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Adolescence (puberty) can not be precisely delineated certain age dates. In girls, it starts in the 12-13 years and can be extended to 16 years. The boys start of this period belong to 13-14 years, and the ending — to 18 years.
Currently, in many countries in Europe and the United States celebrated the acceleration of growth and development. Accelerating the development of puberty adolescents has not always been harmonious in terms of physical and mental development.
Rapid growth, rapid changes in the formation of puberty contribute to the emergence of increased reactivity child's body.
The leading role in these changes take changes in sexual field and endocrine unit.
However, complex processes that occur during puberty, can not be explained solely changes occurring as the genitals. Processes of puberty associated with the restructuring of most of the organs and systems of the child's body, and in particular, the child's mind.
The most pronounced deviations are related to the processes of growth.
In this period annual increase in body length ranges from 4 to 7.5 inches, and weight from 3 to 6 pounds.
The increase in muscle mass leads to an increase in muscle strength and endurance, but in connection with functional instability of the nervous system muscular load during this period should not be excessive.
In period growth and formation of adolescents are particularly important to avoid unilateral drag them to any one type of exercise.
Together with the overall growth of the organism grows vigorously and cardiovascular system. For 18 years the volume of the heart is increased by 12 times compared to the original. Along with the growth changes the shape of the heart.
In adolescence, more often than other age groups, there are functional disorders of heart rhythm.
Functional disorders of the heart (in the form of unpleasant sensations in the heart and heart rate) can sometimes occur as a result of any nervous shock or fatigue on the basis of physical and learning loads. They may be at different stages of childhood, but most often during puberty.
Some teens at this time there is a delay in the growth and development of the heart and blood vessels. They complain of fatigue, weakness, headaches and shortness of breath with exercise. Study the size of the heart in these adolescents reveals relatively little heart. Pulse they often speeded up. The other teens sometimes experience a temporary increase in the left ventricle of the heart and high blood pressure to 160 mm Hg.
Whether to exempt such adolescents from physical education in school?
Prominent Soviet scientist Professor AB Volovik says that teenagers who have a youthful, drip heart or low blood pressure, can not be sick. There is no need for them to create and lite mode. Proper use of exercise and sport contributes to a more rapid completion of the development of the heart.
By the end of puberty, all the phenomena described by the hearts disappear.
Can we assume the sick children who auscultated functional noise in the region of the heart?
Normal, healthy heart child, an adult, has the ability to automatically shrink. These reductions are caught our ear in the form of heart sounds.
Noise is always worried parents. Noise depending on the origin called organic and functional.
Noise, the occurrence of which is associated with inflammatory diseases, or heart disease, are called organic.
The noise is not related to heart disease, are called functional. They are common in patients with severe anemia, pneumonia and other diseases that cause a change of position of the heart in the chest. Functional noise can be increased or decreased tone of cardiac branches of the vagus nerve, on which the valve leaflets slamming separating the atrium from the ventricle.
The nature of the noise can be determined by a physician auscultation of the heart. Often require prolonged observation using imaging studies to determine the origin of the noise.
Functional noises occur, according to some scholars, in 40 — 60% of healthy children and do not require any treatment.

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