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Clinical presentation and course. Disease begins slowly and has a long course. There may be cases rapid, progressive course with the legal outcome. The leading symptoms are vague pain in the back and thighs, at least in the shoulder and chest, a permanent nature, arising even at rest. Sensitivity of bone at the pressure appears very early. Pain occur as a side compression of the iliac crests, and the termination of compression pelvis. Early in the characteristic feature is also adductor contracture - it's hard to pick up and spread her legs (Fig. 3). Pretty soon there paresthesias. At Read more [...]
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Your Operative Rorschach Run

We all birth those routes that we address the virtually: our favorites, the prized ones. But suffer you e'er wondered what your dearie routes say almost you?The skill isn’t just backbreaking, but how you run very does link to your personality, says Carrie Cheadle, a advisor certifiable by the Tie for Applied Mutation Psychology and the generator of On Top of Your Plot: Genial Skills to Maximise Your Acrobatic Functioning.With counseling from Cheadle and Joan Steidinger, a accredited clinical and sports psychologist, we contract you done the (jolly) scientific mankind of operative Rorschach Read more [...]
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Osteogenesis imperfecta-1

Morbid anatomy. Grossly under imperfect osteogenesis Bone fabric everywhere is weak, easy to cut with a knife. Discover common bone fractures, which most significantly expressed in long bones, ribs, clavicle. Fractures occur both in utero and during the act of birth, and, as a rule, the bones grow together quickly and easily. Multiple fractures, sometimes heal properly explain observed with osteogenesis imperfecta distortion and shortening of the limbs (Fig. 1). Most blisters on the edges is the result of intrauterine fractures and fusion (Fig. 2). The characteristic changes of skull. It Read more [...]
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Errors in radiology

In the present state X-ray used in all clinical disciplines, it is difficult to combine all sources of X-ray diagnostic errors, saving radiologic features of the application of the method of research in each of the individual disciplines. But errors in radiology often lead to errors in determining the final clinical diagnosis. Errors in radiology occur when radiologists allowed deviations from the correct way of analyzing radiographic and clinical data. In the common challenges facing the radiology clinic and reflects their relationship. Therefore, some of the diagnostic errors depend not only Read more [...]
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Points of special purpose

Telescopic glasses, in contrast to conventional corrective glasses, improve visual acuity by shifting the main focus on the retina, and by increasing the retinal images of the subject matter. Telescopic glasses are optical system consisting of two lenses - collecting and scattering, mounted fixedly on a common frame (Fig. 4). Such a system, which yields an increase by 1.8 times, suitable for emmetropic eye with a sharp reduction of vision due to disease of the optic nerve, retina and vascular membranes. With decreasing vision, caused by high degrees of ametropia, and in combination with diseases Read more [...]
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Bubblicious to the Delivery

    Pic: Representative by Athirst Dog StudiosThe art of out-in-the-boondocks auto alimony requires neither brobdingnagian mechanical expertness nor a Zenlike posture. With a niggling ingeniousness and a few daily accessories, you can bit an vexation partitioning into an chance to exhibit your tough-guy selection skills. Trouble: Lacerate devotee YOUR Run: Cut the cincture off your Yield of the Looms; it testament service as a replacing buff until you can reaching a substantial auto-mechanic. Drill a master-of-my-own-destiny anticipate when he discovers your fix. Job: Talebearing Read more [...]
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Focal segmental pulmonary fibrosis

The clinical course and symptoms Focal, segmental pulmonary fibrosis. The main symptom is cough, sometimes chest pain (pleurisy limited). Cough beginning with scanty sputum - mucous, mucopurulent, sometimes purulent. In a subsequent communication occurs cough and phlegm with the position of the patient (in the back, on the side, "morning sputum"). Periodically - acute, usually in spring and autumn with febrile, often subfebrile temperature. Objectively over a limited portion of the lungs (usually in the lower and middle lobes) tapped a small amount of moist medium and finely wheezing, Read more [...]
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Protecting green healers

Every year it becomes more urgent problems in the study, preservation and protection of the environment. Pesticides and industrial emissions pollute it, chemicals in agriculture adversely affect wildlife. These issues call for nation-wide approach. Logging of forests, plowing of virgin lands, enhanced mowing hay - also serious issues that require immediate solutions. But a lot depends on us, on how we treat nature. After all, even a visit to forests, grasslands, tourists, vacationers, collectors of mushrooms and berries often has a detrimental effect on many plants. And if such nature lovers Read more [...]
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Ophthalmology and achievements, particularly ophthalmic surgery were offered J. Gonen effective operation against retinal detachment developed and school Filatov methods keratoplasty. In 1912, Vladimir Filatov performed the first successful corneal transplant surgery. In 1931, he began applying for keratoplasty in the cold canned cornea, taken from the body, and returned the sight to many blind. At present, Soviet ophthalmologists are leading the world in the development of keratoplasty, the number produced in, 1x operations. One of the latest advances in keratoplasty is operation almost complete Read more [...]
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Poisoned wounds

Called poisoned wound, which incorporates the substance toxic effects of local or general. In peacetime, it is mostly bite wounds inflicted by venomous animals in war - wounds, had been subjected to chemical warfare agents (CWA). Local changes in the most demonstrative in lesions wounds substances blister (see Toxic substances). 3-4 hours after exposure to sulfur mustard wound round it appear red and swollen. The presence of sulfur mustard can be set by the smell (burning rubber, garlic, mustard), and the presence of oily droplets in the wound poison. By the end of the day there are blisters Read more [...]
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Active surgical treatment of ear, nose and throat, based on a deep knowledge of physiology, significantly contributed to the progress of otorhinolaryngology. SF Stein (Russia) was constructed for the experimental study centrifuge vestibular apparatus. R. Baran for the same purposes the swivel chair. He introduced the practice kalorizatsiyu ear and a number of other research methods ear labyrinth developed radical surgery of the temporal bone. Important studies on the physiology and pathology of the vestibular and cochlear apparatus carried Voyachek VI, is the creator of Otolaryngology military Read more [...]
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4. Pursual Polish Your Hoagy

Dalai Lama     I'm not a Buddhist. But of anyone on world, the mortal I'd virtually precious to see was the Dalai Lama. He'd been at the top of my tilt for more a dec. A few of my otc heroes died ahead I got a prospect: Edmund Hillary, Evel Knievel, James Dark-brown. But they're not the Lama. This yesteryear May, I distinct to layover wait. I checkered his agenda, ransomed around frequent-flier miles, and took an inconvenient late-night escape to Indianapolis to listen the 75-year-old unearthly leader mouth for an hr to a herd of more 9,000 masses in a pin-drop-quiet hoops field. Read more [...]
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Otogenic meningitis

Fig. 1. Pathways of infection (arrows) of the middle ear to the labyrinth and into the cranial cavity: 1 - the semicircular canals, 2 - water arches and endolymphatic sac, 3 - internal auditory canal, 4 - oval window 5 - snail, 6 - water snails 7 - auditory tube, 8 - round window, 9 - barrel, 10 - Drum cave. Etiology and pathogenesis. Otogenic meningitis may occur in acute and chronic suppurative otitis average. Pathogens are usually streptococci or staphylococci. Infection of the middle ear to the cranial cavity penetrates different ways: "to continue" or the inner ear. In the Read more [...]
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Open fractures of the diaphysis of the forearm bones

Open fractures of the diaphysis of the forearm bones in peacetime often occur as a result of work-related injury. The nature of the fracture, the degree and nature of damage to the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves depends on surgical treatment. When fractures without displacement from the stable position of the fragments are limited to a thorough initial debridement with mandatory closing the fracture site and the introduction of antibiotics. A plaster bandage and fracture are treated the same as closed fracture. Conservative treatment after primary surgical treatment Read more [...]
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Knife Bear Grylls (Bear Grylls)

The knife, which is used in the filming of the TV show "Man vs. Wild (Man vs. Wild)", for a long time, put me in a deadlock. At first I thought that knife Beara - one of the options the company knives SOG, used fur seals, or product from Becker, but a closer look reveals too many inconsistencies. Where did KNIFE BEAR? Grylls began working with well-known expert on nazham - Robert Bailey (Robert Bayely), to design a knife that is most appropriate for survival in extreme situations. Beara knife was designed in accordance with the following characteristics: First, it should be reliable Read more [...]
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Pulmonary edema

Pulmonary edema - Suddenly develop a condition of diffuse impregnation of lung tissue, exudate from the vascular fluid, rich in protein, and leads to severe respiratory failure. Initially saturated with interstitial lung tissue, then fluid accumulates in the alveoli and bronchi. Mixing with air in the bronchi, the liquid in the form of a frothy mass moving in the upper airways. Effusion may occur in the pleural cavity. Cause of pulmonary edema are many. The most commonly edema in patients with essential hypertension (especially current malignancy), myocardial infarction, acute and chronic coronary Read more [...]
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Certain types of myocarditis

Isolated interstitial acute myocarditis - A kind of a rare disease. He is an acute or subacute interstitial M. defeat without endocarditis, pericarditis, other bodies of unknown etiology, more severe and almost always ending with death. M. This is denoted as "primary," "idiopathic", "cancerous", "fidlerovsky." The disease mainly affects young people, but is described as the youngest children and the elderly. Although some of the etiological factor M is not detected, it can be assumed that it is the result of various infectious and toxic effects, history Read more [...]
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Acute bacterial endocarditis

Acute septic endocarditis (endocarditis septica acuta) is less than 1% of all endocarditis [Yonash (V. Jonas)]. Usually this endocarditis it is a manifestation of sepsis after childbirth, abortion, wound infection, thrombophlebitis, otitis media, osteomyelitis, meningitis, pneumonia, lung abscess and other diseases caused by virulent strains of streptococci and staphylococci and other bacteria to form a secondary septic focus on endocardium. In some cases of septic endocarditis endocardium defeat may have the character as a primary septic focus by the penetration of bacteria into the bloodstream Read more [...]
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Acute parotitis

Mumps (parotitis; from Greek. Para - near and ous, otos - ear) - inflammation of the parotid gland. Distinguish parotitis epidemic (see) and non-epidemic. Non-epidemic mumps in the clinical course is acute and chronic. Acute parotitis. Causes of acute mumps may be local (has foreign bodies in the duct injury cancer salivolithiasis, inflammatory processes in the neighboring areas, stomatitis) and general (acute infectious disease, surgery in the abdominal cavity). Distinguish bluetongue, festering and gangrenous forms of acute P. Fig. 1. Acute sinistral parotitis. Acute parotitis begins with Read more [...]
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Bill Fitness

A climb squad moves sole as firm as its slowest appendage. Don't let it be you.     Pic: Timothy Faust/Height BrothYou don't motivation any exceptional skills to rise Rainier with a directive serving. You scarce motive to surface in the better tramp contour of your aliveness. This six-month project, intentional by Doug Schurman—co-author of The Outside Jock and co-owner of BodyResults.com, a wilderness-sports-conditioning service—incorporates the home-gym-friendly effectiveness and survival exercises on the adjacent two pages to gradually physique your seaworthiness toward Read more [...]
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