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George W. Shrub on his Trek off-roader.     Pic: AP

CRAWFORD, TX —On this day, on this subject, thither can be no incertitude: Chairperson George W. Chaparral—darling by many, not so honey by many—is a stalwart, fit leader.

Round-backed concluded the handlebars of Off-roader One, shoulders bobbing, Bush-league captains a presidential peloton that includes foursome mass selfsame authoritative to him: two Mystical Servicing agents, ad guru Grade McKinnon (the guy responsible all of the Shrub cause’s TV commercials), and a cameraman who, before this cockcrow, took shots of the chairman for his 2004 cause ads.

Besides in the scuff caravan is a paper newsperson who’s covered Bush-league for age and nagged his way onto the squad. For the newsperson, me, it’s a mortifying get. Scorn organism a passably good route biker—I’ve pedaled approximately 1,800 miles in the sevener months anterior to my July tantalise with Shrub—I quick obtain that I’m no equal for the heart-pounding, 170-beats-per-minute cardio rape the chairman unleashes. This becomes evident on the beginning stretching of the 18.3-mile circumference, which Bush-league testament sail in one minute 19 proceedings.

"Footling unlike than a route bicycle," Shrub says as we cycle adjacent for the offset 15, ahead he leaves me in the rubble. I oink. Ahead the tantalise, I told the chairperson that thither was no sentience in nerve-wracking to heartbeat him. If he disoriented, thither would be a tell, lawyers would get tangled, and it would all be a big ol’ hatful. He laughed. I remember.

Though Bush-league has been mount biking for lone quatern months when I drive with him, he’s already colonized on a coherent manner: pounding. Hatful biking became the chair’s new activeness of selection before this class, afterward "Trekman Lavatory Burke"—Chaparral’s describe for Trek CEO Bathroom Burke—sent him a Fire 98 and told him to proceeds it for a twirl. Scrub, who has a resting pulse in the 1940s, has farseeing been known for operative difficult and hanker, but a bum redress stifle put an end thereto. He says the hurt to his stifle is "more geomorphologic," so it’s not a nominee for spry, noninvasive fixing. That’s where the bicycle comes in.

"I got out hither and I completed that with 45 proceedings of recitation you can observe a pulse that is higher than if you were loss to run, and aft the rag your consistence feels hunky-dory," Shrub says. "It’s not all that hard—the way I bonk. I’m not one of these uttermost bike-rider guys. I comparable the cardiovascular look. I same to be capable to rally crosswise the spread."

Tod’s itinerary includes roughly dodgy climbs and descents on hardpan roadstead but aught specially life-threatening. Two years ago, Bush-league did an endo piece equitation with Associated Closet newsperson Scott Lindlaw, an greedy heap biker who stayed closing decent to the prez to fling around tips and annotation that he emits a "grr, grr, grr" audio when climb.

Shrub likes the fact that heap biking is an activeness that requires focussing. Inattention leads to trauma. "Loosely, when you get old-hat and district out—get your passenger’s eminent—you mislay density," he says. "And when you miss absorption on grating roadstead, sometimes that battlefront roll goes one management and the cover goes the early. And that’s happened various multiplication."

Tod, Scrub assumes the responsibilities of a bait leader, overtaking on directions and warnings to the relaxation of his five-man grouping. "Heads up. Arduous veracious," he yells scarce earlier we reach a crisp bit that separates the paved part of the rally—which he cruised at more 20 mph—from the jolting trails of his spread.

At bait’s end, cervix burned-over by the sun, Scrub declares the case a achiever and seems set to battlefield questions. Did he seize the climbs? "No, I didn’t," he says. "The Batch Stooge Honour goes to McKinnon."

"I drafted the chairwoman," says McKinnon, dextrously reflecting the gloriole binding on the hirer.

Scrub says that practice—both the forcible and genial incline of it—is important for masses in hard-hitting lines of ferment alike his. "When you drive a cycle and get your pulse up and you’re out—aft astir 30 or 40 proceedings, your head tends to dilate; it tends to loose. My worries incline to fritter," he says. "That’s not to say that short thenceforth, when I paseo inwardly the theatre and get a call that says something is passing amiss or thither is a unmanageable billet, I can’t log binding on thereto. But it’s significant for mass to get their minds off their worries at about spot during the day. It makes you a more rounded individual and helps you shuffling wagerer decisions. I recollect this is something where you’ve got to centralise."

One reexamination: "Let thither been any endos since you’ve been equitation?"

"I parted involuntarily from my wheel doubly," Shrub honestly admits, putt approximately presidentially plus twist thereon all. "Both multiplication, I wasn’t focussed. I wasn’t concentrating wish I should let. When you center qualification surely you don’t slump your cycle, that’s what your psyche is on at the import. That, in itself, is fresh."

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