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Walking this way: stepping into Cuba's Cayo Largo     Picture: CorelBONEFISHA—LA TORTUGA IN JARDINES DE LA REINA, CUBA: Combining live-aboard and guild sportfishing in these pristine flats 40 miles off the island's southwestward seashore. A deficiency of commercial-grade sportfishing and a shortage of mass think you can hurl a fly into waters few others deliver always fished. Avalon Sportfishing and Dive Centre is based at a drifting lodgeA—three expectant boats with 17 cabinsA—and uses a flutter of skiffs for sportfishing. Adept Cuban guides terminal you done shoal urine round Read more [...]
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Tricuspid regurgitation

Tricuspid regurgitation is due to organic rheumatic process, but more often as a result of the relative expansion of the right ventricle in patients with severe myocardial insufficiency. In this heart defects during systole blood is thrown out of the right ventricle to the right atrium, resulting in hypertrophied right atrium (Fig. 7 and 8). Since the compensatory potential of the right atrium is relatively small, soon develops congestion in the systemic circulation. Fig. 7 - 9. Change of heart tricuspid valve. 1 - semilunar cusps of the aortic valve, 2 - ventricular cavity boundary extended Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure with acquired heart defects-7

Circulatory failure under which to understand the impossibility of a full blood supply to tissues according to the level of exchange, arises when exhausted adaptability of the cardiovascular system and to ensure the metabolic reserves are being used other systems, especially the respiratory system. Failure circulatory disturbances may occur because cardiac contractility, ie, due to the weakening strength of heart contractions, and as a result - reduce cardiac output. This form it can be called heart failure. Development of heart failure can be caused by other factors, such as significant changes Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure with acquired heart defects-6

In compensated heart diseases basic hemodynamic parameters (cardiac output, the linear velocity of blood flow, blood volume, venous pressure) do not differ from normal (K G. Abramovich, 1948, J. 41. Mazel, 1950 G. Markov and F. 3. Meyerson, 1957). Compensation hemodynamics in acquired heart diseases are a result of long-term adaptation of the myocardium, providing its adaptation to the continuous high load (F. 3. Meyerson, 1975). Mechanisms of adaptation of the heart to the continuous high load with acquired heart diseases are varied, but the main one is the initial gain of heartbeats - his hyperactivity, Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure with acquired heart defects-5

Along with the decrease in the amount of high-energy phosphate compounds (ATP, creatine phosphate, etc.) in the development of heart failure and disorders play a role in ion balance in myocardial cell, the changing balance between the extracellular and intracellular sodium and potassium ions in the form of reduction of intracellular potassium content and an increase in cells sodium, leading to disruption of excitation and reduce infarction. Matters and reduction cocarboxylase of the heart muscle, causing violation processes decarboxylation of pyruvic acid, resulting in disturbed carbohydrate metabolism Read more [...]
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Rapha Nightclub T-shirt

Rapha Golf-club T-shirt     Picture: Courtesy of Rapha

Rapha’s Gild T-shirt is the near sophisticated-looking top we’ve always haggard. If fits also as a made-to-order shirt, and the merino flux is hearty but cooling—perfect for snappy dawn rolls. $160;

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Circulatory failure in acquired heart-4

With stenosis hyperactivity infarction develops mainly on the type of isometric (systolic overload). Since systolic blood volume in valvular stenosis holes is not increased tightness corresponding cavity of the heart is not broken, and the phase structure of the cardiac cycle can be changed or not (then a period of tension stored), or altered due to a lengthening of the period of the voltage (VV Parin, F. 3. Meyerson, 1965). Initial hyperactivity infarction even before the muscle hypertrophy characterized by a sharp increase in its energy production, which is accompanied by increased myocardial Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure in acquired heart-3

Chronic hypoxia that occurs when heart failure, leading to the development of pathological changes in the myocardium and parenchymal organs. Of significant liver problems, developing in severe circulatory failure, along with changes in protein and lipid metabolism, show increased activity of total lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and its fraction of LDH-5, which is believed II Sivkov et al. (1975), due to the presence of stagnation in the liver, as well as an increase in the permeability of the cell membrane of hepatocytes and their death as a result of hypoxia. Morphological changes of the liver in Read more [...]
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Traps for people and animals, crossbows

Deep pits with sharp stakes at the bottom, covered with a thin layer on top of branches and grass and hidden under the greenery, alert crossbows on the trails and incident logs with sharp thorns - this is an incomplete list of things that can happen in the virgin taiga even today. Such traps are built for different reasons: need of food getting in this way, unwanted intrusion into its territory of foreign hunting, poaching - as rare and valuable animals killed for hides, horns or tusks. Keep from falling into a pit trap or quarrel in a difficult, unfamiliar terrain can only marginal Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure in acquired heart-2

Obviously, this provision VV Parin can not completely agree, as reduction the cardiac output can depend on a substantial reduction of the linear velocity of blood flow in the vessels of the systemic circulation, as Q = V · u, where Q - value of cardiac output (minute volume of blood flow in L / min; V - blood volume in l / min; U - linear velocity of blood flow (circulation time in minutes). The main signs of heart failure are reduction minute volume of blood (IOC) and the velocity of blood flow, the development of myogenic dilatation of the heart, which is due to an increase of net diastolic Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure in acquired heart-1

It should be noted that the venous stasis, along with stimulation of secretion aldosterone the adrenal gland, and a violation of the inactivation observed in the liver, due to inhibition of enzyme activity, which normally carry out its cleavage. Increase number aldosterone in the blood leads to an increase in sodium reabsorption in the tubular apparatus of the kidneys, which is why the amount of sodium in the body increases. At the same time there is an increased excretion of potassium from the body. As you know, there is a close relationship between renal reabsorption of sodium and water. Increase Read more [...]
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Edge Songs

Xc transactions southeastern of Tucson, and alone ten miles from the Mexican moulding, Ramsey Canon is a 380-acre high-desert haven run by the Nature Conservancy. At 5,500 feet in the Huachuca Mountains, this "sky island" is the lonesome U.S. habitat for various species of Mexican hummingbirds, including the metallic-green berylline. Inject July or Grand, when the monsoons roster in every afternoon, to see the birds dive-bombing the sycamores and pinons. Get an other check-in at the noble, hacienda-style Casa de San Pedro B&B, six miles from the preserves, and hiking or mountain-bike Read more [...]
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Circulatory failure with acquired heart defects

During systole, the interaction of actin and myosin formed actomyosin, and myocardial cell reduced. The reaction of actin and myosin occurs in certain "active" points of actin. During diastole prevent the formation of actomyosin protein tropomyosin and troponin. In the transition to the excitation of the muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium ion is released, which, joining troponin-tropomiozinovomu complex, neutralize it and creates the conditions for interaction of actin with myosin (Figure 1). Power supply system is provided by the presence of myocardial cells in myocardial mitochondria Read more [...]
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Insufficiency of the aortic valve

Insufficiency of the aortic valve (Synonymous with aortic insufficiency). In this heart defects are deformed aortic valve, and they are not completely closed the aortic opening (Fig. 1 and 2), so during diastole, blood flows into the the left ventricle not only from the left atrium, but also from the aorta. Thus, in the left ventricle during diastole receives more blood than normal. Performing more than normal, work, left ventricle hypertrophy. Fig. 1 - 3. Change of heart at the aortic valve insufficiency. 1 - semilunar cusps of the aortic valve, 2 - ventricular cavity boundary extended 3 Read more [...]
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Butterfly valve insufficiency-8

Diagnosis and differential diagnosis. The diagnosis of mitral valve insufficiency with a history of rheumatic appropriate data, the typical hospital (blowing systolic murmur at the apex of the heart, traveling in the left armpit, reinforced, raised apex beat, shifted to the left and sometimes down, increasing the border of the heart, mainly the left and up) as well as these additional studies (X-ray, electrocardiography and fonokardiograficheskogo) is not too difficult for the doctor. Difficulties in diagnosis arise when mitral insufficiency with I degree of compensation for the GF Lang appears Read more [...]
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Failure butterfly valve-7

Course and prognosis. Course mitral insufficiency depends on the severity and progression of vice rheumatism. With frequent recurrences of the disease prognosis is much worse, as she progresses mitral failure and it is possible accession of other valve lesions. At the same time, with a moderate degree of mitral failure and lack of frequent recurrence of rheumatic fever can long remain a good state of compensation due to the large compensatory capacity of the left ventricle. Pronounced mitral failure often leads to early heart decompensation. Develops stagnation in small and large circulation, Read more [...]
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Impulsive Highway 50 and Red Pass

Flush when thither aren't avalanches streamlined crosswise it, Colorado's Red Pass is the stickiest stretchability of highway in the land. That's partially because of its 8 pct score, innumerous hairpins, and few guardrails, and part because its cliffside views sustenance pull your eyes off the route. The well-nigh striking attack is from the n: Psyche kill the Rockies from M Adjunction on Highway 50 toward Montrose, where you'll peck Highway 550. The route begins to ascent somewhat to Ridgway then acutely at Ouray. Betwixt Ouray and Silverton, try not to anticipate your rightfulness, where the Read more [...]
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Tips fishermen

It happens that the sunken part of the line above the float clinging grass, twigs, roots and prevents hooking fish. To avoid this, a scaffold should be greased by the end of the rod to the float. Fishing line wound around the motoviltse rod, to protect against accidental outburst during transport attach rubber band widths up to 1 cm, cut from child dummies (pacifiers). In this moleno and insert the hook under the gum. The hook is not tupilsya, after catching his sting should wear vinyl chloride segment isolated from the mounting end provoda.Tonky bamboo rods for added strength should soak hot Read more [...]
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Butterfly valve insufficiency-6

Fluoroexam. X-ray examination with heart defects is particularly important, as it allows early enough to catch the signs of a hypertrophy of the heart, to assess the state of the pulmonary circulation. Children with full compensation mitral valve radiographic changes relate primarily to increase the left ventricle. Further, as shown in Fig. 8, there is also an increase in the left atrium, most clearly defined in the first oblique position (TD Mirimova, 1960). Characteristic of mitral insufficiency is the deviation of the esophagus posteriorly shadow contrast in a wide arc. In severe cases of Read more [...]
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Failure butterfly valve-5

Classification of degrees of compensation defect. Determining the degree of compensation of mitral insufficiency in a child is of great practical importance in the decision on the appointment of the regime, drug therapy, and the prognosis. When mitral valve GF Lang (1958) identified three degrees of compensation. I degree of compensation observed in patients with a small defect in the valve. At the same time, showed a slight systolic expansion of the left atrium and a small hypertrophy and expansion of the left ventricular cavity, almost captured in the study. Manifests a mitral failure only Read more [...]
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