Psychiatric aspects of child and adolescent issues and psychoprophylaxis-1

With all the variety of reactions that underlie the behavior problems are very often observed in children and adolescents, they can be reduced to four types: the failure of the reaction, the opposition, simulation and compensation.
Reaction failure occurs in conditions that violate the emotional relationship of the child or young person in custody for something: a family room due to the orphanage, one of the parents to their divorce, peers after moving to a new residence. Celebrated refusal of food, contacts, games, etc.
The reaction of the opposition is caused by excessive load or deprivation of the former teen attention when a family of a sibling, in connection with the marriage of the mother and other causes. Motive for committing suicidal acts, running away from home, misbehavior is the desire to attract attention, to show himself as a victim of the situation created by others, cruel people.
Reaction manifested imitation imitation or image of another person — A film teacher, a peer. Reaction simulation can cause violations of social norms, if the object will follow the antisocial personality. Negative reaction simulation expressed a desire to act contrary to some pattern: the son emphasized sobriety drunks, denial of material goods for the boy or teenager which grew in a family grabbers. As part of the negative reaction may occur simulate reaction emancipation — teen fight for their rights and independence.
Reaction compensation aimed at filling some drawbacks: physically weak teen seeking recognition of their peers by increasing mental activities, is an excellent student, hitting his encyclopedic knowledge.
Overcompensation reaction manifested persistent employment and the results of it in the area in which teen shows weakness. Apart from these general and for children and for adolescents reactions emit forms of reaction, specific to adolescence: the emancipation of the reaction, the reaction peer group, the reaction hobbies (hobby-reaction), reactions due to the emerging sexual desire. The response of emancipation mentioned above.
Reaction peer group to some extent determined by instinct, it is expressed in the formation of teenage groups with their leaders, certain roles within the group, its territory. The vast majority of crimes committed by teenagers in the group. The reaction of the same hobbies typical of adolescence, as games for children. There are many different options for hobbies (hobby): gambling, hobbies, with the desire for hoarding, for leadership, intellectual and aesthetic, etc. Violations of conduct hobby leads in cases where it absorbs all the attention teenager contrasted learning and work, or on its content is absurd, strange character, connected with the violation of social norms.
Reactions due to the emerging sexual drive or directly aimed at the realization of sexual arousal (masturbation, homosexuality, transient, etc.), or to display a deep-seated sexual motives (suicide attempts and acts of aggression). Adolescent sexuality undifferentiated, appears under the influence of a variety of stimuli, unstable, very vulnerable and easily acquire pathological features.

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