Methods of rehabilitation of athletes with injuries of the pelvis

Reductive treatment athletes with injuries of the pelvis has the features that take into account not only the nature of the damage, but their high physical fitness and sports specialization. It is based on fundamental research Gorinevskoy VV (1952), EF Dreving (1954), VK Dobrowolski (1960, 1974), AF Kaptelina (1969), 3. M. Ataeva, GI Ahsharumovoy (1975, 1978) who believe that treatment patients with fractures of the pelvis should be comprehensive and the most active. Stage of medical rehabilitation divided into three periods of immobilization, recovery of the lower extremities; restore common Read more [...]
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Local radiation damage

A forensic examination of local radiation injury occurs more often. The term "local damage"Should be regarded as provisional, since the effects of radiation exposure, even in a limited area of the body or body reacts entire body. In tissues exposed to local irradiation, there are specific changes: alteration, inflammation, necrosis, and rejection of necrotic tissue. When exposed to ionizing radiation distinguish radiation reactions (erythema, dry or weeping of the epidermis) and radiation injuries that require special, often long-term treatment. The clinical manifestations of radiation Read more [...]
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Medical deontology

Set of moral and ethical standards in the performance of health care providers combine their professional duties in the concept medical ethics - The teachings of the duty doctor, middle and junior medical staff. Deontology has three equally important components: the duty medical officer in relation to society; duty medical officer in relation to the patients and their relatives and friends, duty medical officer in relation to their professional colleagues. In the words of academician of the USSR AF Bilibin, "Deontology - the soul of medicine and healing wisdom." Deontology Soviet doctor Read more [...]
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In a system of comprehensive rehabilitation of athletes after injuries of the musculoskeletal system is important to massage - a set of special manipulation, through which is a mechanical effect on the skin, fascia, muscles, tendons, capsular ligamentous apparatus joints, lymph and blood vessels. The physiological mechanism of action of massage difficult. Although, no doubt, it has a direct impact on the fabric, critical yet have the complex processes that occur under his influence in the cerebral cortex, and then call the appropriate reactive response in all organs and body systems (IM-Sarkizov Read more [...]
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Proper clothing — the guarantee of health

In many ways, human health depends on what he's wearing. Getting ready for a hike, picnic, hunting or fishing, you should always dress for the weather. How is it? Now I know and tell. For each season of the year is required to "own" clothes. Clothes should also pick up, focusing on the possible activity while in the wild. For example, for the winter, if you're going to move actively, the jacket should be not only warm, but also easy. It is advisable to have in reserve a warm sweater or vest. They can come in handy if you vspoteesh and clothing will be wet, what will change. Read more [...]
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Giardiasis in athletes

Giardiasis value in diseases of the liver and biliary tract in the sports and medical practice is often underestimated. Meanwhile, a group of digestive diseases in athletes it is from 5.2 to 14%. The mechanism of action of Giardia to the biliary tract is the sensitization and the development of inflammatory changes in the gallbladder, bile stasis, the emergence of general intoxication. Lyamblionositelstva transition into illness in athletes contribute to fatigue, overexertion, hypovitaminosis, leading to a weakening of the body, as well as the error in the diet, such as the pre-emptive use of Read more [...]
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Exercise therapy in surgical diseases and injuries of the chest and abdomen

In operations on the internal organs to access them have open abdominal or chest cavity. Such operations are called the Cavity. Some acutely emerging diseases of the internal organs and their various complications requiring emergency surgery. In chronic conditions it is possible to advance to prepare the patient for surgery, dividing it into the most profitable for him. In emergency operations preoperative period very kratkovremen. In a matter of urgency, the necessary investigation, confirmed the diagnosis, and the patient quickly prepared for surgery. Therapeutic physical training in this Read more [...]
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Your Double-decker

Amend Counterbalance: Skate declivitous on gentle terrain. Observe an anatropous V with your skis, weight one so the early, piece retention your amphetamine eubstance static. Skate without poles, with your munition bum your backbone, or one arm backrest and one swingy, speed–skater manner.SKATE Expeditiously: You should breeze or pop from ski to ski betwixt glides. Afterwards push off, unlax your leg and let it vacillation off ahead reverting to essence. Actively play the leg rear below you to fix for the adjacent solidus. Inhibit THE CLIMBS: Use this legerdemain to larn V1 timing for uphills. Read more [...]
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Exercise therapy for diseases and spinal cord injury

Disease and spinal cord injury may be accompanied by motor, sensory, reflex, vascular, secretory disorders. The prevalence and depth of these disorders depend on the level of the lesion. For example, an injury of the upper cervical spine may experience paralysis or irritation of the diaphragm (dyspnoea, hiccups), spastic paralysis of the upper and lower extremities, complete anesthesia down from the place of defeat, urinary disorders, there may be pain in the neck, such as sciatica, with injuries so-called cauda equina - flaccid paralysis of the lower limbs with bladder disorders, complete anesthesia Read more [...]
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Exercise therapy in diseases and injuries of the brain

If the damage (trauma, tumor, or cerebral blood flow: hemorrhage, thrombosis, embolism) motor pyramidal pathway develops central, or spastic, paralysis or paresis. Despite the fact that the dead nerve cells do not regenerate, exercise helps relieve the oppressed braking areas around the dead cells and the creation of new functional centers. Teaching methods of medical physical culture provides a tonic effect, restoring innervation and formation of compensation (the latter is difficult to separate the two tasks). Principles and techniques - basically the same as in the previously described diseases, Read more [...]
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Your Admirer Gets Hit in the Caput

      Cocoanut, unexpectedly! She insists she's ticket, but it was a grave puff. Uphold or action?Trade WITH IT: Tied if she seems coherent, you may stillness birth an exigency on your manpower—particularly if she always doomed knowingness. A concussion can be attended by slacken national haemorrhage, level from shaver hurt, and things could relapse chop-chop. Goody the head­ache lone with panadol (Tylenol); ne'er aleve (Aleve), nuprin (Advil), or, specially, empirin, all of which advertise hemorrhage. Scout tight for 24 hours, flush stirring her sporadically from Read more [...]
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Radiation damage in the forensic respect

In cases of general or local radiation injuries to the forensic medical examination may be raised a number of issues, the resolution of which is essential to the inquiry and investigation. The main ones are: Is there a health disorder evidenced, if available, whether it is caused by exposure to ionizing radiation, what is the physical characteristic of the radiation, and what is the dose of energy absorbed by the whole body or parts of it, and when the exposure occurred, what is the extent of the damage caused to health , the changes in health status (due to radiation) can be expected in the future. The Read more [...]
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The hypocrisy of bourgeois morality and the corruption of its people

In the West, in the capital of the youth is widespread feeling of despair and frustration, the lack of faith in the future and in themselves. The motto of modern life for the bourgeois youth - checkbook, entertainment, women. For her future is shrouded in a continuous fog. Many do not have any goal in front. There is a New York night entertainment facilities such as dance halls. The lobby on the walls hang portraits of the girls with bare shoulders, to say the least. This is a "Tex-girls." The young man chooses a partner to taste, and pays the money to the cashier, gets a token Read more [...]
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Atayev 3. M. Isometric exercises in the treatment of fractures of the long bones. - Moscow: Medicine, 1973 Aulik IV Determination of physical performance in the clinic and sports. - M.: Medicine, 1979. Babich BK Traumatic dislocations and fractures. - Kiev: Health, 1968. Basilevsky 3. B. Closed spinal injury. - Moscow: Medgiz, 1962. Bashkirov VF Subcutaneous Achilles tendon rupture. Author. Candidate. Dis., 1971. Bashkirov VF occurrence and injury in athletes. - Moscow: Physical Culture and Sport, 1981. White NA Guide to therapeutic massage. - M.: Medicine, 1974. Boycho B. et al. Orthopedic Read more [...]
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Treatment of chronic gastritis

Purposefully collected history and thorough medical examination allow the doctor to suspect an athlete of a chronic gastritis, which should be confirmed by additional methods, in particular the study of secretory and motor-evacuation function of the stomach. It is necessary to assess the functional status and compensatory ability of the stomach. With gastritis with secretory deficiency in athletes especially frequent bowel dysfunction. Thus, V. Jligore et al. (1958) reported a gastroduodenopatii with skiers. The clinical picture is dominated by their feeling of heaviness in the epigastrium Read more [...]
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Wormwood broomcorn

Annual or biennial plant 20-70 cm tall with thin orange roots. Stem erect, single (rarely among 2-3), reddish, highly branched. The leaves are alternate, two or three times pinnate. Baskets are small (1-1.5 mm diameter), ovoid, in dense pyramidal panicles; bracts glabrous. Fruit - achene. Flowers in July-September, achenes ripen in August-October. Widespread in Eurasia, including many parts of Russia. Found in all areas of the national average, but only in the northern part of the valleys of the major rivers and railways. Grows in wastelands, roadsides and fields, vacant lots, downed dry Read more [...]
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Nation Itinerary 375, NV

The Alien Highway is 98 miles of blackness decoration unrolling crossways burn desolate. From Lechatelierite Springs, drumhead westward until you peak at 5,604-foot Coyote Tip. Come into the midget townsfolk of Rachel, and detour 27 miles southward to Are 51; waving courteously at the guards as you admiration if they're concealment inter-dimensional beings in thither. In Rachel, blockage at the Petty A'Le'Inn for a beefburger and outlander souvenirs. Retain yesteryear old mines and spook towns, finish up at Quick Springs. If you e'er cherished to cognize what the bum of the sea looks alike, you Read more [...]
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Treatment of scoliosis

Treatment Scoliosis is long and complex and requires a lot of perseverance and endurance on the part of the patient and his parents, and on the part of medical staff. The earlier the treatment, the more effective it is. The patient was to have a special regime with discharge spine. The bed should be rigid. Education in special boarding schools for children with scoliosis, can rationally balance school and therapeutic process. In the treatment of scoliosis is an important place physiotherapy. Diverse nature of the exercise, depending on the type of scoliosis and the individual patient. Therapeutic Read more [...]
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Treatment of syphilis

Treatment of syphilis carried out according to the stage of the disease and individual patient's body in one of the three options (with the addition of the scheme in 1968): 1) combined treatment penicillin (ekmonovotsillinom) with bismuth, and 2) a repeated courses of penicillin (ekmonovotsillinom) and in combination with non-specific therapy, and 3) a combination therapy with bismuth bitsillinom. 1. With primary seronegative syphilis spend 2 treatment rate of 100 000 units of soluble penicillin or ekmonovotsillina per 1 kg of patient weight, but not less than 6 million units per course followed Read more [...]
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Treatment of sepsis

Treatment of sepsis should be comprehensive - antibacterial, surgical and restorative. To start the treatment of sepsis immediately without waiting for the results of laboratory and other supporting sepsis. Moreover, early treatment of active implementation facilitates timely diagnosis. Patients with suspected sepsis required hospitalization. To conservative treatment is antibiotic therapy, conducted with consideration of the sensitivity of the microbial flora to antibiotics. In the absence of these data treatment should start broad-spectrum antibiotics: tetracycline, 200 000 Unit 6 times a Read more [...]
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