AE Berman Young Tourist. Do not rush into leaders. Part 42

Do not rush to the headsOne day me an unpleasant incident. After him, I was about to give up thoughts hikes. I then led a group of newcomers to the Caucasus.

The route was quite complex. We descended from the ridge without trails. Gently passed the rock, slowly descended the scree, entered the forest. The slope was steep, densely overgrown with trees and underbrush. In the forest, rocky outcrops — stone cliffs above the hidden bush. We cautiously down the steeply dipping bed of the stream. Sometimes we had to get out of bed, avoiding high levels of waterfalls.

We had to think about accommodation on the slopes, but I have time to go down to the valley. And the valley seemed deceptively close — a common mistake in the mountains and is very dangerous.

In the mountains in the dark, you should not go. The more down. In the dusk, and even earlier to choose the night, no matter how inconvenient slope, no matter how tempting time to pass intended path. Remember that!

I was a terrible mistake made, and subsequent events have evolved dramatically.

I was walking ahead of the group. At one of the sites that I somehow stopped, two tourists, a girl and a guy ahead of me. I hesitate to straighten them back to his place. They were the strongest and most cunning of all the participants. And coming down faster and faster. And I was still slow, focusing on the weakest.

When pulled ahead were twenty meters away, I shouted at them to stop. But very noisy stream, and they probably have not heard.

I decided that, having gone even further ahead, they will see that broke away from the group to stop. But they continued to go away and disappeared behind a bend of the slope. I still believe that they stop and wait. But they did not stop.

Five minutes later, I warned coming for me to go slowly, and he rushed to catch up with the fugitives. I was jumping from ledges, ran under the slope, braking, stopping the fall, clinging to the bushes and trees. I quickly fled, but a five-minute difference is difficult to catch up. I understood this, but continued to run down. I knew that on and on running away from the main group. I cried and pleaded with the two men and tried to catch up with them.

It was dark, but I could not overcome themselves and continued the pursuit. I caught up with them almost in the valley and found that they are alive and well.

Then I ran to the group. In the dark, climbing the hill. Go up is not as dangerous as down. But it was scary to think that now, in the dark without my team goes down, seeing a growing danger. And this new fear did not let me think carefully and find a way.

I hurried up with all his power to stop the group and immediately arrange accommodation, even on the steepest slopes.

I struggled shouted, calling the children and continued to climb. And he could not stay in panic ascent.

Then he ran down. Sometimes fell from unseen cliffs and hung on the bushes, the trees. I climbed down the steep cliffs, jumping in the dark through the raging creek.

Then I thought that maybe while I'm here I climb, they went down well. I suddenly felt an irresistible desire to do that. I did not realize that after a group should light a fire, I would have seen. The fire was not.

Could ignite a bonfire and the other two in the valley. But they were smart enough not to.

And I turn to check and could not resist the desire to get down and check to see whether the group has come to the valley.

My friend, do not rush to get the head!

Being a leader is nice, but it's so hard — to answer for the life of those who confided in you people. Descending into the valley, I found only the bottom two. And the whole team was out there, on the high dark mountain. Now what about them?

I again began to climb. Again searched and could not find them.

This went on all night. And among the members of the group found a courageous, hard man who stopped the group and held her in place. They sat all night on an uncomfortable steep slope, drizzling rain. But one brave man would not let anyone move. And all he had saved.

I said nothing of the fact that some of their fears need not necessarily seek to overcome. But the animal instinct — to run forward in a state of fear — must be attacked with iron perseverance. Even the cat, when chasing her, and sometimes fall to the ground and waiting, looking for where to jump. She's probably too easy to decide to stop.

Train. Even in urban life Train: I heard a car horn — do not allow yourself stupidly shy, look around, try to understand what's what.

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