Wasp lustrer

Hot summer day. In a log house wall fly various wild bees and wasps. Older logs are covered with different-sized holes in wood progryzennymi larvae beetles, jewel beetles, borers — almost ready for single mink Hymenoptera.

Here bee approaches the circular hole, hiding in her for a few seconds, and then crawls flies for pollen and nectar. Labor is hard, there is no time to rest: in contrast to the public bee is all alone takes care of the premises, the larvae feed, protection of offspring from enemies.

But what is it? A few minutes ago, I saw out of this hole flew bee, and now there is another show someone's emerald-green head. It wasp lustrer, or in Latin hrizida — beautiful insects of the Hymenoptera. But what it does in another nest?

Lustrer managed in the absence of his mistress to slip into someone else's egg cell, neither give nor take a cuckoo lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. Hrizid habits, parasites in the nests of solitary wasps, in the book of the famous French entomologist Jean Henri Fabre "Life of Insects" (M., Uchpedgiz, 1963). Thin observation lustrer held in our country entomologist SI Malyshev.

I'm waiting lustrer come out of someone else's nest, committing evil. Seizing the moment, grab a felon at the exit. With fright she rolls up into a tight ball (on the abdomen of her seizure, where wobbly head) and seems dead. If the precious stone lies on my palm — crafty lustrer beautifully painted. Incrustation of emerald green and sparkling blue metallic color completely littered with deep round pits. Abdomen hrizidy smoother and often streaked with ruby-red, gold or purple color. Some species, painted a far more complex and subtle. Words can not describe it, but when one considers the OSU-lustrer a microscope or magnifying glass help thinking: why she is a luxury. I do not order you to shine your outfit dazzle their distant relatives, humble-bees working women, so here is their cheat with impunity? Probably the reason is — everything in nature is appropriate. Themselves in the beauty of insects do not know any, but sheen lustrer has, apparently, a definite purpose. But what — so far a mystery.

I sketch a lot of interesting and beautiful Hymenoptera: wasps and yellow, and slender riders and big furry bumblebees and tiny gall wasps, but the best decoration of the "gallery" are all the same robber-lustrer. And very much that these small carriers of beauty (beauty of the unique and exciting) lived on this planet forever.

Write golden wasps hrizid colors very difficult to paint a clearly lacks strength. While color purity should always combine with scrupulous study of all dimples to cover, without which lost half charms. The small details, shown in detail in a picture or color images, jammed overall pure color. Tried using fluorescent (reflective) paints — the ones which are now painted river buoys, some signals and are used in bright advertisements. Reflections become more calls, but still get something wrong. In short, the wasplustrer for me so far beyond the reach of the summit.

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