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It happens that the sunken part of the line above the float clinging grass, twigs, roots and prevents hooking fish. To avoid this, a scaffold should be greased by the end of the rod to the float.

Fishing line wound around the motoviltse rod, to protect against accidental outburst during transport attach rubber band widths up to 1 cm, cut from child dummies (pacifiers). In this moleno and insert the hook under the gum.

The hook is not tupilsya, after catching his sting should wear vinyl chloride segment isolated from the mounting end provoda.Tonky bamboo rods for added strength should soak hot natural linseed oil, wrap a continuous spiral of thin nylon or silk thread, dry and covered with a solution of glue BF- 2 in acetone (1: 1).

To ensure that during the casting spinners not caught on the ring should be put on the shank tee nipple gum line segment length of 1.5 cm, and then, after hanging up the tee, move part of gum on the clasp. As little as possible soak bamboo rods, or they quickly cracked.

Connecting tubes for easy connection and fast disassembly usually rubbed tallow, wax, dry soap, gun oil or lard. After the end of the rod must be dry season, connecting tubes to clean, rub and store in a cool place, preferably in a limbo, because leaning against the wall of the rod can warp.

Hooks can not stick to the rod — they can blunt. To do this on the rod should wear rubber band.

Rubber rings of different widths for different needs can be cut out of an old bike camera.

If the hook comes through the rust, they should stick to soap: after a while the rust will be gone.

Hooks will not rust, if the box does not fill a lot of starch, and you can take a piece of foam, soak it with machine oil, squeeze and lock in a box. Among the necessary fishing tools nadfilek desirable for sharpening hooks, or no sandpaper, or, at least, match boxes, which can be corrected float stinger hook.

Hooks are best stored in a jar with a screw lid and a magnet. The magnet will keep them from spilling, and even the fishermen say that the fish is magnetized hooks much better.

Along with good hooks and keep sewing needle to clean the holes in the jig and sinker.

When replaced with a hook on the float rod fishing tackle typically increases the number of bites, but requires more rapid cutting.

In inclement weather, the fish hides in the depths, and in fine days out in the shallows.

WARNING! Bait can be taken only by hand or wet cloth. It should stick in a bucket of water in which the live bait was sitting. Experienced anglers use bait sometimes a piece of turf, which is somewhat above the drop gear, if necessary, in the turf can put some earthworms.

Udilnik winter and fishing tackle can sometimes be used on the summer fishing to catch fish at the bottom or in the middle layers of the water, so you can catch a boat, raft, pier, jetty, etc.

WARNING! Fisherman must know the weather signs in which a good chance of biting fish in open water. Weather clear, cloudless, malovetrenaya, quiet and cool night, day temperature in spring 16-20, 25-30 in the summer, in the fall of 10-15 degrees, the wind appears after sunrise, slightly enhanced by noon and in the evening fades, heavy dew at night, which disappears in the morning, in the morning and in the lowlands of the water mist, which disappears after sunrise in autumn — quiet, cloudy days with no rain, but with the haze.

WARNING! First ice is very dangerous, you can walk on it only when the thickness is not less than 4-5 cm

REMEMBER! If ice milk or white, its durability is two times less than transparent, and it breaks with no crackles. If the ice cracks visible ring, then it is dangerous to walk, he can break through the at any time. 4-5 cm thick ice can withstand only one person, a group of 5-8 people can withstand ice thickness of at least 12-13 cm on the first ice should tread very carefully, you can not go out in the shallows, areas covered with snow, closer to the reed-beds or snags (trees), lying in the water.

Where the movement of the ice field, you can hear the ice cracked front, keeping your feet from the surface, gently start to move backward or forward (depending on the thickness of the ice, and reliability). You can not go to each other and at a short distance, you should be a distance of a few meters when moving in single file. The snow-covered ice should move with twice the attention, not to fall into wormwood. Better go back to the shore by the old-fashioned. Particularly dangerous place, if possible, mark milestones or other identifying marks.

REMEMBER! Out on the ice, hang a backpack on one shoulder strap to a fall in the water it can be easily released.

If you find yourself in the water, do not try to get out on the ice with his hands only, not pull over the edge of the ice, because it will break. It is necessary to make the ice first one and then the other leg and then crawl away from danger point. But the main thing — do not go out on the first ice alone.

Fish bite stops in any season with the abrupt change of weather.

One of the prerequisites for successful fishing — the quietest during the approach to the place of fishing on the shore and in the water, and appropriate masking, particularly clothes — camouflage, bright jackets, shirts, caps scare the fish, it can very well see and distinguish color.

The best float — wood apple and black poplars, wooden float can overwhelm even the wind, without using a sinker.

Twisted twine easily spread if detach spinner and then dissolve the fishing line from the reel in the water or along the river boats.

Moth can pan for there on the shore, in a bag of coarse gauze put a piece of fish or meat, and lower the weight on the muddy bottom of the pond. A few hours later to get a bag, it is bound to be a few dozen of the larvae.

If the grid podsachika attach the goods, cloth, being dry, will not emerge.

By lying on the bottom of the rocks, driftwood, hiding in the thick vegetation of the larvae of dragonflies, leeches, caddis flies and other aquatic insects and larvae — good bait for catching the most fish.

Spring fishing with spinning on the small rivers has its own characteristics: no long spoon fished the same pool or creek, spring pike often kept in shallow water, made a couple of shots — no bite, go to another place; trolling thrown 20-25 meters not finding the pike, do not do more long casts, trolling to keep vpolvody, in small rivers is better to use light spinners average size.

WARNING! Novice fishermen should remember the following tips.

  • Do not sit in the early spring on bare ground — it has not been heated, and therefore can be greatly chill important organs.
  • Be careful when approaching the steep bank, as it may be a substitution of water and suddenly collapse.
  • You can not catch fish, long standing knee-deep in water, it can serve to further the cause of severe vascular disease legs.
  • Do not catch a spinning, standing up in the boat.
  • In hot sunny weather, not fish without a hat.

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