On a conversation that can not be forgotten

Sex education should be conducted as taught this VI Lenin. "Why then leads in the end, — said Vladimir Ilyich in conversations with Clara Zetkin — is unsatisfactory, non-Marxist discussion? To the fact that gender and marriage are treated as part of the main social issue. Conversely, a large public question he begins to feel a part of appendage problem of sex "*.
In interviews revealed many aspects of moral and sexual education of today's youth.
These conversations, simple in form and insightful, sounded particularly timely in the early Soviet years, when they were fashionable and popular all kinds of theories, inherited from the pre-revolutionary period.
"I'm suspicious of theories of gender, are set out in articles, pamphlets, etc. — in short, to the specific literature, which flourished in the muck soil of bourgeois society. I do not trust those who constantly and persistently absorbed gender issues, like the Indian fakir — contemplating his navel. "
Lenin was nasty "… digging into the issues of sex … This is especially a favorite pastime of intellectuals and close to them facing layers. In the party, among klassovosoznatelnogo struggling proletariat for him (ie, classes — I. T.) has no place. "
What is the essence of these theories?
Some theorists have tried to argue then that love comes down to the instinctive satisfaction of physiological needs. They justify adultery and sexual attraction, not controlled by any social norms, referred to the fact that sex, sexual instinct, physiological needs can be just as easy to satisfy as thirst with water from a glass.
"I think — said Lenin — the famous theory of the" glass of water "completely non-Marxist and antisocial … besides, of course, requires a thirst for satisfaction. But would a normal person under normal conditions will be on the street in the mud and drink from puddle? Or even from the glass, the edge of which dozens of thumb lips? But most important social aspect. "
This notorious theory of "free love" long throw overboard the story, but sometimes it relapses as sexual promiscuity and immoral behavior in some places even get into our way of life, adversely affecting some of our young people.
In the same interview, VI Lenin said: "Incontinence in sexual activity — bourgeois, she sign of decomposition … He (proletariatu. — Todorov) does not need any sexual intemperance intoxication or alcohol intoxication. He needed clarity and once again clear. Therefore, I repeat, there should be no weakness, no wasting and destroying forces. Self-control, self-discipline, not slavery: they are necessary and in love. "
"Communism has to bear, — said V. Lenin, — With them not asceticism, and cheerfulness and courage, is also due to the love and the fullness of life … Youth especially need vitality and vigor. Healthy sports — gymnastics, swimming, field trips, exercise any kind — the diversity of spiritual interests, teaching, research, and all this is possible, to share! "
"The sex is shown not only that nature, but also yielded by culture … love involves two, and there is a third, a new life. Here lies the public interest, there is a duty to the collective. "
Chatting with Clara Zetkin, Lenin, in particular, noted: "The future of our young people are deeply concerned about me. It is — part of the revolution. " And further: "Maybe someday I'll say it, or write about the issues raised. Later, not now. "
Lenin also said that in the future, in the solution of many problems "will be significant and questions gender relations, marriage and family."
Indeed, all these issues have been and remain extremely relevant and important.
On Lenin's thought made nearly 40 years ago in a conversation with Clara Zetkin, we must not forget.

* Clara Zetkin. Reminiscences of Lenin. Moscow, 1955. All of the following quotes are taken from page 44-51.

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