Preparation of separate dishes for children 1 year of age-2

Carrot juice. Carrot (better karotel) wash brush, brush, rinse with boiling water, grate and squeeze the juice through a manual juicer or a sterile gauze, twist it. If not sweet carrots, add a little sugar syrup.
Juice from cabbage. Cabbage thoroughly wash, peel, remove the stalks and chop finely, pour over boiling water, a little salt, and by pressing a stainless steel spoon, crush, then add to a sterile gauze or a juicer and squeeze the juice.
Puree of apples, pears. Ripe apples, pears, without stains, rinse under running water, pour over boiling water, remove the skin as thin as possible, grate.
Mashed cherries, plums. Cherry, plum away, wash under running water, pour over boiling water, remove the seeds, carefully wipe the stainless steel spoon through a sieve or colander, separating the peel. If the fruit tart, you can add puree in a bit of sugar syrup.
Mashed carrots. Carrot wash brush, clean, cut into pieces, put in a saucepan, cover with boiling water up to the level of carrots, tightly close the lid, put on a little heat and simmer until tender and full boiling water. Hot carrots rub through a sieve, add the warmed milk, salt solution and boil for 2-3 minutes. In the finished sauce add the vegetable oil.
Layout on the 100 g carrots, 100 g milk — 25 ml, 25% solution of sodium chloride-1, 5 ml vegetable oil — 3 PM
Mashed potatoes. Wash the potatoes, peel and boil in a little water or steamed. Then, in the hot through a sieve or colander with continuous whipping add hot milk (boiled) and a solution of sodium chloride. In ready add the vegetable puree oil.
Layout for 100 g potatoes — 100 g milk — 40 ml, 25% solution of sodium chloride, 1.5 ml vegetable oil — 3 PM
Puree of different vegetables. Vegetable brush to wash, peel, chop, put in a pot, which poured water, a layer of 2-3 cm, cover and simmer over low heat. We must at all times ensure that the bottom of the pan was water and stewed vegetables steam. Bring the vegetables until soft, add the coarsely chopped peeled potatoes and continue to simmer until cooked all the vegetables. Cook the vegetables in hot form through a sieve or colander, add the hot milk, salt solution, beat well, put on the heat and bring to a boil. In the finished sauce add the vegetable oil.
Layout on the 100 g vegetables, other (carrots, cabbage, rutabaga, turnips) — 30 g, potatoes — 20 g, 25% solution of sodium chloride — 1.5 g, 25 ml milk, and vegetable oil — 3 PM
Flour porridge (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice) 5% probability. In boiling water, stirring continuously pour diluted in cold water flour and bring to a boil and cook, with vigorous stirring, for 3-4 minutes. Then add the hot milk, mix well and bring to boil. In the finished porridge add sugar syrup and butter.
Layout on the 100 g milk — 50 ml water — 50 ml flour — 5 g sugar syrup — 3 ml butter — 1-2 g
Semolina porridge 5% probability. In boiling water trickle pour semolina and cook stirring continuously over a low heat for 15-20 minutes. Then pour the warmed raw milk, Add sugar syrup and bring to a boil. In the finished porridge add butter oil.
Layout on the 100 g milk — 50 ml water — 50 ml, semolina — 5 grams of sugar syrup — 3 ml butter — 1-2 g
Kashi 10%. Take 2 times less water, 2 times more grains (flour), 1 ml of 25% sodium chloride solution. Technology of preparation is the same for the 5% cereals.

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