Effect of brown sugar on the fertility and condition of offspring of white rats

Described below study was undertaken by us in connection with the communication R. Hayes and colleagues about the negative effects on the sucrose diet during pregnancy. According to these data, the rats receiving only one sucrose, the pregnancies in the same terms as in the control (normal diet), but the number of implantation sites was reduced, as in ovarioektomirovannyh females. Sucrose diet resulted in a complete loss of fruit, females are all still alive. Thus, the well-known effect was obtained much greater sensitivity of the fetus in relation to various damaging factors.
AP Dyban found that when the content of the rats on the sugar and water splitting and migration zygote normally carried out by the oviduct. But then the blastocyst is not implanted, and 14-15-th day are dying.
We conducted a study on Wistar rats weighing 180-230 g using vaginal swabs to experience selected females in proestrus stage and 17 hours helped them to males. Morning by repeated testing of vaginal swabs for the presence of sperm. Day of detection of sperm in the smear is considered the first day of pregnancy. The animals were then divided into three groups, and for the next 20 days pregnant rats received diets, which is 90% of calories made up of pellets — control group, and in the experiment — 90% of the calories of the diet was due to white or brown sugar. The remaining 10% of calories provided with boiled chicken egg. On the 21th day of pregnancy, all rats were sacrificed and counted after the opening number of corpora lutea, implantation sites, dead fetuses and fetuses with hemorrhages were determined pre-and postimplantation their death.
As seen from the results (Table 12) white sugar dramatically increased postimplantation death of embryos, reduced the average number of live fetuses per female, their average weight and dramatically increased the number of fetuses with hemorrhage. Only in this group was found 20 dead fetuses. Yellow sugar more than 2-fold reduced preimplantation death, even when compared with the control group, and all other parameters gave better results than white.
This experiment was performed cytomorphological study of the liver of rats killed on the 21th day of pregnancy. On tissue specimens studied the morphology of the liver, the mitotic index and the amount of cores. A microscopic examination of the control rats showed cellular and nuclear polymorphism, sinusoids and bile ducts were dilated and traced throughout the hepatic lobule. In experiments with white sugar the liver tissue was characterized by the same changes as in the control, and the presence of a large number (12-37 in field of view with increasing 480) vesicles, indicating that fatty liver. In animals treated with brown sugar, fatty degeneration is less common (37% vs. 86% of rats in experiments with white sugar) and was less intense. Yellow sugar compared with white gave a somewhat larger increase in tetraploid cells, although the index of ploidy in all three groups was similar.
In a second series of experiments investigated the effect of lower doses of the studied brown sugar (2 g / kg) on the fertility of rats and development of offspring. In the experiment took 18 female Wistar rats weighing 100 g and females weighing 140 g females were divided into three equal groups. Within 6 months of the females in Group 1 was injected into the stomach probe with saline (control), 2 nd — white sugar, third — yellow. When the females were covered, were the first, and then the second litter. From the first litter of each group took three mature females, who for 3 months were administered the same solutions as their mothers.

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