How to get a night in the woods?

For some forest — a mystery, but for someone — sweet home. To feel comfortable in this house, you need to learn it correctly the night. For experienced hikers tent presence in the inventory is not quite sure. Naturally, it is close to the extreme, but not for many days (a couple of days) hikes suitable alternative accommodation and on the ground.

What you need to spend the night in the woods in the open air? Yes, actually, a little bit! Even in the spring and fall, and cool summer nights you can sleep on the ground. To do this, you first need to make your own bed. This is done as follows. In an area of 1×2 meters campfire. While it is on, it can cook food, dry near damp things. And when the fire almost burned, it must be moved by the wind and a half or two meters and reignite.

The place where I used to have a fire, carefully swept homemade broom made of branches of trees or shrubs. Then the prepared and cleaned of coal pad plank spruce fir twigs. Forest feather ready! On this "oven" you can easily sleep till morning and did not feel frozen. Before you apply for a bed, be sure to remove your shoes, and you can hide jackets, coats, or whatever you do with them is. Tourists often take a single piece of plastic the size of a meter or two, which is just perfect to hide. In rainy weather, the same remarkable polyethylene canopy will play a role or capes.

Traveling group, can not do without tents. In organizing the night have to start to choose the right place. It must be chosen so that the first rays of the sun would certainly have it covered. Typically, this is either a high bank of the river or forest edge to the east. This is due to the fact that the sun rises in places dew evaporates quickly, dries quickly and tents. Also consider the fact that if you stay on the river, not far from the village, the camp is better to break up the flow. Boat ramp should not be difficult to windbreaks. You also need to make sure you have on the bank sufficient fuel for the fire.

After selecting the group to split, pre-Writing out the responsibilities of each of the participants in the campaign. This is done to save time. Everyone does his job without creating a fuss and, at the same time making a contribution to the overall preparation for the night. Responsibilities are distributed approximately as follows: someone to make a fire, someone prepares the fuel for the fire, someone set up the tents, and some go for water. All this needs to be done in a couple of hours before dark, as might otherwise begin various minor "incidents." They are connected, usually with the "loss" of things, the protracted search for fuel and water.

Do not forget about some of the rules during the installation of tents. They need to be set carefully, carefully checking the correctness of all related activities. After badly staged tent equivalent to its absence. It will be very frustrating if the rain tent tumble down a strong gust of wind, and the would-be tourists vymoknut dry. In addition, it is desirable to dig around the tent perimeter, thus making, groove to drain rainwater. Still be taken into account when setting the direction of the wind. Put to the back of the tent to the wind, and its output must necessarily be directed toward the open space: clearing, river, forest.

Taking off from the parking lot, you need to leave behind a clean. Achieve this simply. Collected all the trash and burned at the stake. The same fire and throw the empty cans. After firing, the banks into the ground, where quickly decompose, causing almost no appreciable damage to the environment. Bonfire thoroughly extinguished and covered with earth. Then, a little "revision" of the group pohodnikov: Do not forget who is bringing out things. You can then continue on the planned route.

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