How to catch cancer?

In Russia crabs ancient times were and remain to this day one of the most delicious dishes. Buy — expensive. Here's how to catch them yourself?

My regular readers will not miss a couple of previous articles on this subject, which I described in detail where and how they live crayfish, and told a rather exotic way to catch them. Today we will focus on more traditional methods of production delicacy, namely arms and rachevney dragnet.

About time, suitable for hunting crabs. Start optimally catch crabs need a watch from ten in the evening and continue up to three hours of the night. It's just that period of time when crabs leave their shelter to get their food. Sometimes, though, on some waters and crayfish hunting early in the morning, but I have seen it all in a couple of places before dawn. Suitable for hand fishing and day, but more on that later.Where and how to catch crabs hands. Catching his hands — a rather primitive way of hunting for crabs. It appeared likely before others, for which he jokingly referred to as "old-fashioned." For a start will have to enter the water at the place where you intend to hunt. If you are trying to catch the afternoon, you will need to slowly and carefully walk on the shelf, where the depth of no more than five feet, and see the bottom, felt hands on river soil. In the evening, you can catch the touch, but you can cover the bottom of the lantern. Must examine the pitfalls and snags, look under the trunks of trees that are in the water.

If notice of cancer, then it should try to grasp very quickly, otherwise this sneak on you run off. Crayfish, contrary to popular view, can move very briskly during his hunting or at the approach of danger. Happy crabs usually sit in holes, sticking out of them, only their claws. What you will feel its burrow, cancer will certainly perceive as an attack. Of course, in self-defense, he tries to grab you claws. Old crayfish capture not as painful as young, but they both grab the fingers and not once they are released. Once the cancer is caught hold, pull it out, it's yours.

About the young. They have pretty sharp teeth on the claws, so it is possible that they may bite your finger to draw blood. But it is only used to it, then you can already get the hand and prevent such incidents.

How does rachevnya and how to catch them. Rachevni are different in design, but catching them is much more effective than catching hand. Structurally rachevnya masters by taking the thick steel rod or wire, it is done out of the rim diameter of about half a meter. Attached to the rim Nylon net with fine mesh, so as to obtain something like a small dip net. The rim of this design are attached three or four of the same length of nylon cord, fit and thick wood. Whose length is less than half a meter and one meter. They are mounted on a rim at equal distance from one another, and then the free ends are connected to a single node. Towards a single node attached nylon cord thicker.

If such rachevney catch from the shore, then you also need to prepare a long stick, one end of which is tapered, and the second to tie nylon cord tackle. When fishing from a boat end of the power in your hands. The principle of not catching conceals any super complex intricacies. In mesh stretched over the rim and put the bait sink to the bottom rachevnya river. After some time (ten to fifteen minutes) rachevnya rises from the water. This should be done quickly to catch crabs do not have time to escape from the network. When fishing from a boat can be applied multiple Rachev, they need to place in a few places, and then periodically checked. It is true, then we need to finish this construction is rachevni. To do this, the cord must be attached to a large and active, but fixed by the float.

Dragnet fishing. Dragnet — this is such a large network with a small cell. Usually, dragnet fishing requires the presence of at least two people. Better to catch three. Two "sniffing" dragnet bottom, and the third party hunting "playing to" shore flashlight and helps to quickly extract production from tackles. The duties of the third part, and supervised already caught crayfish.

Small trick rakolovov. In order to increase the catch of crabs at night on the bank of a fire or multiple fires. Strange, but crabs are born, from which to catch them easier. When fishing from a boat, you can use a flashlight.

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