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Combined mitral-4

X-ray examination the majority of patients show signs of increased size of the left atrium to the deviation of the esophagus posteriorly along the arc radius. In addition, the defining features of the increase of both ventricles, more of the left (Fig. 16a, b). Nick K., age 12, was in hospital with a 15 / X to 22/XII 1970 with the diagnosis of rheumatic fever, the active phase, the activity of I degree. Endomiokardit. Combined with a predominance of mitral insufficiency, continuous recurrent N2b. Associated diseases: chronic tonsillitis. The boy was transferred from a sanatorium, where he stayed Read more [...]
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Combined mitral-3

Polikardiograficheskoe study. Change phase structure of left ventricular systole, the combined mitral due to hemodynamic changes associated with heart, as well as a violation of myocardial contractility due to rheumatic heart disease (A. Galstyan, 1963 SB Feldman, 1965; Blumberger, 1964). In combined mitral M. Oskolkov (1964), and A. Pimenov (1964), D. Sokolov (1964), NN Kipshidze (1966) observed a lengthening of load by extending the period of transformation, the shortening of the period of exile and reduced vnutrisistolicheskogo indicator. Changes in the phase structure of the systole of the Read more [...]
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Lovemaking’s a Actuate

San Ysidro Spread     Exposure: Trick Huba/A+C AnthologySANTA BARBARA :: Crawfish to the StarsIlk a Hollywood mightiness couplet, fly the paparazzi (or the new in-laws) at San Ysidro Spread, in the wheeling hills out-of-door Santa Barbara. Cinque miles from downtown, this graeco-roman California ranch was the situation of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh's nuptials and Toilet and Jackie Kennedy's honeymoon. THE Lovemaking Snuggle: Blackjack amatory cottages are disconnected among orangeness, stinker, and plumb orchards on the 500-acre spread. Apiece is outfitted with French antiques, Read more [...]
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Combined mitral-2

Hemodynamic (Based on the study and tahoostsillogramm sfigmogramm) with combined mitral defect characterized by a decrease minute volume blood associated with regurgitation of her from the left ventricle into the left atrium, which sometimes reaches high levels - over 50% of the total emission (F. f. Kaperko, 1964 AA Gorbachenkov, 1966, 1969). At the same time, other authors (NA Schalke, 1941, 1970; Goldberg, Bakst, Bayly, 1954; Storstein and others, 1962) for a survey of patients in the stage of compensation defect found no significant deviation from the normal systolic and minute volume of blood. Read more [...]
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Mogul Kauai

The Na Pali Seacoast     Pic: Greg Von Doersten/DawnThe Big Island has sizing on its incline, not to citation fun volcanoes. Oahu has the storeyed Northerly Shoring. And Maui—well, let's scarce say that the honeymooners storming its beaches yr afterward yr don't seed for nil.But petty Kauai has it all: boozer verdure, volcanoes, little towns not yet invade, and a apparently dateless provide of concealed beaches for surfboarding, snorkeling, and sunbathing.This yr, all those options are more approachable than e'er. On the island's northwards shoring, the St. Regis Princeville open Read more [...]
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Rhode BLACKSTONIA Huds. — Blackstone.

B. perfoliata (L) Hunds. - Annual plant up to 50 cm high. Distribution: Caucasus. Contains alkaloids and nridoidy established structure. Drug (nadz. hours). Indications - infections / infestations: in rabies, dysentery, diseases of the digestive system: the hypo stomach symptoms and syndromes: in fevers. Rhode CENTAURIUM Hill - centaury. 8-4-4 Annuals to 40 cm tall. Distribution: European part, the Caucasus, Western Snbnr. Contain alkaloids and 0.9% in S. erythraea Rafn, xanthones, carbohydrates and nridoidy and higher fatty acids (Plants for us, 1996) established structure. Found saponins, Read more [...]
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Combined mitral-1

Fonokardiograficheskoe study has a definite value for the diagnosis of combined mitral flowing dominated mitral valve. On phonocardiogram while there is a weakening of the amplitude of oscillations I tones, no increase in the transformation period of the ventricles (Q - I tone) usually lack the tone opening mitral valve. But in some patients it can be registered. With the prevalence of disease mitral valve write expressions III tone and long high systolic murmur, which is recorded at all points, with punctum maximum at the apex of the heart. Diastolic murmur is often written as mezodiastolichesky Read more [...]
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Combined mitral

Electrocardiography. With the prevalence of mitral regurgitation in the electrocardiogram indicated electrical axis deviation to the left, there is a typical early "P-mitrale». Tooth P broadened, low, sometimes, especially in the early stages of defect, high digested. Such changes in P wave on the electrocardiogram due to the fact that the combination of disease and stenosis Mitral valve leads to a rather early and rapid expansion of the cavity and the hypertrophy of the left atrium. In standard or chest leads with domination failure Mitral Valve revealed signs of left ventricular hypertrophy. Read more [...]
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Colitis and intestinal dyskinesia-2

Any reader interested in knowing how to develop disorders of bowel function, especially since these disorders are very common and bother people at different stages of their lives. In some people the suffering begins in adolescence life, others - in later years, the third - in his later years, when there are a variety of diseases of the digestive system, not only, but also other organs and body systems. It is now established that violations of bowel function not only occur on the basis of its inflammation of the mucous membrane, ie, the development of colitis, but also as a result of changes in Read more [...]
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Fall the Burthen of the Earth

    Picture: Michael SnakebirdKELTY HAIKU 3000 The general-purpose, moderate-size, no doodads, durable haversack. That's the sole clique almost of us bequeath always demand, and that's the Kelty Haiku. It's wish a Honda Civil or an iMac, so dim-witted and operable it's nearly an contrivance. Reinforced in a single-sack pattern from the sturdiest of materials (Cordura and Spectra gridstop fabric), with the measure double-pocketed top fluttering and wide-cut, densely cushiony hipbelt, thither's near naught that can fail. Consignment it, berm it, set it, and uplift thine eyes to the Read more [...]
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Colitis and intestinal dyskinesia-1

Choice of treatment (mineral water, mud, physiotherapy, etc.) is dictated by the state of the general reactivity of patients, the nature of neurotic reactions, local changes in a particular segment of the intestine, as well as physical and chemical characteristics of each of the natural factor. With the combination of colitis and atherosclerotic koronarokardioskleroza greatest success occurs when combined internal use of mineral waters and sulfide or sodium chloride baths. With nervousness, angioneurotic form of angina and colitis with intestinal dyskinesia pronounced therapeutic effect occurs Read more [...]
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Colitis and intestinal dyskinesia

After the weakening of the intensity of acute colitis and the disappearance of the main signs of the disease there is no reason to settle down and assume that recovered. More correct treatment policy in which the patient is a long time under the supervision of a doctor and occasionally gets repeated courses of treatment, not only in the community but also in the resort. In a specialized sanatorium along with diet and motoring prescribed combination therapies natural factors. Central among them is occupied by drinking mineral water, mineral baths, and when necessary - mud therapy and physical Read more [...]
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Dermepenthesis - Is a skin graft to cover large defects it - fresh (degloving injury, defect after excision of scar) or granulating, but not healing. Skin grafting is widely used for extensive burns. As a rule, take the patient's own skin (autotransplantation). Autoplasty produce or free (full cut) grafts or flaps on the leg. For a free skin plasty often take the surface layer of the skin flaps large or small pieces. The method of skin plasty small pieces of epidermis thickness of 0.3 mm (method Reverdy) was improved - offered to take pieces of the surface layers of the epidermis to the Read more [...]
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Leather (3 lessons)

Topic 'Skin"Supplements studied previous topics. It reveals the essential material of the skin as an organ of the integumentary system of the human body which carries out the role of external barrier in the metabolism of the organism to the environment. Considering the concept of "skin", the teacher should be concerned with the properties of the skin as an organ of its main functions related to its inherent structure. The essential features of the concept of "skin" can be expressed in the following definition: the skin - a body of the cover system. It is due to the Read more [...]
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surges on steep (usually rock) at the turn of the river bank under the influence of centrifugal forces. As a result, the transverse displacement of water directly on the shore there is a local increase its level with typical P. strong surface flows to the coast, to-rye can be discarded (keep pressing to the shore) a slight shallow craft, covered in P. If the rock (spring) has otritsat shore. angle or underwater "pockets", the whole surface water goes deep. These R the most dangerous - they are difficult to detect. and tightening their effect is very large. A related obstacle is the Read more [...]
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When a cesarean section-1

Contraindication for abdominal delivery is adverse fetal (intrauterine death, severe prematurity, malformations, etc.). Not recommended for cesarean section after failed attempts operative vaginal delivery (forceps, vacuum extraction) due to the risk of injury and infection of the mother of the child. According to the majority of domestic and foreign authors, the most serious contraindication for intraperitoneal cesarean section is the presence of the mother or the potential clinically significant infection. And this, of course, justified in terms of prevention of postoperative infectious complications Read more [...]
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When a cesarean section

Reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality is a major task of modern obstetrics. In its decision, much depends on the rational management of labor tactics. In connection with this issue for a revision of the surgical site cesarean in modern obstetrics. Improvement of the results of operative delivery possible to expand the indications for this operation, the frequency of its use has increased, which was stimulated and widely used in obstetric practice in recent years of the monitor observing the fruit. Significantly changed view on the concept of absolute and relative indications. Noteworthy Read more [...]
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Clinical direction-1

In a subsequent clinical psychiatry enriched by new facts and observations. Special attention was paid to the description and the difference between the different symptoms and syndromes of mental illness, establishing a general (obschepsihopatologicheskie) laws in the dynamics of mental disorders. Special contribution to the development of clinical psychiatry made by Soviet scientists. VP Osipov, much has been done for the development of general psychopathology and clinics mental illness. PB Gannushkina were not only thoroughly explains the various options for psychopathy, but described in Read more [...]
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Russia Seizes Ukraine’s Mahimahi Army

The mankind bettor watch. The Russian navy lately seized controller of Ukraine's scrap dolphins.According to an employee attached with the Crimea-based syllabus, the Russians testament supervise the full dolphinfish army from now on.  The battle dolphins are trained to police spread irrigate and tone-beginning anything that poses a military menace, including mines or eve nefarious Aqualung diverse. The animals’ sensitiveness subaquatic gives them an adjoin o'er semisynthetic asdic devices when it comes to this kinda soiled workplace.The Soviets started the killer-dolphin plan in the Read more [...]
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The clinical course

Most representative direction in clinical psychiatry is, as psychiatry is a clinical discipline. The clinical areas in psychiatry should be associated with the reform (1793), the French psychiatrist Pinel F., who, figuratively domestic psychiatrist NN Bazhenov, introduced to the rank of a crazy patient. Based on clinical observations speculate about the nature of mental disorders, their proposed taxonomy. Many of these hypotheses taxonomists have limited value, and only a few of them have a significant impact on the development of psychiatry. Among them, the concept of a single psychosis (without Read more [...]
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