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Picking a group of very closely related to the objectives of the campaign, and can be done in two ways. The first of them — when the first goal of the campaign is scheduled, and then select a suitable participants. Let us remember the children who have studied the upper tributaries Klyazma. They first identified a goal, and in accordance with it, the participants were selected. The purpose of their hike demanded restrictions of participants arresters and znachkistami. Newcomers such trips were not present.

In the second method to campaign to first identify who wish to participate in the campaign and only after that to schedule feasible targets for them.

Which way is more profitable to use? It all depends on the conditions in which to work. If the school does not have a permanent circle or section of tourism, tourist work if there is not widely deployed, it is often necessary to begin with the selection of wishing to participate in the campaign, and objectives schedule based on what is already known and able guys.

If the school has a tourist section, leading all the time when there are a lot of guys who are interested in hiking, you probably are going to use the first method, when first planned tourist event, and then selected areas that are suitable for implementation.

A few words about the group. First of all, you should not build too many groups. If people signed up to march 25 — 30, we tend to be very heterogeneous group if not by their tourist experience, but, in any case, the interest and strength. Different interests could be ignored (though it is also desirable), but from differences in the physical training will not go away: some will always lag behind others complain that the group is slow. Such a group is stretched almost a mile, people are at a considerable distance from each other, the connection between them is broken. Manage such a group is very difficult, and in any complicate conditions — for example, in the twilight, in the thick underbrush — a part of the group can break away from the main core. Teach anything in such a group can not. All the powers of the head leaving the organization and movement of the device life. A lot of time the device is a camp and collapse it.

Some managers to manage such a group, introduce elements of drill (building, reports, etc.) go to the army out orders, command language. In some cases, it gives good results, but before moving to this method of control, you must be familiar with the team and be able to give them, or actions such head would look ridiculous. One can not ignore the fact that large groups meet with considerable difficulties in transport (not always able to seat 25-30 people in the bus, which is already quite full) and in the placement of the night in the communities (chrome schools and clubs stop perhaps nowhere, and they are not in every village). In short, it is better not to collect large groups for the campaign. By the way, if you are training before going to Delhi, the optimal composition of 4-6 people, or to train hard.

There is another view: the more people in the campaign, so it is safer. However, the experience of the great travelers refutes this. R. Peary reached the North Pole in a group of 6 people. Group R. Amundsen, opening the South Pole, consisted of 5 people, a group of R. Scott, who visited the area later Amundsen was the same. Thor Heyerdahl, intending to cross the Pacific Ocean pas raft, put together a team of 6 people. All these people are well aware that as the size of the group increases its heterogeneity, and therefore, the possibility of all kinds of accidents. The same conclusion was a long and difficult practice income in our country. The required minimum participants for hiking I-III categories of set 4 people for income category IV-V-6 people. Can one really believe that trips to the densely populated areas of the country (that is usually young tourists travel) may pose a bigger threat than trips to the Eastern Sayan Mountains and Ural Mountains? No, supporters of large tourist groups can not bring in defense of their position rather convincing argument. In the end, it all comes around to this argument: "You know, when a lot of people, for the children somehow, calmer." So managers hikes useful to recall that, the probability of an accident or serious illness in the campaign is not higher than that in the street or at home. Therefore we should not insist that the group was always very high. For multi-day trips the group size is limited to 15 participants, but it is better not to recruit large groups, even for Sunday hikes.

One may ask: what about the mass? Massovost achieved through the daily work of the section, by increasing the number of trips, the systematic organization of tourist camps for training beginners, skillful promotion of tourism, including the school gatherings, tourist nights, issue photo montages, etc. In other words, the mass is achieved through the systematic use of all forms and types of tourism at the school, not by increasing the size of the group to go camping.

Considerable importance in the selection of a age factor. It is desirable that the age difference is not more than the children of 1-2 years. It is clear that students of classes V-VI and IX-X classes are completely different physical abilities, and interest are also very different.

Much the same can be said about the physical fitness of children. Of course, not always the head of the campaign is aware of the physical abilities of the children, but if this information is, we need to strive to ensure the homogeneity of the group and that. respect. As for factors such as the experience of the participants tourist trip, it is all business depends on the goals of the campaign. In some cases, as in the example of the upper reaches of the study streams, they should be made homogenous group. In other cases, such as when teaching beginners, as appropriate, together with them in the group and are seasoned travelers.

By selecting a group, it is necessary to ask the school doctor, whether he had objections to participate in the campaign any of the guys on medical grounds. When planning a long cruise organize medical check and spend it twice: the first time — in the formation of the group, the second — before leaving. Pretty enclosed issue of participation in the campaigns of the children's physical development with inadequate or poor health. Some of these students can not engage in tourism, it is useful to others. There is abundant evidence of the positive impact of tourism in the treatment of a variety of serious diseases. Increasingly, doctors and specialists in physical therapy use tourist reasons as a form of spa treatment. Tourism is particularly beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, the development of motor coordination, acquisition of general endurance and performance, for hardening of the body.

There are many cases when children with poor health, having started hiking, tempered and strengthened, catch up with their health and physical development peers when using tourism, people not only cured of their ailments, but also to reach the big sporting successes. So it can hardly be considered fair familiar idea that tourism is only available to healthy people.

No need to rush to failure, when the guys who are exempt from physical education, asking them to take a hike. First of all, we should carefully ask them why they do not engage in physical exercise, what and when sick, why believe that the campaign will be under their power. Then you talk to the school doctor. It is necessary to find out whether the ban doctor absolute, categorical, or he made his decision after a hesitation, guided mainly by the fact that the student exempt from physical education. Maybe these guys should undergo further examination in the pediatric clinic or sports clinic, after which they will be permitted to engage in tourism under systematic supervision of a doctor or go camping with some restrictions? In short, do not miss any opportunity to somehow bring them to tourism. However, the last word in this matter must, of course, remain with the medicine.

Finally, considerable importance is the selection of deputy heads, who would be entitled to in the campaigns for more than three days (for shorter trips rather have an assistant from the high school with a good tourist experience). Special attention should be paid to psychological compatibility hike leader and his deputy. If two adults begin rubbing the eyes guys, the entire campaign can be irreparably damaged.


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