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The Fiend’s Lexicon

Vel·cro&swap; (n)     Exposure: Instance by Lav S. Cuneota·lus (n): see "talus." The Big E (n): Everest. (Drab, elephantiasis!) string the nee·dle (v): to negociate a perilously crocked segment of singletrack, rapids, or glades. Which, accidentally, is a blast to ponder on good how bum and replaceable factual meander is. crocked (adj): someplace betwixt "epical" and "gnarled," with a "chuck" achromasia. torched (adj): bone-tired, as in "My legs are torched·" Less rummy when that job is expressed Read more [...]
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Fractures of the calcaneus

Distinguish between marginal and isolated fractures of the internal process and calcaneal bone, and compression fractures of the calcaneus body without bias and with displacement of bone fragments. This may be damaged nadpyatochnye heel-heel-and cube-shaped joint. Pattern of injury in athletes heel bone is heterogeneous, which is determined by a different mechanism of injury. Isolated fracture (Detachable) calcaneal tuber, usually seen in gymnasts when the dismount. The mechanism of injury is similar to Achilles tendon rupture. Symptoms. In the calcaneal tuber and Achilles tendon determined Read more [...]
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Fractures of the metacarpals

Metacarpal shaft fractures are common in boxers. Symptoms. In the fracture defined swelling, bleeding, sometimes crackling - on the back of the hand is visible bulge. Feeling the pressure axis metacarpals, sipping a corresponding finger causes pain at the fracture site. Treatment. Conservative treatment - in the area of the fracture must enter a 2% solution of novocaine - 10-15 ml. Brush and forearm fixed bespodstilochnoy plaster splint for 3 weeks. After removing the bandage appointed gymnastics and physiotherapy. Allowed to proceed to training no earlier than 1.5-2 months after injury.Fig. Read more [...]
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Fractures of the transverse processes

Fractures of the transverse processes in athletes are caused by a sudden reduction of excessive square lumbar muscles that attach to the edge of the transverse process XII I - IV of the lumbar vertebrae. They occur much less frequently when exposed to direct violence - hitting, with usually breaks transverse process III of the lumbar vertebrae, because it is longer than the others. Symptoms. For fractures of the transverse processes of patients experience sharp pain. They are amplified when trying to actively bending toward damage and passive - in the opposite direction. Determined by palpation Read more [...]
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Fangs — coveted trophy. Rules for their measurement and evaluation

In the past, people whose livelihoods had been hunting, along with meat brought into the family and dead animal skins, as trophy, symbolizing his intelligence, strength, courage. At all times, the hunter was different story about the ability to hunt, but he needed and confirmation to the story - trophy. In our time, the hunter-fishers and especially a lover sees trophies characterization of their abilities, an assessment of its ability to track down the beast. Hunting has become a means of competition between hunters, private companies and even countries. Became the rule to arrange the exhibition Read more [...]
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Be a Submarine: Shape Your Congresswoman

It's often simpler than you remember, says Massachusetts congresswoman Barney Frankfurter. "Cry your congressman and your two senators. I interpret a variance of every missive that comes in, and I've had lawmaking that I've passed as a answer of things that mass brought to my tending. What the representatives are looking is how powerfully you clasp your ruling?specifically, to what extent does that ruling work how you ballot? So the less attempt you put into it, the less impingement you bear. If approximately constitution gives you a missive and says, 'Mail this missive'?and it can be an facile Read more [...]
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Fractures of the metatarsal bones

Fractures of the metatarsal bones the athletes have their own characteristics. The mechanism of injury is rarely straightforward - fall or a blow to the severity of the distal part of the foot, but more often it is indirect - by tucking a foot or a failed jump and as a consequence the tear fracture in V metatarsal tubercle in peroneal tendon muscle. Symptoms. For fractures of the metatarsal bones marked swelling and bleeding in the rear of the foot, the local tenderness in the area of the fracture. Flexion and extension, as well as tightening of the respective finger sharply painful. Tubercle Read more [...]
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Fractures of the shoulder

The most frequently observed fractures in athletes proximal and distal metaepiphysis and much less in the diaphysis humeral bone. In sports practice trauma surgeons often have to deal with isolated fractures and detachments of the large and small tubercles humeral bone. As for the head and neck fractures shoulder, then this type of injury, in fact, does not occur. Greater tubercle fractures are much more common than recognized. They occur when falling and occur mainly in riders and skiers. With such a major injury otlomok, often fragmented, displaced slightly. Symptoms. Isolated fractures Read more [...]
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Fractures of the toes

Fractures of fingers foot in athletes are the result of direct trauma — fall or stroke severity (as a rule, the players). More likely to suffer major phalanx I finger.
Symptoms. In the fracture defined swelling and bleeding, pain on palpation and movement of the fingers. Radiographs clarify the diagnosis.
Treatment. Fractures toes no offset is treated with plaster bandage for 2-3 weeks to complete the consolidation of the fracture, established radiographically. Allowed to start training at a mean of 3.4 weeks.

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Fractures of the spinous processes

Fractures of the spinous processes in athletes are rare and occur in the cervical and lumbar spine, caused either by direct or indirect violence. In full extension the spinous processes of the cervical spine are protected from direct trauma in a bending position fracture spinous processes of the cervical vertebrae and VII I breast can occur from exposure is direct trauma. These processes often come off as a result of muscle contraction (when the jerk in weightlifting). Completely isolated, they move downward under the influence of tyagi rhomboid muscles. Symptoms. Pain at the site of damage, Read more [...]
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The Hatful Attraction

Nights in Ovalbumin Satin: Mont Blanc, extraneous of Chamonix     Picture: CorelEurope's Outdo Summertime Parties 06.12–19 > Giraglia Rolex Cup St.-Tropez, France A 243-mile navigation subspecies from St.-Tropez to Genoa, Italy, roughly the island of Giraglia. The shoreside aspect in St.-Tropez is peppered with the Bain de Soleil beautiful.07.03–11 > Allianz Suisse Out-of-doorsGstaad, SwitzerlandAt 3,000 feet, tennis balls fly much quicker. 'tween matches, pick on chocolates at Charly's Tea Board with like Elle Macpherson and Elton Lav.Around Articulate THE Read more [...]
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Iiiii fractured metacarpal

They are found only in boxers. Studies by a number of authors (VG Black, etc.) that a direct blow at drawing the main burden falls on the II-III metacarpals. When the impact force exceeds the strength of bone fracture occurs, and sometimes more serious violations of the integrity of the spongy part of the bone. II-III fractures of metacarpal bones immediately after the injury properly assessed as a bruise or sprain wrist, and athletes, as a rule, continue to workout or are exempt from them for a short time. Gradually, in the area of microfracture pariostalnaya reaction appears as proliferation Read more [...]
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Fractures of the tibial condyles

Fig. 27, a, b, c, d, e, e types of fractures of the condyles tibial Bone Fractures of the tibial condyles the athletes are the result of indirect trauma - a blow to the axis of the straight leg (as a rule, riders). Depending on the direction of the traumatic force is fracture internal or external condyle. In severe cases, there is a simultaneous fracture of both condyles (Fig. 27). Symptoms. In the knee joint and the upper third of the leg swelling and bleeding are defined in the cavity of the knee joint. In marked upward displacement of bone fragments or compression condyle marked valgus Read more [...]
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Fractures of the femoral condyles

This refers to the intra-articular injury, because the fracture line enters the knee-joint. Distinguish fracture one internal or external condyle fracture of both condyles and separation of internal epicondyle. Condylar fractures can be no offset and offset. Bone fragments, moved to the popliteal area, squeeze or damage the popliteal artery. Symptoms. Localized pain in the knee and lower thigh. In the knee joint are determined bleeding, swelling, severe pain with palpation of femoral condyles. The patella is running. Shifting the external femoral condyle upward leg is in the retracted position Read more [...]
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Ticker: Car Threshold Jams Australian Wheeler

Equitation to work Monday forenoon, a bicycler loss by the diagnose of CD attempted to fling a job of cars roll slow devour Collins Street, a busybodied thoroughfare in exchange Melbourne. Awhile, CD had been run cameras on her helmet and handlebars during her transpose; these stayed integral when she collided with with the porta threshold of a taxicab, which was unloading passengers on the left-hand slope of the car."You scarce doored me," she explains, looking patient and unblinking, patch request repeatedly, "Can I suffer your details?"Eve subsequently beingness knocked o'er, Read more [...]
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Fractures of the ulna with dislocation of the radial head (fracture montedzha)

Fracture is the result of direct trauma and is more common in riders. Symptoms. Observed deformation and shortening of the forearm. When the extensor fractures Montedzha angle formed by the bone fragments ulna, open posteriorly. Palpated serving under the skin head radius. Movement of the elbow severely restricted if not impossible. X-ray examination clarifies the diagnosis. Treatment extensor Montedzha fracture type is usually conservative. Under local anesthesia or general anesthesia is reduction of bone fragments ulnar bone and the simultaneous reduction of dislocation head beam. Then Read more [...]
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Fractures of the olecranon

Fracture olecranon often occurs in falls. Symptoms. In the area of the olecranon defined swelling and bleeding. Palpation of the top causes pain in the area of the fracture. In the elbow bent open ulnar process is above the epicondyle. Active flexion possible extension in the same elbow only passive. Necessary x-rays. Treatment. Conservative treatment is used when the fragments in a bent position and straighten up the forearm just contact (mounted on the lateral radiograph). In such cases, the position of moderate flexion of the elbow a plaster splint for 3 weeks. After its removal appointed Read more [...]
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Fractures of the ankle

Distinguish isolated fractures of the outer or inner ankle and fractures of both ankles. They can be combined with breaks ankle ligaments, broken back or the front edge of the tibia, which leads to a divergence fork ankle dislocation of the foot outward, inward, anteriorly or posteriorly. Often observed dislocation of the foot outward and backward. Isolated fractures of the ankle can often be without bias. Fractures of the ankle the athletes was 13.1% of all fractures and are usually found in skiers (combinators), rugby, soccer, track and field and riders. Fractures of the ankle in athletes Read more [...]
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Fractures of the pubic and ischial bones

These fractures occur when dropped from a skiers, climbers, auto and motorbike racing. The mechanism of injury is usually a straight line - fracture is the result of a direct hit.Fig. 15. Fracture of the horizontal branch of the ischium and pubic bones of the pelvisSymptoms. When unilateral anterior pelvic ring fracture is defined locally in the area of injury pain, aggravated by palpation and axial compression of the pelvis. On the 2-3rd day there bruising in the perineum or above crural arch. Patient's legs parted and bent at the hip and knee joints - "frog position" (NM Read more [...]
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Soviet mountaineering

The Soviet people want to know your beautiful home: they bravely paddle kayaks light Siberian rivers, they are rising to the top of the diamond of their homeland. Noble and thrilling sport - climbing - only in the Soviet Union became available workers. Stakhanovite worker, student-student, Soviet intellectuals use their vacation for a fascinating journey through the mountains and valleys blooming Soviet soil. Tsarist Russia, the former for many centuries a prison of nations, could grow even mountaineers from among the brave mountaineers. And the old chronicles and archival documents show Read more [...]
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