Whitefish world, seen through the hole

Common entrance signal (Corego-nus lavaretus) caught Winter angling in lakes and rivers, owned the Arctic Ocean basin — from the lakes of the Kola Peninsula to the rivers and lakes of Siberia and Primorye. The species of the fish caught in the Amur basin. A variety of forms of whitefish and its habitat, however, allows certain common features and rules of fishing. This many-sided fish in the taxonomy which confuse even ichthyologists. In any case, are not counted in the gill rakers record, none of them have taken to say which of whitefish in front of him. The most common objects amateur fishing in the European part of the CIS are 3 types of fish: ludoga, Sung Peipsi and whitefish. East of the Urals, in the rivers of the Arctic Ocean and in the lakes up to their lake are found this fish species. Sigi settled on the Russian North and Siberia, but because the person continues to expand its range. They have become a common fish in many Siberian rivers, in particular caught almost year-round in the Yenisey. There is a ban on angling whitefish spawning period in which they occur in the fall.

This fish ponds clean, uncontaminated by any industrial, and similar waste. In whitefish demands on the level of oxygen in the water: the amount should not be less than 7 mg / l. In lakes such treatment is only possible if it is flowing water from flowing into the rivers they feature fast. These conditions could not be


better match many lakes of Karelia, which are replenished with water rivers flowing noisily over the rocks, and therefore perfectly oxygenated throughout the year.

Whitefish is growing quite slowly, reaching two-pound weight for just 10 years. Powered round. However, during the spawning season, these fish can reduce feeding activity, and if not for some time is not.

Main prey of adult fish — fry and small schooling fish species, the Siberian rivers — roach, dace, sculpins, lakes and the Russian North Karelia is a roach, smelt, smelt.

"Through the hole is not always notice it. Deep walk. When the signal is racing under a bunch of roaches, you see it is not so simple. His presence more felt. He will rule the fish violently, flock and trembling, after each throw to change direction. "

Old Angler

As correctly observed Old fisherman, whitefish, like many other predatory fish prefer attacking schooling fish below. Ichthyologists have not explained this behavior, but are aware of it all "stakeholders." Hardly in the summer hunt begins, as it joined the top birds — gulls and terns. Where did they learn that they now hunt fish — is unknown. Experienced angler, in turn, looks, where gulls circling, and he goes there. Search

In the river, to be found in whitefish pits. "The whitefish" and not "in hibernation" says a reason: where the fish settles, another predator to come across — it supersedes all quickly and decisively. Choose a place deep, scoured for rolling of the fast current. Here is primarily river any food, here it slows its movement and falls into the lower layers of water.

Search winter whitefish in lakes is far from the coast to the shoals, ludah, foraging largest representatives of the species. On large lakes fishermen have to travel a distance of tens of kilometers, which, of course, is impossible without vehicles. Riding on the same bodies of water — it is very dangerous, and this focus makes sense prodelyvat only with experienced local anglers. Usually in such trips go with little snow in the winter, when there is a deep freezing and ice strengthening. Even on the northern lakes may not have time to get off the "Buran". In some years the ice in some places almost not formed due to the strong currents. Here, under 20 cm of snow can be a layer of ice to 1 cm, while the rest of the ice can be up to 1 m in thickness. While angling

The behavior of fish in different water bodies is very different, so it is important to be able to observe the angler life whitefish in particular circumstances through the hole. Many rivers of Siberia is a new object of recreational fishing, and the experience of fishing in his only accumulates.

The most favorable time for catching whitefish in the season is the last ice. With the onset of long spring thaw fish begins to feed actively, restoring force after spawning.

Some members of the family begin to intense absorption of food from the middle of winter. So whitefish ludoga in October can be caught only by accident, this time in the midst of it spawning. But at the end of this process, by the middle of January, the fish feeding activity is restored.

Usually feed whitefish during the daylight hours. In some places, night fishing is widely practiced. Caught in the place that has managed to attract whitefish day down feeder with groundbait difficult to extract and at the same time throwing it on top of another hand. At night, the fish are usually kept at the bottom and top layers, as it happens during the day hunting, rarely rises.

In daylight fishing in clear water with depths less than 10 m definitely need careful blackout.

Fishing practices

Kivkovaya rod

Tackle need durable, cold-resistant. Based on the solid wooden

WORLD Seagal, seen through-hole course

tion udilnika length of 30-40 cm Tackle can be without a nod. Coils are used very rarely. As lesohrani-lischa is part of the body rods, made in the form of reel. Fishing line for high-quality, if monofilament, be sure not thinner 0.15-0.17 mm.


Tackle for sheer blesneniya — best way way of fishing whitefish. Fishing rod for sheer blesneniya, curb quality bait can be quite catching capacity, but only in places where a lot of the fish. In Amur, for example, catch whitefish lure happens infrequently. Here he is caught with homemade gear, reminiscent

yuschimi rude little rocker. The game is simple — jerks with short pauses.

Qualitative balancers in angling out of competition. But up to now mainly use homemade baits and various configurations with other baits: it can be a jig, and greenfly. And one and the other are fixed above spinners on a leash no longer than 200 mm.


Whitefish lure is not everywhere. It all depends on the conditions of fishing. Lake Baikal, for example, the bait used in solid numbers, often measured weight. As such, use of local varieties of crustaceans lateral afloat — mormysha. The local name of this bait — Bormash.


Whitefish caught in the worm, fry, burdock, caddis and guts bat bird. Trolling are usually equipped with a piece of fresh fish. Often used for this purpose piece of skin with scales taken from any white fish from this pond. In the arrangement, which is used spoon with tee on a leash, masked tee fillet roach.


Jig large, dark colors (brown, black, red) or unpainted. You can successfully fish and beznasadoch-tion method. High-frequency oscillations perfect lure individuals of medium size. Somehow, a large signal, unlike the big perch, which takes bezmotyl-ku often ignores it.

Whitefish caught as well as the vertical and the horizontal spinners. The first fitted fisheye, worm, bloodworm and similar living tips. Whitefish, perch and a very partial to the whole (with preserved iris) cod-liver eye. With the eagerness enough spinners, fitted pieces intestines of geese or ducks. Can be caught as burbot, even rabbit intestine.

Biting and vyvazhivanii

Whitefish bite sharply, it must strike lightly. Larger fish are to the hole carefully, always keeping the fishing line taut. Gatherings usually take place at a time when the fish sees the hole. Signal at this time leans to one side and makes breakthrough in depth). This technique allows him sometimes, they say, to turn the hook out of its mouth.

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