Hunting.  BowOnions.

In an emergency kit can include lace, suitable for The applied as a bowstring, and a few arrowheads. Bowstring has sufficient strength to withstand the weight if the archer.

Methods of making tips:

— From the metal rod (eg, nail with sawed head), flattened on the end — of a strip of sheet metal, bent along a slight angle — for stiffness — from thick strips of metal — metal pipe, part of which is flattened and cut away.

Need for making a bow branch or trunk young de.peva measuring about growth archer and a diameter of about 2.5 cm in the middle. Temperate zone of the trees best suited for the bow ash. In the small part of the workpiece is desirable to leave a limb for which will cling to the bowstring. Strip off the bark does not follow that the wood dries slowly and do not crack. For the same purpose should be stored in the bow is not too dry or wet.

Bowstring unused onions should be lowered. Arrows are made from the lower shoots of bushes. These shoots are protected from the wind, but the lack of light, so pulled straight up and sometimes very smooth. For attachment to the boom tip of a metal rod, you can use a metal or plastic tube inner diameter equal to the diameter arrows. The tip can also primatyvat to the boom side thread. Technologically it is easier, and flight performance deteriorated slightly.

Boom with a heavy tip, do not turn sideways in the air, even without fins. Perfectly flat boom will not work. Need to identify the characteristics of each boom and adapt. For hunting it takes a few arrows. To make it easier to find arrows, you can paint them red or orange juice berries.

When firing a bow can be held vertically or horizontally. Lack of horizontal hold — leaving aside arrows, lack of horizontal — the difficulty of shooting from the undergrowth. Depending on the size and hardness of the bow, the string is pulled to either the eye or the ear. Bowstring pulled middle and index fingers. With regular use of the bow on these fingers are formed corresponding toes.

When hunting with a bow is very important to the ability to creep. For masking can cling to clothes the grass and branches partially obscure the face with soot. Mammals typically nearsighted, but have good sense of smell and hearing. Birds, on the contrary, they see very well, and they have a weak sense of smell. To publish at least a strong odor, it is necessary to sweat less and be in clean clothes. To determine the wind direction, it is necessary to have with you a little bit down (for example, from dandelions).


Other cool range weapons (javelin, bola, slingshot, boomerang) is even less effective than the bow. Dart flies too slowly, bola and sling need to unwind, and it takes time and space around, that is not suitable for use out of the undergrowth. Bola — throwing weapons as two cargo weighing 50-100 g, the cable connection length of 1-1.5 m (can be three cargo cable connection converging at one point).

Hunter spins overhead loads on the cable, then let him go. Ball strikes or ensnares its victim. Thus, it is rather a weapon steppe mounted hunters than Robinson. As for the boomerang, it can be made only in advance, but the emergency kit is not suitable, because it is too large and the weight and size.


Have a few knives, stored in different locations. Left with substantiated one on one, ppezhde all voopuzhites. Make a mace — a club, a thickening on udapnom end; better with knots, eccentricity will dig into the body zheptvy. Make a spear — povny sharpened stake up metpa two. Thus, you will have three particular tier obopony: Spear — Mace — knife.

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