Prevention of intervertebral osteochondrosis-2

It should be emphasized that the above-mentioned mineral water makes a difference. Some of them contribute to the trophic processes in the intervertebral discs, joints and soft tissues, while others - the weakening of chronic inflammation in the nerve roots in the tissues that surround and influence the improvement trophic skeletal muscle, myocardial contractility, improvement central and peripheral hemodynamics. In addition, these mineral baths have a positive impact on improving the transport of energy and plastics, minerals, oxygen and metabolites to evacuate to the outside world. Thus, depending Read more [...]
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24. Union the Carnival

Abe Streep's Bluegrass Bus     Photograph: Courtesy of Abe StreepTo develop a turn bus, as a banding, is to get. Ours was 36 feet foresightful, 16 days old, and brilliant yellow-bellied, a 1987 Bluebird External civilize bus our bluegrass isthmus bought for one clam as parting of our kickoff pro get, which came from a carnival. And not good any carnival. This was Carnival Smirkus, a European-style, one-ring getup run by quondam hipsters in northerly Vermont. Thither were six of us, college kids elderly 20 to 21, and our job was to indite and gaming bluegrass for 82 Barbarian West–themed Read more [...]
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Prevention of intervertebral osteochondrosis-1

With the defeat of the intercostal nerves is reduced respiratory function, there are stabbing or squeezing pain in the course of these nerves. In addition, the process of having radicular disorders of various kinds of sensitivity (pain, temperature, tactile), the patient has a feeling of pins and needles, numbness in certain areas of the skin, impaired motor activity to decrease disability. Therefore, primary prevention should be applied systematically. Unfortunately, not all patients are the doctor's recommendations carefully. Pledging to pursue the morning and working in gymnastics, tonic Read more [...]
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Prevention of intervertebral osteochondrosis

The mechanism of development of degenerative process in the intervertebral osteochondrosis is about the same as in the deforming osteoarthritis. The only difference is that dystrophic process occurs primarily in the intervertebral disc, and later in the process involved the intervertebral joints. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that the degenerative changes in one or more disks affect the condition of the nerve roots, and then to the forefront pain, and pain become vegetative color (sweating and violation of various kinds of sensitivity). They become violent, forcing the patient to take a Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental caries part 4

read first The identity of the prevention of dental caries results obtained by different authors, of course, emphasizes the efficiency of complex micronutrients in combination with phosphates and should be regarded as evidence of the need for their more widespread use in the dental practice. Our experimental observations, clinical studies and recent literature data strongly suggest that the trace elements are added to the diet, especially in combination with other drugs protivokarioznye, contribute to reduce rates of tooth decay, strengthen enamel mineral structure, that is, eliminate the so-called Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental caries part 3

read first The data show that the earlier preventive measures were initiated (from 7 - 8 years), the rates of caries in the years to follow were smaller. Note, however, that in contrast to the action of fluoride has an effect only within the early childhood, used complex protivokarioznyh drugs was effective in the later periods (12-13 years). Clinical observations have shown that as a result of preventive measures to significantly reduce clinical work on dental health in a boarding school № 5. So, if in the first year of observation of the number of children receiving preventive supplements Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental caries part 2

read first While preventive measures studied not only protivokarioznoe effects of drugs, but their effect on the body as a whole. Overall health was assessed on the basis of individual medical records of each child by vykipirovki of an illness, and physical development of data (height, weight, etc.), and then compared with those of a control group of children. Analysis of the results was performed for prevention 4 - 5 years, as in the subsequent migration of children from the selection of comparable groups difficult. However, this period is sufficient for reliable conclusions about the effectiveness Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental caries

Based on our experimental data, VA Koshovskaya applied vitamins B1 and B6, and glycerophosphate calcium for preventing dental caries in preschool children. To do this, appointed three kindergartens. One group of children were given 0.5 grams of calcium glycerophosphate and vitamin B1 0.002 g per child per day for one month. The second group of children were given 0.5 grams of calcium glycerophosphate and vitamin B6 0.005 g per child per day for one month every six months. The third group served as a control. Doses of these drugs are selected in accordance with the daily curative dose approved Read more [...]
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Prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

Prevention of pressure sores - The right care: change position of the patient, if not contraindicated (eg, myocardial infarction, vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord paralysis), placing the patient on a special antiacarian or even a mattress, covered with tight, wrinkle-free, the sheets. Seams of underwear should not be placed on the ground, where formation of bedsores. Under the sacrum and coccyx enclose a circle or a rubber boat, covered with a sheet or placed in a bag. The terms have to inflate so that when moderate pressure on his arm felt the object on which it lies. Under the Read more [...]
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23. Strike a Articulate

It’ll spliff if it serves a intent. That’s why "Lecture to the paw" is hush with us. Living it concise, crinkle, and surrounding. Don’t mire on the livery.
Examples: (1) You’re a mount biker or skier and your issues are sombreness and refuge. You mightiness rhytidectomy a professorial fingerbreadth and jaw, "Remain low, go slacken." (2) You’re magniloquent and cut but wishing multitude to acknowledge you’re yob. Bang Gangling BUT Butch on a T-shirt—and bear it cosy.

Making fire and cooking

Fire needs to warm, dry clothing, signaling, cooking and boiling water disinfection. The chances of survival increase or decrease depending on whether you will be able to build a fire, when it is required. To start a fire, you need at least three major components: labor, firewood, and fuels. Bonfire to raise skill, there are many different ways of kindling fire. Often little heat from the fire, but a lot of smoke. Fireplace must give a lot of heat and not be visible from a distance. About the ability of plant fires good writer said E.Seton Thompson in his book "Rolf in the Woods": Read more [...]
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Prevention of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease according to mass surveys conducted in our country as well as in Europe, South and North America, are found in 30 - 40% of the population aged over 40 years. Pathological processes in the mucosa somewhat less common (3 - 5%), but they are closely related to the general state of the organism and are often a manifestation of the underlying disease. Prevention of periodontal disease The significance of this problem is quite a common disease, which is associated with the loss of a large number of teeth in this type of pathology dentition. Loosening and tooth loss is the result Read more [...]
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37. Cruise Crossways an Sea

    Exposure: CorbisArrive the Peaceable. From May to September, it's windward clear from California to Hawaii. It'll get heater every day, phosphorescent plankton leave clear the trilled seas at nighttime, and the hula-hula medicine keeps acquiring louder on the tuner. Earlier you cash the household to buy your own sauceboat, accompany around pros. Connection a bunch isn't easy—it's every bluejacket's daydream trip—but J Earth Gliding Shoal offers capable six floater a twelvemonth for either the Transpac (L.A.–Hawaii) or the Peaceable Cup (San Francisco–Hawaii) on a Santa Read more [...]
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Prevention of diseases of the digestive system-1

And professional life of any person, regardless of his profession is not possible without the proper functioning of the digestive system. This is essentially the second after the gas exchange link, establishing a close relationship between the outer to the inner world of the body and provides it running. Without constant power delivery and plastic materials, vitamins and minerals, water and mineral salts in the internal environment of the body metabolic rate can not be achieved and, therefore, can not be a human life. True, if under the influence of gas exchange disorders, especially sudden cessation Read more [...]
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Prevention of diseases of the digestive system

These glands are provided with a large number of blood and lymphatic vessels, lots of nerve plexus, the fibers are able to perceive with countless stimuli and send nerve impulses to the different "levels" of the central nervous system, at the right time different kernels and adaptive systems could be involved in process provide complex regulation of digestion. With the help of gastric juice and enzymes, as well as juice and enzymes other major glands of the digestive system, food is broken down to such particles that are capable of through the wall of the stomach, small and large intestine Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental fluoride

High biological activity has led to the study of trace elements sharing the latest in various physiological and pathological conditions, including the dental caries. Published data suggest that the imbalance of trace elements contributes to the development of experimental dental caries, while the introduction of the diet of individual trace elements leads to reduced disease animal caries. Cereals grown on different soils under different water supply, given unequal caries. Meanwhile, the dietary supplement natural food significantly reduced rates caries. Believe that the trace elements affect Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental disease diet

In modern times, a person consumes a large amount of refined (refined) products. However, it is not completely understood the impact of these substances on the body. Lost in the refining of many useful components (vitamins, minerals, salts, etc.), which have a particularly important influence on the human body. Studies conducted in recent years have shown convincingly that a significant predominance of carbohydrates in the diet is dangerous for health, as increased consumption of sucrose leads to overweight, obesity, dental caries, diabetes, cardio-vascular system. According to the literature, Read more [...]
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Prevention of dental disease vitamins

The biological role of vitamins in the functioning of the body is very high. The value attributed to the vitamins in the metabolic processes in the formation of bone and tooth substance has led to the suggestion that the lack of some of them has a certain connection with the development and frequency of dental caries. Meanwhile, the literature data on the subject are few and very contradictory. Some researchers attach great importance to the vitamins in the prevention caries, others deny their preventive effect. The largest number of studies devoted to the discussion of preventive role of B Read more [...]
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Lanyard and samozaderzhanie

Preparing for the self is to conduct a number of activities to test their readiness to overcome the obstacles. These include checking personal equipment (availability, quality, testing it in action), check personal flotation devices (for water tourists - an inflatable vest, belts, wheels, for a mountain tourist - avalanche cords, etc.), mental repetition of a plan of their own actions needed to overcome obstacles, to evaluate the options of failing at the obstacle and emergency action to prevent injuries, general mobilization of physical and mental strength to overcome obstacles. Lanyard at overcoming Read more [...]
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Prevention of hypertension-2

During hypertension doctors are three stages and the two phases, which helps them determine the severity of the disease and to select the appropriate physical methods of prevention, as well as complex medical and physical treatment. Of course, that important preventive value becomes a normal way of life, the risk factors, the exclusion of conflict at home and work, restorative methods of hardening. When the initial and the first stage of hypertension range of health care measures aimed at weakening the neurotic reactions, restoring the relationship of cortical excitation and inhibition, as they Read more [...]
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