Enemies and Allies

Penicillin treat lung fever, furunculosis, purulent inflammation of the brain, meninges, sepsis, or blood infection, purulent inflammation of renal pelvis, anthrax, diphtheria, — in short, those caused by staphylococci, streptococci and related microbes and even some not related.
And success, as we have seen, very good, and often — amazing.
But even streptocid and Sulfidine and sulfazol also used in the treatment of the same disease.
Drugs of this kind are common name — sulphonamides. First learned of the sulfamide ten or fifteen years ago. They acted against many bacteria that cause infectious diseases, against the same staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci, and others. They can be treated with all sorts of injuries. And the results were good.
And before the sulphonamides and penicillin with germs that cause infectious disease in humans, fought with vaccines and serums.
Vaccine contains a small amount of dead or weakened germs. It is administered to healthy person, that he did not get sick when infected by living microbes. This is a preliminary, preventive vaccination to prevent disease.
This is how, for example, vaccine Smallpox vaccination with. The body can easily handle dead or weakened germs, and with it he has produced a significant amount of protective substances that can destroy these bacteria when they enter the human body by natural infection.
The serum, which he also used for the injection, there is no dead or weakened germs. But she has the ability to fight germs or their venom — toxin.
This ability has serum the blood of people and animals who have had artificial, that is, to give them, the disease or naturally occurring disease and recovered. They take and serum.
This is the role, for example, diphtheria serum or tetanus or measles.
Vaccines and serums also rescuing and saving many lives.
What is different from penicillin sulphonamides, vaccines and serums? Only the best results of treatment?
No, not only. Of course, compared with vaccines and serums with penicillin has great advantages.
Each vaccine and serum effective only against one of its agent. Vaccine Smallpox, for example, is not a cure for dysentery and rabies. Typhoid vaccine does not work against cholera, or inflammation of the lungs, or typhus. Antidiphtheritic serum powerless against scarlet fever or any other disease.
Penicillin is effective against many infectious diseases caused by specific, sometimes not even related groups of microbes. This, of course, a huge advantage over vaccines and serums.
Have the advantages of penicillin and sulphonamides before, although streptocid and Sulfidine and sulfazol heal than one or two of the disease, and more of them. And in many cases — very soon. Sometimes — amazingly fast.
Penicillin harmless, whereas sulfonamides are not indifferent to the body. They irritate the intestines and kidneys. At increased ingestion of sulfonamides should take care not to get into trouble on their side, as they say in these cases, action. Penicillin as such action is not.
But penicillin attracted extraordinary attention of scientists, not only those with their qualities and virtues. In penicillin is one feature that sharply distinguishes it from all the drugs and medicines, and does exist.
Penicillin — A substance extracted from the mold of a living organism.
Microbes trapped in a human body and cause disease, kills germs, which are their enemies.
Microbes — germs are destroyed enemies of man — human allies.
Substances produced by living organisms and some killing other living organisms are called bio-preservatives or "antibiotics."
As you can see, it's not like any streptocid nor Sulfidine and sulfazol.
Sulfonamides — product chemistry. Nothing to do with living matter, they do not have.
It does not seem as for vaccines and serums.
Penicillin fungus destroys microbes himself, his direct influence. It is a remedy of a very special character.
Before the doctor provides an interesting challenge — to use in the health of people fighting microbes with each other to find new antibiotics, new allies man.
Already found antibiotic — streptomycin, which greatly increased the possibility of controlling some forms of tuberculosis. Received and other antibiotics.
Opens a new chapter in the book of healing curative medicine.

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