How does our eyesight

Eyesight has two eyes, or eyeballs, their appendages (eyelids, lacrimal organs, oculomotor muscles, etc.), visual pathways and the visual centers. Each eye apple placed deep in the bone cavity - the eye socket, or orbit, and is surrounded by a soft, fatty tissue. Eyes front protected the upper and lower eyelids, their free edges make eye slit. The lids on the outside covered with leather, and the inside-thin smooth translucent connective tissue sheath - the conjunctiva that forms around the globe conjunctival cavity. In the interior of age have cancer, the secret of which moisturizes and lubricates Read more [...]
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How to equip the workplace

It must be remembered that the eye fatigue affect the conditions in which you work, do. Thus, great importance is landing at a table or desk. Excessive eye approach to the book causes fatigue neck and back that support bowed head while reading or writing. Also during training sessions the body is under a static load, which significantly increases the size of the furniture by the non-body proportions. Resulting in disturbed posture, develop myopia. To avoid this, the classrooms and laboratories in the schools are equipped with typical double desks or tables. Rostov seven groups correspond to Read more [...]
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As infected with sexually transmitted diseases and their symptoms

To successfully deal with sexually transmitted diseases, it is necessary for each person to know the symptoms. Contamination sexually transmitted disease mainly occurs through sexual intercourse. But not always. Such as syphilis and gonorrhea can be transmitted outside the sexual intercourse, but this is extremely rare. It should be said that contamination occurs and incomplete intercourse. If, for example, a man sick with gonorrhea, it is enough to infect a touch of the penis to the external female genitals. It should be remembered girls who sometimes think that they can not get infected. Read more [...]
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Choice of fishing grounds

When fishing from a boat is best to get up to anchor at a depth of 15-20 meters from the edge of the shelf (depending on the slope and depth), and throw the bait in the shallows side, throwing the upper edge of the parapet of 5-10 meters. In this case, a large number of bites, and hooks is much less because the "Fish" free fall, breaking the brows, not wade through koryazhnik when she pulled out from a depth of grounding (Fig. 48). Now, just because these 5-10 meters, which is the bait on a shallow spot, and should be painted foam fish as predators often rests on the curb in front of Read more [...]
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Mood Modification Solvent: Underpromise, Overdeliver

David Roberts of     You've been lecture Nordhaus. Let me conjecture: New image is what he's expression, and old epitome is what everyone else is locution. My takings: It's a sham duality. He has a spot insofar as the Kyoto Protocol failed by skipping direct to what a terminal pact would face care: concrete emissions butt=s. But finally, they're what's sledding to spare our asses, so a "new epitome"? No, because we finally motive the old pact. The matter to do is what Obama is stressful: Set expectations low so rhythm them. Get commitments of money to keep disforestation Read more [...]
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Coronary heart disease-2

The young age of the athlete can not guarantee against atherosclerosis, because it is not a disease of age. Enough to provide data A. Wiechert Ushkalova and AF (1962), which on opening 35 healthy young men who died from injuries sustained in 30 identified coronary atherosclerosis of varying severity. Widely known as the work of American authors W. Enos et al. (1955), which on opening 300 healthy 22-year U.S. soldiers killed in Korea, 10% revealed narrowing of the coronary vessels of more than 50%, and 25% - 25%. Similar results were obtained W. Glantz and W. Stembridge (1959) at the opening Read more [...]
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Mood Alter Result: Enthrone in Detective

Ted Nordhaus     Chinaware and India won't embracement bandaging emissions limits. But that's the old prototype, which focussed on mark=s and timetables. Thither's a new epitome where we run from synopsis?unenforceable?decrease commitments to aim actions that variety the rudimentary technologies that are the rootage of co2. E.g., how many card hybrids is Chinaware sledding to get by 2015? I would approximate succeeder in Copenhagen based on our committal to underdeveloped low-carbon vigor engineering. We're sledding to see roughly mix of the old prototype and the new: The EU volition Read more [...]
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Coronary heart disease 1

Athlete K., 29, sprinter, world record. Healthy, normal ECG. In training twice ran a distance of 100 meters at full strength and 5 minutes after the finish felt gradually escalating acute chest pain. There was a sudden pallor, cold sweat, blood pressure 110/70 mm Hg. Art. Took valokordin, validol was made injection of camphor and caffeine. After hours he felt better and the doctor was allowed to go home. Within 2 days led lifestyle healthy person (traveling out of town, swimming, many moved.) On the third day there was a EKG, which revealed fresh focal changes in the septum and the anterior Read more [...]
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Coronary artery disease

It is well known that physical activity prevents the development of atherosclerosis [GF Lang, 1962; Kipshidze NN, 1968, and others]. It is also known that patients of physical labor, and, consequently, the athletes have more coronary artery collaterals and myocardium better supplied with blood, which is not conducive to the development of myocardial infarction [Myasnikov AL, 1960]. It can be assumed that the physical activity, increasing energy processes, allows for more complete assimilation of lipids and their decay to the final products. All this hinders the development of hyperlipidemia Read more [...]
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The outcome of poisoning

Outcome of poisoning, depending on the nature of the poison and its severity can be a full recovery, the development of short-and long-term complications, and death. When fatal poisoning necessarily establish cause of death. When non-fatal - address health problems with the action of toxic substances and to determine the degree of severity (with a mandatory evaluation of danger to the life of existing extreme conditions - shock, collapse, coma, etc.). A forensic examination of poisoning cases, it becomes more difficult to provide medical assistance to victims. Such assistance may be provided Read more [...]
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Mood Alter Solvent: Tax C

Al Panel     Photograph: courtesy of Dumper BloodshedIt's overmuch to trust for that we would get a double-dyed accord that carves out a tract to 350 concisely club, but if we get an arrangement that puts a terms on c, tied indirectly, that is the requirement opening. Copenhagen won't go as far as I would similar?it won't fill the tests that scientists would comparable it to satisfy?but it testament start shift the planetary thriftiness. Businesses and governments approximately the mankind leave get to see that this modulation is far easier than the pessimists let been predicting. Read more [...]
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Research bodies newborn

Establishment of a full-term. Normal pregnancy the woman goes on an average of 10 lunar months (280 days) and ends with full-term fetus physiological childbirth. Hence it is considered full-term infant born after 38 - 40 weeks of pregnancy. On the body of a full-term set by the length of the fetus (10 lunar months fruit reaches a length of 50 cm), and the presence of nuclei Beklyara - ossification in the lower epiphysis of the femur, which appear in the second half of the 10th lunar month (Fig. 2).Fig. 2. Study of nuclei Beklyara. Establishment of fruit maturity and duration of fetal life. Under Read more [...]
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Post-mortem examination

Post-mortem examination should precede the study of damaged clothing (inlet and outlet), and the wound in the ultraviolet and infrared rays to identify the components that accompany the shot. Examination and description of wounds after repeated removal of blood and dirt. It is advisable to remove dirt particles with tweezers on a glass slide for further research, because they can be whole and polusgorevshie powder particles, part wad (cardboard, paper, sfangovogo, etc.), location of the obstruction or barrier to rebound. Prior to the opening of the wound should be described in detail (including Read more [...]
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Sperm analysis

Sperm is a mixture of secretions of male gonads - testicles and their appendages, seminal vesicles, prostate and ejaculatory tract. In cases of rape, sodomy, indecent assault sperm can be found on the body and clothing of victims, surrounding objects, as well as on the body and clothing of the criminal. Great importance to establish that sexual intercourse is given detection of sperm in the vagina of the victim, and if the sexual act in a perverted form, as well as sodomy - contents of the rectum of the victim or the victim. Therefore smears taken from the vagina, are important physical evidence. Read more [...]
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Sialosemiology experimental animals-1

The results of the successful prevention of experimental tooth decay naturally affected the condition of the whole body of animals. First of all, one would expect the normalization of biochemical parameters studied in mixed saliva of animals. And so it proved. These data series and are detailed in Table. 26. Speed and volume of salivation in rats of all experimental groups were relatively high and, although different from the norm (3,0 ± 0,14 ml/30 min), did not reach such low numbers, as in the previous series of studies. So, if the animals are not treated as actions protivokarioznyh dental Read more [...]
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The simplest way of geometrical measurements on the terrain: eye

A person's ability assess by eye, without the aid of instruments, the distance to surrounding objects and the size of objects is called the eye. The accuracy of the distance eye varies. At a distance of 1 km or more errors as high as 50% or more, at short distances are much smaller, and people experienced no more than 10%. In this case, the relative distances (near, on, above, below) eye estimates are much more accurate than the absolute. Everyone there is inherent only distinguishing features of his subjects. They need to find out through personal observations. Ability by eye assess Read more [...]
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Sialosemiology experimental animals

Effect of brushing on some biochemical parameters of mixed saliva was considered in Lisanti et al. (1965). They noted that some toothpastes stimulated saliva and oxygen absorption effect on acid production, other inhibited these processes, others do not influence them, and the authors attributed this to not only the composition and properties of various toothpastes as individual characteristics of the organism and microorganisms inhabit the mouth. This question is still poorly known, and the effect of preventive dentifrice in experimental animals on the composition of saliva was not investigated. Read more [...]
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The study dissected corpses and skeletal-2

The exhumation and post-mortem examination A forensic examination of dismembered corpses and skeletal among the most complex and has specific features. Dismemberment body may Railway injuries with rolling wheels through the human body, plane crashes, explosions of ammunition and explosives, and occasionally in road trauma. In addition, there are the so-called criminal dissection (Fig. 4), when the killer to cover up the crime dismembers the corpse of the victim (sharp objects - a knife, dagger, ax, saw), put in some part, to water, latrines or other areas exposed their disposal. In the practice Read more [...]
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Mood Modification Resolution: Obey the Skill

Visor McKibben     Exposure: courtesy of Nancie Battaglia

With more 350 ppm, the satellite doesn’t study rightfield. We’re already at 390. Any resultant in Copenhagen leave be judged on whether it gets us rear to a post where the satellite does employment. Ultimately, it’s a dialogue among humans, on one manus, and physics and alchemy on the over-the-counter. And physics and alchemy don’t negociate alright.

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The study dissected corpses and skeletal-1

Growth is determined by the long bones of the lower and upper limbs, and the establishment of growth is possible not only for whole long bones, but also on their individual fragments. To do this, first set the entire length of the bone fragment thereof, and then from these data calculate the height of a man. Measurement of bone produced by osteometric tablets. For the calculation of the growth the special table. The accuracy of the growth on them ranges from ± 3-5 cm or more. If the disposal expert has several long bones belonging to one corpse, use them all to determine the growth that will Read more [...]
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