Without a shadow

One day in early childhood, I read about a man who disappeared a shadow. This tale struck my fancy, and then I warily glanced at his shadow — Intact if not behind it from where I was. But the shadow was behaving as it should, is not following me through the fields and roads dark silhouette with a net sticking out the side, becoming the end of the day, when sun bow down to a close, surprisingly lanky. Even sometimes prevented him from working, when accidentally falls on insect, which is going to take a net, it immediately gets scared and fly away. We have to always remember their shadows come from the side opposite to the sun.

However, there was a creature in the world, the shadow of which may actually disappear.

I'm tagging along as well with a net on the dry burnt North Kazakhstan steppes. Bald patches saline dwarf shrubs interspersed gray sagebrush. Insects were few, only rare zheltushka hurry to fly over to the dull bluish salines away forest.

Suddenly flashed in front of me rather large grayish butterfly. I swung the net, but missed. Another swing, and again by: land gray butterfly on her badly noticeable but not flying straight and zigzag flashes. And suddenly falls to the saline, immediately raises the wings, put them together, and freezes, merging with the background: on the wings of a gray-white intricate pattern, just the color of the earth — a disguise in many insects is common. But the most interesting part of the village as it had to, and along the solar beam. If sat sideways to the sun, the wings would have given broad subtle shadow, and the shadow was only a very thin dash.

Flushes out the butterfly — it is not flying away, sits a few steps, hoping for his remarkable disguise. Do not sit on the grass because, chooses a light gray from the salt bald patches. Again guided by the sun — only along the line! Shadows are not noticeable not only from the wings, but also from the body butterfly clung tightly to the ground. Wings also are closed together again, sticking up, but the sun shines on their edge moving flashlight, drew a vein, a weak bulge — it seems that just lumps of earth flicker in the sun and butterflies if not, for even a shadow of her sight.

Along the solar beam butterfly tries to sit at once, this is not always it turns out: sit nearly so sun light up the side of the wing, and on earth visible treacherous shadow. Butterfly immediately tries to navigate: a little left turn, right, again, is quite a bit to the left and, taking aim, like the sun, dies — invisible, as if transparent. Take a moment to look to the side — you will not find more butterfly.

It belongs to the family of barhatnits, called in Latin Satirus avtonoe and nothing special stands out among its pestrokrylyh "neighbors" in the family.

There are other insects that hide their shadow, trying to become less noticeable — they lie prone on the ground, hugging her tightly. But from all I have seen this butterfly insect only, not dropping their broad wings, managed to stay without a shadow.

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