Food poisoning

Food poisoning can be divided into two groups: bacteria (food poisoning and food poisoning) and bacterial (chemicals, poisonous mushrooms and herbs, poisonous fish). Foodborne bacterial and bacterial poisoning characterized by the following. The disease is associated with eating. The disease appears suddenly and has a short latent period (the period from the moment of the beginning of a disease-causing organism to the manifestations of the disease.) The latent period lasts a few hours, rarely — a few days. The disease is not contagious, that is not transmitted from the patient to health.

The most common bacterial poisoning (food poisoning), which are the causative agents of salmonella bacteria and other microbes — E. coli, parakishechnaya bacillus, dysentery bacillus.

Contamination of meat can occur if the animal slaughtering and processing of carcasses produced in violation of the rules of hygiene. Microbes group may contain salmonella in eggs of domestic and wild ducks and geese. Food poisoning can occur and when used quite benign products, if they are cut in the same table or cutting board, where before lay meat contaminated with germs. Ways of contamination of other pathogens (Escherichia, parakishechnaya coli) is largely similar to the Infections caused by Salmonella.

In the case of bacterial food poisoning in a few hours (from 2 to 24 hours, rarely more) after the beginning of pathogenic (microbes, toxins) in a significant number fall into the digestive tract, there is a general malaise, a little later, and sometimes at the same time having cramping abdominal pain, painful nausea with repeated vomiting. Following this, followed by frequent urging to stool, diarrhea with mucus, sometimes mixed with blood. Temperature rises to 39-40 ° C. In milder forms of the disease, which are more common, these symptoms are less pronounced. In severe forms of the general condition is deteriorating, there is apathy, lethargy, decline of cardiac activity (weak pulse), pain in the muscles of the arms and legs can occur convulsions and paralysis, sometimes bewildering. The temperature rises to 41 ° C. Duration of the disease an average of 5.7 days.

Help with food poisoning should be provided quickly. The main task — to bring the poison from the body of the victim, and in botulism — is absorbed into the blood to dilute or neutralize the poison. So first of all do gastric lavage. Give the victim drink 5-6 glasses of warm water with each glass of one teaspoon of baking soda (5 percent solution) and a few crystals of potassium permanganate (0.1 percent solution). Then induce vomiting. After drinking a lot of water, it appears spontaneously. This was repeated at least five times. A total of gastric lavage to 6.5 liters of water. When the vomiting stops, you need to give the patient 3-4 glasses of strong brewed tea and laxative (a glass of water 30 g of British or Glauber's salt). If the patient's shivering, it must be warm by wearing warm or overlaid heaters.

If there are hiking first-aid, the patient give one tablet of belladonna with salol (belladonna — 0.15 g, salol — 0.3 g), and if medical help is delayed, 2 hours give another pill. You can also use adsorbents (sinks) of poisons: activated charcoal (carbol) — up to 30 g per reception or white clay (kaolin) — up to 100 g per reception with water. In addition, food poisoning can take polimeksin 2 tablets 4 times a day.

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