Rhode GEUM L. — Geum.

Rhode GEUM L.  - Geum.

Herbaceous perennials, 25-75 cm high. Distribution: all regions except the Arctic. Carbohydrates and sugar esters and phenols established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 1.2% of the Subtitle. Part G. macrophyllum Willd., tannins and 45% of the Subtitle. h

G. rivale L, fatty oil. Detected alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, karotnnondy, organic acids and 6.5% in the underground. Part G. rivale, vitamin C.

In the experiment, an aqueous extract of G. rivale, aqueous alcoholic extract of G. urbanum possess diuretic, an extract of Hopes. Part G. urbanum — anticoagulant; oversight. Part G. urbanum exhibits antibacterial, flowers — antiviral activity.

Medicinal. Therapeutic action — haemostatic — Subtitle., Oversight. Part G. aleppicum Jacq. (Syn. G. strictum Ait.), Subtitle. hours, flowers G. urba-num L., tonic — G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. rivale, G. urbanum, astringent — G. aleppicum, G. rivale, analgesic — G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. urbanum, antipyretic, choleretic, obstetrical, laxative — flowers G. aleppicum, tonic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, anthelminthic, increases the potency — G. urbanum. Indications — diseases of the digestive system: for stomach — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, flowers G. urbanum, gastritis — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, including giperatsidnom — Subtitle. Part G. rivale, diarrhea — Subtitle. Part G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. urbanum, colitis, atonic dyspepsia, flatulence, intestinal colic — Subtitle., oversight. Part G. urbanum, hemorrhoids — G. aleppicum, Subtitle. Part G. rivale, liver disease — G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. urbanum, gallbladder — G. aleppicum; infections / infestations: with malaria, hepatitis — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, G. urbanum, amoebic dysentery, tuberculosis of the lungs — Hopes. Part G. urbanum, lupus — Subtitle. Part G. rivale, abscesses — the leaves of G. aleppicum; diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat: for boils — the leaves of G. macrophyllum, Subtitle. Part G. urbanum, scrofula — Subtitle. Part G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. urbanum, dermatitis, pyoderma, eczema, ulcers — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, including trophic — Subtitle. Part G. urbanum (Palov, 1998), diseases of the respiratory system: respiratory infections — leaves, pneumonia — Subtitle. Part G. aleppicum, asthma, bronchitis, cough — Hopes. Part G. urbanum; oral disease: with stomatitis — G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. rivale, G. urbanum, periodontitis — Hopes. Part G. rivale, G. urbanum, necrotizing and catarrhal gingivitis — Hopes. Part G. urbanum; ear, nose and throat: the sore throat, false croup — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, angina — Subtitle. Part G. aleppicum, G. urbanum, laryngitis — Hopes. Part G. rivale, GLOSS — Hopes. Part G. urbanum; kidney and urinary tract: nephrolithiasis — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, G. urbanum, kidney disease — flowers, cystitis, nephritis — G. urbanum; symptoms and syndromes: with vomiting — G. aleppicum, Subtitle. Part G. urbanum, dizziness, convulsions, cramps, nocturnal hyperhidrosis — Subtitle. Part G. aleppicum; disease of the reproductive system: the women's diseases — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, leaves of G. macrophyllum, leykoree — Hopes. Part G. urbanum; mental illness: insomnia — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, Subtitle. Part G. rivale, nervousness, depression — Subtitle., oversight. Part G. urbanum; injury: for bruises — G. aleppicum, G. macrophyllum, wounds — G. macrophyllum, including those infected — G. aleppicum; hypovitaminosis: with rickets — Hopes. flowers of G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. urbanum, scurvy — G. aleppicum, Hopes. Part G. urbanum; tumors: tumors — the leaves of G. aleppicum, stomach cancer — Subtitle. Part G. urbanum; pain: when stomachalgia — Subtitle. Part G. macrophyllum, headache — Subtitle. Part G. rivale; immune system disease: rheumatic — Subtitle. Part G. aleppicum, G. rivale; nervous system diseases: epilepsy — Subtitle., oversight. Part G. aleppicum; diseases of the cardiovascular system: the ta-hiaritmii — Hopes. Part G. aleppicum, hemorrhage — G. urbanum; eye disease: in diseases of the eye — Subtitle. h; poisoning: the stings of snakes — Hopes. Part G. rivale; endocrine diseases: diabetes mellitus — G. urbanum (Assembly).

Toxicity. Exhibit insecticidal activity: G. aleppicum, G. urbanum.

Food. Salad: leaves (young) G. urbanum. Nutritional supplements. Spice: G. urbanum.

Forage for cattle, deer, red deer: G. aleppicum, horses: G. urbanum.

Melliferous. G. aleppicum, G. urbanum.

Materials. Tanning: Subtitle. Part G. rivale, G. urbanum, dye (green): Hopes. Part G. urbanum.

And social significance. Contraceptive — leaves G. macrophyllum.

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