Waiting for help. Interaction with rescuers

What if during the expedition, traveling or as a result of the accident the vehicle you were in a deserted area? First of all, mark your location — alert signals. Also, you need to provide for possible evacuation and prepare the most necessary.

If you're not looking for relatives and friends, not the police and fire departments, and rescue service workers, they are usually used for the initial search aircraft. So rescuers can see you from the air, it is best to go to an open space — a mountain plateau, forest clearing in the coastal zone of the reservoir, etc. However, we must remember that the size of the site for the helicopter landing must be at least 30 x 30 m When it is on the boundary objects (trees, rocks, etc.) up to 25 m or more, the area should be the size of 75 x 1 00 m with a slope of no more than 6-8 °.

Are located around the site found fires. One of them should remain alight. International distress are three fire that form a triangle or extended in one straight line. To day the smoke was visible from a distance, throw a burning fire damp twigs, leaves or grass. On a clear calm day so the smoke is visible to the naked eye at a distance of 80 km. Snowy winter is well seen only black smoke, which is formed when burning rubber, petroleum products, plastics, etc.

In winter you can trample the snow any signs, letters, words, or put them ashes of campfires or branches. Alternatively, you can remove a layer of snow to the ground. Summer, spring or fall of coastal water body is used for these purposes pebbles, shells, algae. In a clearing remove a layer of turf. Walk up to the task themselves creatively and select a material or a way to create the greatest contrast with the background. Construct the characters you have to be from 3 to 8 meters and a width of not less than 1 m straight lines and angles in nature are extremely rare, so do their marks relatively smooth, with right angles.

Once you find the rescuers, it is likely that immediately to evacuate they will not. Most likely, you will drop the special containers to various emergency supplies, in which each item has a detailed operating instructions contained in accessible language. Remember our main recommendation: first, read carefully and thoroughly (preferably several times) the content of the instructions for use of rescue funds or property, and then consistently follow each item.

Evacuating victims often by helicopters. You should know that, as a rule, all aircraft taking off and landing into the wind. Helicopter landing on the wind carries a risk to the crew. Smoke signal the pilot to help navigate as to which way the wind blows, but the smoke should not interfere with planting — to hide the site. So do not swing the smoldering firebrands of fire or pyrotechnic cartridges — they have to keep moving.

If the helicopter is back screw, then, until he stops, approach the car from the front only. If possible, do not come on board to complete the helicopter landing and stopping the screw. Exceptions are granted only when planting machine on a platform with a strong bias. If the pilot to keep the helicopter in the air, only touching the surface of a wheel, then hurry up, but do not forget to its own security.

Another option evacuation. The helicopter hovered at about 1 5 m, and down to rescue you with a winch. Expect him by helicopter, where the impact of the air flow is minimal. Otherwise, if you weigh less than 50 kg, approach or move away from a frozen machine will be extremely difficult. Do not insert your hands into a thin metal wire with a small weight until it touches the ground — this is ground to remove static. Grabbing the rope, you can get a very tangible electric shock. Rescuer descended, pristegnet you to yourself, and you climb on board with, or he pristegnet you in his place. Remember, in this case, your behavior should be as passive. Need to hang slightly apart limb, and do not move, or you will start to spin, and the crew to avoid the accident helicopter, will be forced to release the winch rope. In the helicopter did not seek help borttehnika take other victims, until he asks for it. Sit away from the door.

Do not worry if the helicopter came aboard only some of your fellow inmates, suddenly fly away, leaving you on the ground evacuation (even one!). The fact can be a number of reasons: too hot winch, fuel running low, the helicopter took on board the maximum amount of cargo, etc. Calmly wait for the return of the car. Remember, you are sure to find and soon rescued.

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