Tick borne encephalitis

in spring and summer, the taiga, the Far Eastern encephalitis, infectious disease with benefits. lesion center. the nervous system. Pathogen — a virus core. tank and carrier-cerned are mites. Source of outbreak — many others. wild animals, including rodents, birds. Infection usually occurs through the bite of infected ticks in the forest, rarely steppe zones Zap. and East. Siberia, the Urals, the Far East (and possibly in other regions — in the Volga region, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, and others), rare cases — through the milk of infected goats and cows. Characteristic of the spring-summer season, with a peak incidence in June related to the period of tick activity. Symptoms of the disease occur in 8 — 23 (mean 10 — 12) days

after infection include headache, high temp, vomiting, convulsions, paralysis of muscles (neck, shoulder), disorders of consciousness, etc. Part of proceeds in the light (erased) form.

                  Risk of encephalitis district, K-rum is the chosen route, you can learn  in  sanitary station. When choosing a path should be aware that ticks are more common in mixed forests dominated by aspen, birch, heavy undergrowth and grass cover. Mites, accumulating on the grass or bushes, attacking passing people, clinging clothes. They are most often attached to the shoulders, chest, neck, head. Bloodsucking their painless and lasts up to several. day,

                  For the prevention of tick-borne encephalitis using so-called. protivokleschevuyu clothing (cheater or coveralls with a hood, special. costume), the effectiveness of a swarm increases in processing her repellents. If necessary, adjust the regular clothes: tightly fasten the gate, remove the tape or rubber sleeves, tuck pants into boots and shirt into pants, styanuv their wide elastic waist, tie a neck scarf or wear protective hundred. Parking should choose open dry areas, meadows, high forests without undergrowth and appoint. grass. Before installing it is necessary to clear the tent area of grass, fallen trees and small shrubs along the perimeter to remove sod and compacted soil. Before using herbs and branches for bedding they need for 3-4 hours in the sun or provyalit warmed over the fire.

                  Effective prevention measure — self-and vzaimoosmotry to detect and remove ticks from clothing and body, and their conduct after approximately 2 hours of stay in the zone of ticks (without removing clothes), and during a lunch at the camp and a camp — with a tour of the whole body, with special emphasis on hairy areas, skin folds. Found on the body ticks grease grow. oil or gasoline, and then, seizing forceps or a loop of thread strong, smoothly, without jerks, swinging from side in aside, removed, keeping the proboscis and crushing. If the bite is the proboscis, it is removed with a needle, and treated the wound and your hands with alcohol. In dangerous p-tries should not be consumed raw milk (especially goat). After hiking all the clothes should be washed and ironed with a hot iron.

                  Tourists who are going camping in the districts of the high risk of infection C. s., Immunized with a vaccine, to the paradise introduced S-fold, from September — October (3rd Vaccinated 3 months. After 2nd but not later than 10 days prior to arrival at the destination).

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