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Proper clothing — the guarantee of health

In many ways, human health depends on what he's wearing. Getting ready for a hike, picnic, hunting or fishing, you should always dress for the weather. How is it? Now I know and tell.

For each season of the year is required to "own" clothes. Clothes should also pick up, focusing on the possible activity while in the wild. For example, for the winter, if you're going to move actively, the jacket should be not only warm, but also easy. It is advisable to have in reserve a warm sweater or vest. They can come in handy if you vspoteesh and clothing will be wet, what will change. I always, except the summer, I take to the woods underwear. I keep it in a bag in the backpack. Saved me many times in the winter and autumn and vesnoy.Esli plans no active movement, such as a picnic in the winter forest, better grab something warm. Good rescues in such cases long down jacket. It is light, warm, covers not only back, but his legs. Very good to have for the litter (or podsidki) camping mat. Its structure does not pass with no heat or moisture.

For spring and autumn, the first step is to have removable socks (leg wrappings). In these times, when a lot of water, first soak feet. Socks and foot wraps better to take the wool, they are better than warm, even wet. Be sure to have a raincoat. He is made of polyethylene film or other waterproof material. Does not take much space, you can almost always carry on hand in case of rain under it, you can quickly hide. Jacket, if possible, should pick up with removable lining. Spring and autumn the weather is changeable, the sun can quickly give way to bad weather and vice versa. Removable inner lining to avoid trouble because of changing weather.

In the summer, in addition to a light suit (jacket and long pants), will not be superfluous, honey same raincoat. Gathering summer walk in the woods, do not wear shorts and a shirt with short sleeves. Exposed areas of the body more susceptible to insect bites and possible injury. Some plant species are dangerous to humans, such as hogweed Sosnowski, and branches left scratches that can become inflamed.

Shoes are not as important. Pick up shoes, I would say you need more care than clothes. Salvation — is, in any case, movement. And with broken legs do not find much. In winter, the preference should be given to short boots. Ankle boots with a long very quickly rubbed his feet. Very handy when there is a possibility to change the shoes, so to speak, with boots on the boots, on arrival at the desired point. Warm boots are convenient for getting around the city (streets, transport, metro), there are many in the boots not pass — once they get wet. But in the winter forest, better boots shoes not.

Of course, there are shoes that allow the feet do not freeze in cold weather, here there is a question of the price of these shoes. They are quite expensive, but the boots are affordable to all.

Another good shoes for the winter — it boots. Boots on a thick felt soles protect feet from the cold, leather sock, moisture and snow, soft and warm ankle (mainly from sheepskin or other animal skins) is convenient not only for walking, but also warms the foot well. True, I was not very happy with untami when to stand long in the cold, their feet get cold faster than in boots. But when walking warm up faster.

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