung to her mother. Drops of rain fell on the little family. Polupovalennoy birch roots to protect them from moisture. Rain did not last long, and soon only the distant rumble of thunder reminded … The following night Kabaniha visited his favorite spring. It has long been a key located near this mud bathing boars. Entire pit, with the printed bodies in a circle around him. Hours boars wallow in the mud and smeared in mud, noise and gusto scratched side of the trunk of a cedar. For decades cedar from one side of the crust and dried himself lost to gloss. Guide along with a brood on the run to the ears buried in mud slush. In taking these "bath", boar maintain hygiene: with dried mud removed skin parasites, pieces of dead skin and other "evil", created twang "barn", which in addition to the smell of musk announces meeting with hogs for twenty — thirty meters. Can fight in the mud, wild boar on the trail crossed a deep raspadok, about an hour rummaging in the bottom of dried-key, looking for grubs. Late at night it began to rain. Special features on Kabaniha knew that rain for a long time. Therefore took the family to raspadok Black Keys, where quietly hid from the weather in the thickets of young cedar. Rain fell for days, pretty soggy ground. -It is unlikely that so early in the gully will be people — thought Guida and went down to the track …… before dawn one day in early August, I was in good in the mouth of a small Silver. I wanted to check for the presence of the upper key ginseng and at the same time, find it convenient sites for planting, crop scout vine, Actinidia, cedar. Calculated in the same home to collect mushrooms. Moving away from the road with a half kilometers along the trail, I noticed a bear cub. In order not to bite the bullet when the mother begins to protect the baby, I have collected double-barreled 16-gauge. Of course, I'm not going to shoot the bear, shot up is usually enough to put to flight the most fierce defender. Since the thickets surrounding the trail, quite dense, and I walked quietly through the taiga, the meeting is dangerously close occurred frequently. To avoid the risk, I had a gun and a rocket launcher at the ready. Raspadok Little Silver interesting in all respects. With an abundance of mature pine cones in the crowns of oak, ash, Amur cork, Aralia, Actinidia vines, grapes and vine, rowan, cherry Mack, wild currant. Logging in silver for some reason did not reach, despite the proximity of the road. According to the stories taezhnikov experienced before in the upper met the famous ginseng. Now you can find the remote valleys too rare plant — devil, meet traces of tiger and a bear. On the slopes of the hills is home to many badgers, whose trails are well marked among the undergrowth. Judging by the tracks, go to the key deer and red deer, wild boar and musk deer. Razgryzennye cones indicate the presence of proteins and short peresvisty in crowns belong grouse. Ticks, by the way, is also missing. For half a kilometer, I took off my clothes four distributors encephalitis. Twenty minutes walking slowly along the key still enjoyed the abundance of unripe berries, listen to the sounds of the forest. Carefully studied the tracks on the trail. Over the next turn ahead flashed something dark. Very carefully, ducking behind the bushes, stealing tens of meters. Chvakane, sighs and screams are heard nearby. To better see what's going on, I crawled under a bush, taking a little higher and to the left. My efforts were crowned with success — opened an excellent review. The slope along the key slowly descended brood boars. Pig black, medium size with long tapered head, a third component of the entire body, pendulous udder, belly, straight thin legs, big ears, mugs, completed the picture little evil eyes and a short curved tail. Near scurried reddish-gray kabanyata. Head of the family came down slowly, often rummaged through the forest floor. Kabanyata fussed, tossing from side to side, screaming and chasing each other. The distance to the brood did not exceed fifty feet, but I could not count the bustling pigs. Kabaniha slight limp on the front foot, as if pulling it. To better examine the cause of the lame walking, I reached for my binoculars. As usual in such cases, the change is extremely quiet. When starting the backpack had the metal cup and rattled over the stones. The uterus is started and not changing direction raced down the trail. This path is bent around a fallen tree, and then passes through the bush where I was. The distance between us is shrinking fast. Well, has begun! Lucky me on an adventure — I thought, jumping out from behind a bush. I stood up, waved his hand and shouted. But on my arrival Kabaniha not responded — first litter at me. Thirty meters, twenty … situation into being dangerous. Fifteen feet, ten … more was not idle, and then drift off course. Raised his gun up the trunks I shot twice doublet. Kabaniha, exploding earth, "gave the brakes" and jumped to the side, flew into a snag, turned, grunted and then rushed knows where. Looks like she did not see me at all, and my shot was for her as a surprise. Behind the uterus to the left and right of me flew a few pigs. And the last of the wild shrieks slipped away from me just three meters. I even want to succumb to the heat of a kick to it, when he became entangled in lemongrass, but missed. He and a magnolia bush ran after brood. -Damn you, crazy scared — I shouted after them. After such turmoil was fun. Meet the brood — a rarity. Understanding, I have come to the conclusion that the attack was not. Boars after my noise continued to move in the same direction to be followed before. My clothes in color similar to the background of the forest and the animals could not see me. I crawled out on their own path when stolen. Well, him and blame. Okay, well that just missed …… Guide later smelled of man. She paused and inhaled deeply to determine which side of the hazard. But clang quite embarrassed her when echoed by the gully. Kabaniha tore down, leading the family, but miscalculated the direction and landed a shot. Where did the people on the trail, so to understand and failed. Ochumev, in one breath, the family crossed the road a few dozen meters from the "Moskvich". Surprised driver even honked, more than giving way to fear. Only a few kilometers pig recovered. She stopped and called the kids. Fifteen minutes later boar moved to the pass, where took refuge in the most crepes, away from the trails, people, cars and animals. As soon as the dusk, Guida took the family to favorite gully. Here they are: the key Simonov Traktovaya Golden, Overgrown. The hills of 400-500 meters are covered with oak and cedar, and the valleys are rich Manchurian walnut and hazel. The first few days here have shown that food abound, not tigers, and the people in the hills and is rarely visited by Kabaniha decided to remain in the ground to feed the snow …… A few months. Time does not stand still, it was autumn. Coastal nature with nothing beats this time of year. The hills of lush green colors were painted with gold paint. Against the background of autumn colors with dark spots allocated cedar and conifers. Early November in the Maritime Taiga was warm and dry. Only at night the temperature dropped to below zero occasionally marks. The sun heats the air up to fifteen to eighteen degrees. Leaves completely fell to the ground and thoroughly dried. On the edge there were pockets of surface fires, causing the air gave fumes. In the taiga abundance reigned. Ripe bunches of red and burnt magnolia, mountain ash, and on the southern slopes and crests of the Manchu ripened apples. Rich harvest of acorns and pine nuts, a favorite food of Himalayan bear and wild boar, forcing them to remain for days in oak and cedar. Wild pigs so lazy that even on a day's rest would not go to the hills, and remained on the ground zhirovok. Satiety and peace took possession of their powerful bodies …… Autumn in my life is different. Begins the hunt for prey. Romantic adventures and dangers calling me. I already can not stand to look at the hills, the work is not going well, the thoughts are confused and lead your favorite canyon. In the valleys of mountain rivers, the cloud passes. Despite the service, begged some time off from his boss and hastily conducted training, leaving for the hunt. Early on the morning of the fourth of November quiet, I finally ended up in the wilds of the taiga. Hung in the air smelled of smoke and fumes. That made me a little bit happy, because through her beast uchuet my approach. Gar completely discourages animals smell. And then the hunt is somewhat simplified, it remains only to walk quietly and attentively watching. As always on my running hunting outfit consisted of light clothing, a backpack with some food, first aid kits and soldiers flasks. Armed with a shotgun and a knife sixteenth caliber. Taiga greeted me with clusters of magnolia and clatter of protein. On the go, I picked up a few pine cones and took the opportunity to eat nutritious and useful nut. While climbing to the pass, said that the entire slope proceed boars. Broods graze on cones, their good enough for every cedar. For half an hour got the pass and passed through the central mountain range to the upper Simonov key. The ridge met boar tracks, bear tracks and maturation, few traces of red deer and musk deer. According to one boar tracks and I went down to the key, where he examined the southern slopes, covered with mostly deciduous taiga with a touch of oak, linden, elm. And I opened the taiga new secrets. Here in the gully rustling leaves. Heart beating in anticipation of the shot. Very carefully and quietly go up step by step. None twig cracked under foot, nor a leaf rustled. This cat walk. Since only the tiger creeps. With close to snag I looked out for her. What is the disappointment came when I saw a rather large badger. While it's nice that I could go unnoticed for a badger. Wondering about the meeting and enjoying the autumn taiga, I crossed a couple of the gully in which pretty poryli litter boars. Imperceptibly down to Simon's key. Here then heard the distinctive screech. On the opposite slope of the hill with the noise, crunch and fatten pigs grunting …… In the fall Guida and his family of six grown pigs joined two broods that are eaten off by cedar. This family fiercely guarded huge cleaver and two young bulls — Satellites. The head of the common herd was an old pig. It was a purely selfish nature. Every year lost more than half of children, never defended offspring and thinking more about their safety. This year, the Tigers badly battered old family pig. Two of the most swift alive now, compared to other teens stood their larger size. A herd of wild boars eighteen second week slowly combed Pleasing hill height 666.2 meters. Its southern foothills and slopes are rich in acorns, and the northern side of the cedar. Tigers somehow left the area and almost a month flock lived quietly. Life has become a paradise. Food so much that many pigs for the first time in his life stuffed to satiety. As usual in the morning boars crossed to the northern slope in cedar. Chopper found out their relations, old pig slowly walked along the key, picking up the fallen cones. The rest of the large family spread out on a broad front slope looking for nuts and roots. No one thought of the danger and caution. Only a large cleaver occasionally sniffing, but feel only smell of distant fires, which irritated nostrils and made regularly sniff …… slowly charging the bullets of a gun, move through the bush. Hogs are very close and I could feel their breath, but could not see through the bushes clear goal and could not get the beast to aim. A move closer and they did not want to scare. So I reached out to them within earshot, about creeping, crawling around and waited. Hogs slowly rose to a gentle pass and kept going open areas. I gave pursuit, went down below and ran keyed half kilometer to go forward, up the slope and hid in ambush. Grunting noise and approached by the minute. Now I could see them well. In front was a large pig, which is constantly searching through leaf litter. She did not depart from the chopper medium size, slightly to the left a few pigs rushed from side to side. Even further two medium-sized pig. One of them limp on the front foot. Up to a dozen piglets followed. And to the right with a large backlog went boar with piglets. Distance steadily declined and I started vytselivat pig that poking around lame. When the goal remains to fifty meters, below the hill something rustled and forty meters from me because of a fallen cedar left a huge, black as pitch, tusker. Caught unawares, I almost cried. Dvuhsotkilogrammovoe body height at the withers to man up to his chest, not in my plans. Стрелять свинью при такой охране я не решился. Секач же развернулся в мою сторону и жадно втянул воздух. Я замер, разглядывая его саблевидные клыки. Не хотел бы попасть под них. Такими и тигра можно вспороть насмерть. Постепенно семья удалялась, а секач ничего не учуяв, потрусил за стадом в сторону перевала. -Ладно, обойдем ещё раз и встретимся на перевале. В спешном темпе я повторил обходной маневр. Но когда вышел к перевалу, попал на свежую кабанью тропу. Тропу крыл крупный след секача. Не успел обойти, стадо прошло раньше. Звуков их возни не слышно, значит успели отойти далеко. It's a shame. И я пошёл прямо по тропе, чтобы скорее их нагнать. По гребню приблизился к небольшой промежуточной вершине, заглянул вниз, тишина. Прошёл вторую вершину, тишина. Чтобы не лезть по завалам, спустился чуть ниже и двигался параллельно гребню. Гребень же постепенно понижался и переходил в седловину, поросшую папоротником. Я понял, что потерял кабанов и свернул в седловину проверить следы. Вдруг впереди, с противоположной стороны седловины показалась свинья. Я присел за колодиной и вскинул ружьё. Один за другим выходили кабаны и, роясь в подстилке, веером расходились по поляне. Вот показался и секач-охранник. Теперь он от меня самый дальний и не представляет угрозы. Кабаны приближались к колодине и обходили её с двух сторон. Я никак не мог выбрать мелькающих подсвинков, когда ближняя свинья вздрогнула и уставилась на меня. Хоть от визуального обнаружения меня и прикрывал куст, да видно запах вспотевшего охотника перебил даже гарь и свинья меня учуяла. Вздрогнули уши, засопели ноздри, втягивая воздух. -Всё, сейчас ухнет,- понял я и нажал на спуск. Взвизгнув свинья подпрыгнула свечёй вверх на метр и рванула вниз по склону. Стадо пришло в неистовое движение. Подсвинки с диким визгом заметались по поляне, пробегая с разных сторон от меня в пяти метрах. Секач на махах проскакал вдоль поляны, врезался в подсвинка, ухнул, развернулся под девяносто, пролетел вдоль колодины, вспорол зачем-то трухлявый пень и исчез в зарослях. Крупная свинья несколько раз ухнув, последовала тяжёлыми прыжками за ним, увлекая за собой бестолково носящихся по поляне подсвинков. Я вжался в колодину, слился с ней, наблюдая за тем, чтоб никто меня случайно в панике не сбил. Когда хаос закончился и исчезли последние звуки убегающих зверей, я направился к мосту, где стояла свинья. Целый пучок чёрной щетины и мелкие брызги крови на коре дерева говорили о попадании. След уходил вниз по ключу. Кровь уже через несколько прыжков хорошо подсказывала направление. След пересёк ключ и завёл в заросли. В одиночку рисковать в кустах не решился и поэтому обошёл их по кругу, но так выходных следов и не нашёл. Для верности подождал минут пятнадцать и осторожно вошёл в заросли. Через двадцать шагов увидел лежащую головой в мою сторону свинью. Контрольный выстрел и охота завершена. Видать, теряя силы свинья развернулась готовая напасть на преследователя, но смерть наступила быстрее моего подхода. Я осмотрел трофей. Свинья упитанная, средних размеров, с крупной головой. На правой челюсти и рыле три глубоких старых шрама, порванное ухо. Скорее, следы борьбы с тигром. Правая передняя нога меньше левой, с глубокой ямкой и утолщением возле локтя, похоже на пулевое ранение. Вот почему одна из свиней хромала. И тут я вспомнил, что летом встречал хромоногую кабаниху с выводком поросят… …Гида, изрядно отяжелев от кедровых орехов, не спеша поднялась на перевал. -Тут и заляжем,- подумала она, приступив к поиску подходящего места для лёжки. От переедания тошнило и хотелось спать. Секач начал рыть себе яму под пихтой и Гида направилась к отдалённой колодине, что темнела с противоположной стороны поляны. Но совсем знакомый запах донёсся до её обоняния. Свинья остановилась и втянула воздух, пытаясь определить опасность. От дыма жгло ноздри, но ядовито-сладкий запах волнами пробивался со стороны колодины, заставляя замереть сердце. -Да это же чело…- не успев закончить мысль огнём обожгло под лопаткой. Гида помнила эту боль. Она изо всех сил бросилась убегать от опасной боли. Прошлый раз ей это удалось. Браконьер промазал вторым выстрелом, пробив первым только ногу. Но сейчас какая-то странная боль. Она жжёт всё тело, мышцы, суставы. От боли трудно дышать. Тело тяжёлое, надо отдохнуть, глотнуть воздуха… От этого дыма кружится голова… Пока отдыхаю, развернуться в сторону врага, только где он? Неведомый враг клещами сдавил лёгкие и нечем дышать… Сейчас… Сейчас… Сейчас… Последнее, что видела Гида – это силуэт человека на фоне исчезающего склона. Она сделала рывок, чтобы отомстить, но копыта сгребли только листву, так и не подняв тело в стремительный бросок. Силы оставили её могучее тело…

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