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Last Like: A Osculate From a Camelopard

This level is NSFW, but for a dissimilar grounds than common: You leave explosion into crying ahead of your coworkers and deliver to go plate for the day. Are you quick? Are you lone?Mario, a 54-year-old sustenance doer at Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo in Holland, is woe from last cancer. His death wishing was to say cheerio to the animals. With the avail of a charity establishment called the Ambulance Bid Creation, Mario was wheeled into the camelopard’s habitat—the billet he cleaned every day for his total vocation—and one of the animals, near wittingly, gave Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis in children

In addition to the definition of live birth, bone age, and X-ray diagnosis is widely used for the diagnosis of various diseases of childhood. The clinic x-ray diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory system makes it possible to determine the presence of changes in lung aphonic pneumonia, to identify the nature of the defeat of the alveolar, interstitial, mixed pneumonia), the length of the process (focal, segmental, equity, total), complications (atelectasis, abscess, pleurisy, bronchiectasis ), the dynamics of the process. In conjunction with other methods of diagnosis x-ray diagnosis suggests Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of bone in anemia

In congenital forms of hemolytic anemia (sharovidnokletochnaya, erythroblastic, sickle cell, fetal erythroblastosis) in the skeleton of patients show the expansion of bone marrow cavity, thinning of the cortex and the formation of coarse network structure. Extremely characteristic of these forms of anemia changes in the vault of the skull in the form of extension diploic space with thinning of the outer plate. When erythroblastic and less sickle A., unlike sharovidnokletochnoy, reveals a set of transverse striations - a symptom of "hedgehog." Changes in the bones are more pronounced Read more [...]
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P. intermedius

- Why did the flowers in the sanctuary all summer crawl only some wingless grasshopper larvae? - I asked Leonid student Omsk Agricultural Institute, passing along with other kids practice "entomoparke." - When, finally, they become adults grasshoppers? After all, it is soon to fall, and they have wings and are not shown. Besides, I noticed that the larvae of these - all with the rudiments of ovipositor, then the larvae of females. Why is that? Leonid done: Supervisory guy! Observant and industrious: ready to sit for hours at shmelinyh nests, watching and recording every detail, willingly Read more [...]
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Spine X-Ray

X-rays of the spine is shown in all cases of suspected its primary or secondary changes. All are used in X-ray projection of the spine can be divided into primary and secondary. The main projections for all departments are AP and lateral, options for the cervical spine (fig. 27) - projection rotated by 15-20 ° (in this case clearly the articular processes of the cervical vertebrae and the bow) and radiographs of Atlanto-occipital area in the direct projection through an open mouth. For the thoracic to clarify the status of the joints is very suitable polubokovaya projection when you turn on Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of pneumothorax

In a closed pneumothorax amount of air in the pleural cavity is small. Reliable sign of private GP is asleep, fluctuations in light of time breathing (increased inspiratory and expiratory decrease). Mediastinum in time breath moves in a healthy way. There is a rapid and profound reduction of the heart. Mobility of the diaphragm in breathing reduced. In the open air in an open pneumothorax cavity more and more significant degree of atelectasis. Mediastinum in time breath moves in a healthy way, and in the time expiration is reset. In time Slept breathing lung does not change the volume. Aperture Read more [...]
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You Can Contract It with You

    Photograph: Chris BartlettReturn THE Weighting OFF our pickax of the finest in shellproof backpacks from The Northwards Cheek, Arc'Teryx, Lafuma, Marmot, Osprey, Gregory, Kelty, Lowe Alpine, and Dana Figure. Interior: The coolest backcountry toys and amusive accessories by Colorado Boomerangs, iBocce.com, Wham-O, A.A. Knopf, and the Humankind Footbag Connection.Packing HAS hauled itself into the new millenary rather nicely, thank you, so let's try to put the retentiveness of years worn-out diaphoresis nether cumbersome external-frame packs or—worsened—supportless Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of fractures

X-ray examination is an important and necessary part of a clinical trial at any traumatic injuries of the osteoarticular system. Unacceptable, particularly in doubtful or questionable cases of suspected fracture on the basis of clinical data alone deny P. methodically correct and focused x-ray allows the necessary reliability to establish the location and extent of AP, AP view, determine the number of fragments and the nature of their displacement, install extra-articular or intra-articular nature of IP, and the presence or absence of dislocations and subluxations, complicating for P. In some Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of osteomyelitis

The study is usually carried mnogoproektsionnoy radiography, with massive osteosclerosis and hyperostosis - by hard radiation overexposure, a narrow aperture and filter lattice are also used in steps tomography scans up to 0.5 cm, with fistulas used fistulography. X-ray semiotics osteomyelitis determined by the rate of flow and the phase of the disease. Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis in the first days of the disease manifested on radiographs thickening and loss of sharpness of the outlines of the deep layers of soft tissue enveloping bone at the primary site of osteomyelitis, which is a reflection Read more [...]
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Knobbly Fires

Sunbaked ground: One of 11 luxuriousness homes burned-out in the retiring two geezerhood goes up in gage, December 2000.     Exposure: Headwaiter Darrel WisemanHigh-pitched Supra downtown Phoenix, Doug Thompson and Brian Perkins are out lacing approximately Sunday-afternoon singletrack. The two riders pass their hatful bikes concluded the top of a rooftree, dame a twist cluttered with beat—and freeze up against an orangeness wall crocked with signs that menace, "Do Not Insert," "Individual Commonwealth," and "No Encroaching." It's thwarting. Read more [...]
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Myositis ossificans radiodiagnosis

X-ray picture of myositis ossificans progressive multiple highly characteristic: shadows korallopodobnoy irregular in shape, with a bridge in the muscles of the back, neck, and extremities (Figure 3). Progression of ossification of the muscles increases. X-ray picture of traumatic myositis ossificans in most cases display a shadow of irregular shape with indistinct outlines. Initially shadow low intensity, cloud-like (Fig. 4), but over time, compacted and then it is often different bone structure (Fig. 2). Sometimes there is a decorated shadow muscle bundle, muscle (Fig. 5). Shadow of ossification Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of lung tumors

Adenoma of the bronchus radiologically manifested symptoms of bronchial obstruction (atelectasis, pneumonia). Characteristic CT and bronhograficheskaya picture: all clearly outlined in a large filling defect or bronchus stump him with sharp concave contours. With the simultaneous rise of the peribronchial tomograms can be identified peribronchial poluokruglaya shadow tumor. Rarely observed peripheral bronchial adenomas appear as circular, rather well-defined shadows. Hamartoma radiographically appears as a round, fairly well-defined shadows, often with polycyclic contours at about the third Read more [...]
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Fireplace in the campaign and expedition. Cooking

Devices for hanging utensils One of the main functions of a fire in a campaign or expedition - cooking. Most of the food is cooked in special boilers. Hang the boiler on a fire can be a variety of ways. The classic way to hang a boiler - hang it on a long stick, bent over the fire. Hang together 2 or more pot can be hammered into the ground on either side of the fire two spears that are necessary to put the crossmember, previously threaded through bow boilers. This method is not very useful, as it is necessary to cut down spears and cross to score spears. In addition, to remove the pot from Read more [...]
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X-ray diagnosis of metastases of malignant tumors

When X-ray can detect metastases in various organs and systems, or direct determination of metastatic tumors, either through its indirect signs. Most easily detect metastases in the lungs and skeletal system. Lung X-ray fluoroscopy and bone without additional research methods in many cases, can detect metastatic nodes. With the localization of AM in the mediastinum, retroperitoneum, liver, etc. often need to resort to additional methods (пневмомедиастинотомография, пневморетроперитонеотомография, isotope diagnostics, etc.). Metastasis in Read more [...]
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Radiodiagnosis mastoiditis

Radiography of the temporal bone on Shyulleru the most appropriate means of its X-ray of the mastoid. X-ray detection of bone destructive changes in the initial phase of mastoiditis requires high technical quality of radiographs. To simplify complex technology pictures of the temporal bone is recommended modification V. Ginzburg, which simplifies to x-rays and Shyulleru Mayer. Radiographic primary, exudative, form mastoiditis characterized blackout cells, no signs of bone destruction. In the next phase of mastoiditis in the radiograph revealed a significant loss of intensity of the shadow partition Read more [...]
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The role of heredity in the development of tumors

A person familiar with some rare forms of cancer and precancerous conditions, which undoubtedly inherited. Such, for example, retinoblastoma retina and xeroderma pigmentosum. However, in these cases, not the inherited tumor, but only a predisposition to its appearance under the influence of various factors blastogenous. For example, xeroderma pigmentosum is readily converted into skin cancer under the influence of ultraviolet rays of sunlight under normal conditions of life. Relative to the vast number of different OS rights, despite numerous studies, there is still no well-established facts Read more [...]
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The role of milk in the spread of infectious diseases

Milk a favorable environment for the preservation and development of microorganisms. The most abundant and significant source of bacterial contamination of milk during milking are fur and skin of cows. Dairy utensils and equipment, poorly washed or scoured unsatisfactory sanitary water is also a major source of bacterial contamination M. M. notable development contamination can be in the case of indoor air dust it dry feed before milking or during it. Relatively rare M. dirty hands milkmaids. The possibility of contamination of milk increases when overfed cows succulent fodder (silage, roots) Read more [...]
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Bottling of mineral water

Many water springs bottled in special plants and spread as a medical and medical-table water in pharmacies and retail chain. At present, different places have more than 100 plants and plants for bottling mineral water with a capacity of over 900 million bottles a year. Bottled mineral waters of taking on prescription primarily for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, urinary tract, metabolic disorders, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract. Vnekurortnogo bottle-effectiveness of treatment in Moscow. greatly enhanced if it is combined with certain regime, diet and the use of Read more [...]
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Lightness and Firm

    Pic: Chris BartlettThe Northwards Look Police l $200 l 2,990 three-dimensional inches l March—and skiing—to the metre of a unlike drummer, the Police (ass) employs an strange bod placement: two carbon-fiber girdle panoplied in an X, resembling the reprieve of a 40-year-old Swiss packsack. What this conception loses in upright tractability (compared with analog or V-stays) it gains in durability. It's merely unimaginable to overburden the Police's 2,990-cubic-inch bag; the bod, well-padded cover gore, and rule—which adjusts for trunk distance—hardly Read more [...]
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Roser — Nelatona line

Line Roser - Nelatona. Roser - Nelatona line connects the anterior-upper iliac spine to the ischial tuberosity (Fig.). It must pass through the tip of the greater trochanter, the height of which the state has an orienting value; rejection of the greater trochanter of the line Roser - Nelatona a diagnosis of pathological changes in the hip joint, even if it is impossible to produce X-rays. In cases of shortening of the femoral neck (fracture) or offset heads (dislocation) great turned the leaves with her hip up and detectable above this line. Measurements are made both ends of a line connecting Read more [...]
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