Timber factory

In the unexplored wilderness first appeared hunters. They were called pioneers. They built blockhouses — warehouses for hides killed them or traded them natives of fur animals. A ride to the store to exchange gunpowder, guns and other goods from the city. Thus a factory — An advanced outpost on the border has not yet populated spaces.

These factors are well known to read the Book of James Fenimore Cooper's "Deerslayer," "The Last of the Mohicans," "Pathfinder", "prairie", "Hawkeye."

Why do not we create a timber trading post on the harvesting of medicinal raw materials? Why carry the water contained in teniyah races, a few miles away? In fresh water plants in five — eight times more weight than a valuable dry matter. In addition, it is believed to dry plants on the same day as they are collected. So, it is best to leave water in the forest, and bring to a pharmacy finished product.

In our factories most importantly — make a drying shed, as plants not dry (except tubers orchids) in direct sunlight.

For canopy type in four cola with the Flyers at the top and with all the cut twigs, two higher, two (to the sun) lower. Stakes fasten the top with long sticks, two of which are connected mentary high and low stakes, to be with knots. Put on the roof poles, and on them — spruce branches.

Putting on the walls on the pole stakes knots, get three or four frame for shelves that can be covered with a sheet or blanket, or bark the same pine branches. On the shelves, spreading a thin rows of plants, pre-sorted them. Leaf petioles supposed to put to one side, the roots and rhizomes wash brush to remove dirt and cut. Rotten, damaged part of plant diseases to be thrown. Three or four times a day, as the drying plant should turn, dry clean the prepared bottles — clean bags.

Sphagnum moss can be dried directly in the sun and put on the roof of the shed. Homes herbs dry well in the attic with the windows open, a tin roof.

Should pay particular attention to the gathering plants in the summer and during the day. Plants should be collected then to always accumulate in more nutrients, flowers — at the beginning of flowering, the leaves — before flowering or at the very beginning of the nutrients are gone to flower and fruit, the roots and rhizomes of plants — in the spring and fall (spring — while stocks they are not used for the growth of plants, and in the fall — when in the summer the plants accumulated reserve for future winter and spring), the cortex — in the spring, at the beginning of movement of juice when it is well separated.

Flowers, leaves, grass shoots to be collected into a dry
sunny weather, when the dew has dried. Wet plants collected Men should not be.

Collect plants are very interesting, especially if organized Vat with fellow squad hunters medicinal raw material.

Seeds and roots of medicinal plants rarely encountered tions (eg, valerian) should land on school grounds or at near the house, setting off a "Pharmaceutical Garden."

Passing with Crude drug zagotovte and behold exchange of medicinal plants. Put them in the bags and the inscription: what plant, which increases when the seeds are collected.

You score a lot of medicinal plants, have downloaded all of your ki floor trading. Until the plants to dry slowly and you have nothing to do — use this time to make a catalog of your pocket forest pharmacy.

You have collected some parts of the plant: leaves, roots, pieces of bark, flowers. They are dry, and you do not specify what kind of plants of. You yourself can forget and not be able to tell what plants you have collected. We need to do the album "Portraits" of medicinal plants, or herbarium. On herbarium sheets, along with the name of the Russian and Latin, specify the location and time of collection, and the therapeutic value of the plant.

Collecting described in this book medicinal plants, especially the most appropriate for the pharmacy, you can prepare a number of other well-known plants found in large numbers near your factory.

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