Diseases of the oral cavity

By oral diseases are dental caries and stomatitis. Dental caries (From Lat. caries - Caries) -disease, manifested in the gradual destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth followed by the formation of defects in the form of a cavity. Important role in its origin belongs to dietary factors. In particular, a direct link between a lack of protein in the diet, vitamin B1 and fluorine and the incidence of caries. In its development is not excluded, and the role of microbes. Usually caries occurs on the surface of the teeth of the tooth crown in places where the rests of food. Caries - a complex Read more [...]
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Disorders of the spine (low back pain) -1

Osteochondrosis of the clinical form of the disease is more common in athletes of the sports where there is a constant overload of the spine caused by macro-and micro-traumas, especially among weightlifters, wrestlers, rowers, athletes, gymnasts, acrobats, footballers, cyclists. According Levgana (1973), 60% of it falls on the lumbar, thoracic 30% and 10% for cervical departments. At the heart of osteoarthritis is degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the intervertebral discs. These changes occur at high physical activity, weight lifting, chronic traumatic disc metabolism disturbances. The clinical Read more [...]
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Disorders of the spine (low back pain)

Cervical radicular syndrome. The reason it is microtrauma of the nerve root, sharp turns, crowding or prolonged forced position of the head increase the pain. Head movements are often accompanied by crackling, rustling, clicking. Marked tenderness paravertebral points, more CIV-VII vertebrae in the output of large and small occipital nerves. Sensory disturbances occur in segments S4-5. Dizziness is a common symptom of vertebral vascular disease and has the character of a sense of instability, sometimes in the form of sensations of rotation of the surrounding objects, the duration they are instant Read more [...]
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Liver disease

Among the diseases of the liver is the main place of infectious viral epidemic hepatitis (Infectious disease). There are no statistics about the frequency of the disease in athletes is not published. Probably they are disease-along with everyone else. According Elshteyna NV (1984), no features in the clinical presentation and course of illness in athletes not. Outcomes of acute hepatitis, in addition to a full recovery, it is - the transition to chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, biliary system failure, etc. The most common complication is chronic hepatitis (according to different authors, Read more [...]
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The New Frontier of Imbed Ferocity

Plants birth forever been harbingers of serenity in our red earth. From lofty redwoods to peaceable begonias, botany tends to be far more quiet than brute. But this depiction power be inaccurate, if we're to conceive new explore promulgated in the daybook New Botanist.Manly animals magnificently fighting complete match, but now scientists suffer observed alike mechanisms in about manlike plants. It mightiness phone ilk skill fable, but when botanists studied the S American silkweed, they observed the species had evolved "munition" to better its chances of expiration on its genes.If you Read more [...]
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Diseases of the peripheral nervous system

The main diseases of the peripheral nervous system include neuralgia, neuritis and radiculitis. Neuralgia manifested in the attacks of pain along a particular nerve. It is often of secondary origin and is due to changes of the reference system. Thus, the cause of neuralgia intercostal nerve is often change of the intervertebral disc. Hypothermia, infection (influenza, tonsillitis) can also cause neuralgia. One of the most common locations of neuralgia in athletes is the sciatic nerve. This neuralgia received a special name - sciatica (from the Latin name of the nerve - ishiadikus - sciatic). Read more [...]
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Some features of the orientation of the various environmental conditions: in the desert

Flat terrain, bright contrasting color of the vegetation, the monotony of the landscape orientation difficult in the steppe. The main and most reliable reference points are the stars in the steppes. The Moon and the Sun. Kind of reference can serve also interesting plants compasses in North America - sylphium, and in Central and Southern Europe - lettuce or wild lettuce (Fig. 74). If Lettuce grows in damp or shady places, leaves it on the stem are in all directions and serve reference can not. If lettuce growing on dry or Public nezatenen-dimensional place, it leaves on the stem facing Read more [...]
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Diseases of the digestive system

Of diseases of the digestive system, ie, the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, the athletes are the most common chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract, infectious hepatitis. Chronic gastritis - A chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa. The major causes of chronic gastritis in athletes are: 1) poor nutrition, such as irregular meals, the food cold food, "on the move", etc., and 2) irrational, excessive training loads, and 3) the presence of foci of chronic infection, Read more [...]
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Diseases of the urinary

Diseases of the urinary organs, which include the kidneys and urinary tract, the athletes encountered acute and chronic kidney disease (glomerulonephritis), and nephrolithiasis disease. One of the main methods of diagnosis is the examination of the urine. Difficulties in the diagnosis of these diseases due to the fact that physical activity changes are detected in the urine, very similar to the changes occurring in renal diseases. Acute glomerulonephritis - Acute inflammation of the kidneys - is a serious illness. It may be due to exposure to cold, and can also occur in the presence of foci of Read more [...]
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Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Properly organized, systematic physical culture and sports cause favorable functional and morphological changes musculoskeletal apparatus. Violation of the same basic principles of training, inappropriate use loads, ignoring prescribed by your doctor, a teacher or a coach can lead to disease musculoskeletal. The immediate causes of its pathological changes are primarily the surge and microtrauma, especially repeated, superimposed on each other. When foci of chronic infection, and the absence of quenching changes occur much more frequently.Muscle disease Disease of the connective tissue structures Read more [...]
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Risk to Go

The 19-pound RITCHEY Separatist Travelling Cycle is the low packable life-size high-performance route rig. An cunning conjugation arrangement unites the bikini skeleton, and it breaks rear consume and fits inner its own ignitor, airline-friendly cause. ($2,500; 800-748-2439, www.ritcheylogic.com)     LET'S SAY YOU'RE PLOTTING a beginning lineage in Mozambique or a meander in the Australian remote. You can look a few unnamed variables—comparable dangerous brave or fast-growing, bird-size insects—which agency you'll be in the grocery for equipment that can adjust Read more [...]
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Diseases of the nervous system

Appearance diseases of the nervous system in athletes may contribute to frequent physical and neuro-psychological overload, foci of chronic infection, malnutrition and other causes. Diseases of the nervous system divided according to the safety of the structure of the brain tissue and peripheral nerves in the organic and functional. Organic diseases of the nervous system called such, which are based on certain anatomical changes of the brain and spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. These changes can be caused by trauma, various infections, intoxication, blood circulation, etc. For these diseases Read more [...]
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Periosteum and bone disease

Long repetitive surge and trauma can cause a number of acute, subacute and chronic conditions of periosteum and bone. These conditions include the periosteum: periostitis surge traumatic periostitis, To bone diseases - exostosis, degenerative changes. Periostitis surge are inflammatory diseases of the periosteum and cortical bone in the areas of attachment of muscles, tendons and ligaments. Inflammation occurs in the first field of attachment of muscles, but with continued training extends to the periosteum. Often observed surge periostitis of the tibia. The initial manifestation of the disease Read more [...]
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Muscle disease

Muscle disease divided into acute and chronic. For acute diseases include muscular cramps and myalgia. They result from single or repeated muscle tension that occurs over several days. At the heart of acute muscle spasm is poor coordination of individual muscle contractions bundles of fibers and motor units. Myalgia is the result of the accumulation of oxidized products in muscle metabolism. The main symptom is pain in both conditions, which results in limited movement. When muscle spasm pain more pronounced. Stopped training for a few days usually leads to recovery. For chronic diseases Read more [...]
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75th kilometer

Before meeting with me and bears my faithful were still far away - from the train station, where I left the train, to the new parking lot on the river separating us in a straight line only seventy-five kilometers. In puppies still had time to grow up, and I had time to think about how to behave if a visit to us a little too curious Bear. In myself I was sure - no, I do not strushu not run away, do not give up the minor puppy at the mercy of wild beasts. And here is how to behave in my four-legged friend? Here, I could still doubt - it all happens, and there are cowardly dogs, which clattered Read more [...]
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Diseases of the skin

In most cases, the cause of skin diseases in athletes and athletes is non-compliance with the requirements relating to hygiene, to the state of equipment and supplies, etc. Some common diseases: callus, perniosis, frostbite, fungal and pustular skin lesions. Callosity - Acquisition of a limited thickening of the skin, especially the horny layer. Callus appears with prolonged repeated exposure of pressure and friction. Initially, they cause anemia skin, followed by developing arterial congestion, promote the formation of the epithelium. In gymnasts, rowers, weightlifters often happens callus Read more [...]
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One-person Towns, Eight-spot Paved Highways, 129 1000000 Estate of Wood. Alaska? Course.

    Contemplating the wax realness of Alaska tends to catalyse a real particular physiologic reply. It's a phenomenon that Alexander Baranov, an betimes Russian bargainer who explored the seacoast, described as "scourge and awe." What he was referring to, I recall, is the landscape's power to will you blotto, mad, confounded. Alaska, comparable virtually fanciful kingdoms, regards mankind with primal unconcern. It unfurls itself to the purview, looms heavenwards, and poses questions that set the spunk to buffeting. To realise it, says Lavatory Haines, the submit's virtuoso Read more [...]
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Diseases of the endocrine glands

Diseases of the endocrine glands occur in athletes is very rare, however, because the endocrine system plays an important role in all processes of adaptation, coach and teacher is important to be aware of its possible changes during exercise. It is believed, for example, is accompanied by a relative lack of overtraining adrenocortical function that adaptation to changing environmental conditions, including physical activity, is associated with the functional state of the thyroid gland, which influences how to improve fitness and the development of pathological conditions. Pathological condition Read more [...]
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Eye diseases and active movement

Dear children, you know very well how important the movement of life. Modern science has conclusively proven that a sedentary lifestyle is deteriorating ability of muscles to contract, changing the chemical composition of the blood proteins, bone skeleton becomes loose due to the loss of calcium salts. But particularly affect physical inactivity on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, as well as on the functions of the vision. Therefore, one of the most effective means of prevention of various diseases, strengthen the body's defenses, improve efficiency and endurance of man is moving. Read more [...]
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Eye Disease

Diseases eye in athletes are rare due to strict medical screening on admission to the occupation. In sports and medical practice have found since the two diseases: pathologic changes of the retina and conjunctivitis. Pathological changes of the retina - bleeding from the vessels of the retina or retinal detachment - are associated with features of the exercises in a particular sport. For example, repeated excessive straining (rod, fighting), frequent head-down position of the body (gymnastics, etc.), blows to the head (box) can lead to significant visual impairment or loss of it. Contributing Read more [...]
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