Recommendations for tourists intending to visit India

Geography gosustroystvo. The Republic of India — a country with total area of 3.3 million square meters. km. Located in South Asia, the Indian subcontinent is. It has borders with Afghanistan, Bhutan, China and Nepal in the east — with Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma) to the west — with Pakistan. On the east by the Bay of Bengal in the south — Polkskim Strait and the Indian Ocean in the west — the Arabian Sea. Capital — Delhi.

Language. Main language — Hindi, most people speak English.

Religion. 80% — Hindus, rest of the population — Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists.

Attractions. Himalayan mountains, the sacred river Ganges, tropical forests of the Western Ghats with rich flora and fauna — the natural attractions of India. Among the historical monuments of the capital in particular stand out from the famous Red Fort Inside a vast palace complex Mughal era and "colored palace" Rang Mahal, Qutub Minar ensemble; Lalkota ruins, Old Fort Purana Qila, Palace Raj Ghat, India's oldest observatory Jantar Mantar , complex Dzhahaz Mahal ("palace-ship"), memorial arch India Gate. Delhi — a monument of architecture of different nations and eras. Here you will see the Sikh temple Cic Ganj Gurudwara, Temple Yogmayi (Krishna's sister), Laxmi Narayan Temple, Jain Temple Jain Digambara with a unique "bird hospital", the oldest Christian church in the country — a Baptist church in the Chandni Chowk, the Anglican Church of St. James, main Tibetan temple of the capital — the Buddhist Vihara, Baha'i Lotus Temple (1986), the temple of goddess Kali in Kalkadzhi. It is worth to visit the National Museum, the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Archeological Museum of the Red Fort, the National Museum of Natural History, Nehru Memorial Museum Tinmurti-house, a memorial of Indira Gandhi's famous "Crystal River", Museum of local crafts, International Dolls Museum, the National Children's Museum Aquarium and Children's Palace, Tibet House Museum on Lodi Road, Academy of Fine Arts, the Museum of Applied fisheries in the large exhibition center Pragati Maidan, the Academy of Music and Dance with the original Museum of Musical Instruments, Delhi Zoo — one of the largest and richest in the world .

Time. Ahead of Moscow for 2.5 hours from the last Sunday in October — 1.5 hours

Currency. Currency — Indian Rupee. 1 rupee is equal to 100 paise.

Currency exchange. Banks are open Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 14.00 hours and Saturday — from 10.00 to 12.00 Receipt of currency exchange to save. It is required when you buy a plane ticket and a reverse exchange of rupees to hard currency.

Shops, markets. India — a shopper's paradise. With the current low price in India can and should bargain — it will buy the product at the right price. In India, high-quality and inexpensive fabrics: silk (Varanasi), cotton (in Rajasthan, Madras), wool, brocade, cashmere, chiffon. Shawls are the perfect gift (head covering) with different textures; souvenirs — different figures of sandalwood from Karnataka, rosewood from Kerala and Madras, Indian walnut from Kashmir, a large selection of copper, brass, bronze, and the weapons were inlaid, enamel and without them. Carpets — the cheapest and most popular product in India. You can buy cheap silver jewelry, gemstones, diamond, ruby, sapphire, pearls (Hyderabad), aquamarine and moonstone* (59).

National characteristics. The legs of women must be covered clothes, but not tight. India has not taken hugging and kissing in public. Welcome to join the fingers of hands at the level of the forehead. Do not try to shake hands with the first and the more kiss. You go around all the buildings, especially religious buildings on the left side.

Tipping. Only need to leave a tip in expensive establishments. In hotels and restaurants, service charges (10%) are often included in the bill. In places you can leave a modest few rupees. SWITZERLAND — 5.10 lakh. In India, the spread baksheesh — Advance payment for services (such as baksheesh at the right you will find a letter, give the necessary information, etc.).

Transport. To rent a car needs a policy of liability insurance, and international driver's license. Offices for rent are located at most hotels. The basis of the public transport are buses.

In major cities and resort areas, they are quite modern, many with air conditioning. Suburban bus lines and private companies often have poor technical condition. In India, three types of taxis: the actual taxis, rickshaws and pedicabs. Taxi drivers and rickshaw counters must include at landing, but in the case of the tourists do not. In addition, without your knowledge, they can bring you to the shop of souvenirs.

National cuisine. The basis of the Indian national cuisine is a variety of vegetables, fish, rice, flour and bread puri, and various dairy products. Most Indians do not eat meat. Number of original Indian dishes of the national cuisine simply defies account. Hallmark of Indian chefs are spices that are added to almost any dish (even sweets), and in the most unusual combinations. The famous curry is a whole group of different recipes that make the application of unusual, even the most banal dish. Very popular in India tea, often drunk with hot milk or spices, coffee, fresh fruit juices and water. Alcoholic beverages at the table has taken most of the dishes washed down with clean cold water* (60).

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