Some of the results of clinical and biochemical and anthropometric observations-1

Thus, the brown sugar has the ability to provide a more efficient interaction of compensatory mechanisms, especially in the initial period of adaptation, resulting in improvement of subjective symptoms and objective indicators. It is important to emphasize that the brown sugar exerts its adaptogenic effect in early adaptation, the period of greatest volatility functions.
The second study we conducted with VA Shibanov and his collaborators (Vladivostok Medical Institute) for 237 persons who received a daily basis instead of white 70g brown sugar. Observed for subjects from 37 to 218 days. First day, and then after a month measured in serum sugar, p-lipoproteins and cholesterol.
In observing the four-month-old (110-122 days) consumption of brown sugar in subjects with initially elevated levels of glucose and lipid metabolism revealed significant normalization of all three biochemical metabolism (Table 18). During the period of consumption and brown sugar in a few months after it no adverse effects were noted. Against the background of normal levels of blood sugar, cholesterol and LDL-6 levels did not change them. In this study, there was no special control group but treated with some dishes brown sugar did not know about it.
The third observation for 11 months we spent together with GF Grigorenko 21 seamen ship FESCO (1166 people, including 316 women) with a mean age of the observed 32 years. White sugar at a rate of 572 people received (control group), yellow — 594 (study group). Replacing white sugar on the yellow did not cause increase in the total incidence of crew (Table 19). She even dropped slightly, than the consumption of white sugar. This trend was, in particular, for colds and metabolic diseases. If in the previous year incidence in the control group was slightly higher than in the main, by the end of the observation period, it reached in the control group 34.6%, in the main — only 31.0%. These findings are consistent with the subjective quality of brown sugar. Good taste it said 73% of those of the main group, satisfactory — 25, low — only 2%. Saturation of brown sugar is full time — 92%, part-time — 8%. Also noted a slight decrease in the frequency and amount of alcohol consumption.
The fourth study brown sugar conducted jointly with GF Grigorenko and M. Novikov on the personnel of the ship, is a 10-month autonomous navigation in the tropics. All personnel were divided into two equal groups (50 man) Person first (main) group received brown sugar (80 grams per day), the second (control) — the usual refined sugar in the same quantity. Each group identified three subgroups (according to categories of servicemen): officers, warrant officers and conscripted (respectively 10, 10 and 30), with an average age of 26.3, 24.5 and 22.3 years.
Swimming in the tropical latitudes were associated with a number of adverse effects: heat, high humidity, noise, vibration, rocking, relative physical inactivity, high insolation (about 10 times higher than the average in their home stations), changes in the water regime, the increased stress background, touch deprivation, etc.
Officer and warrant officer structure housed in single and double cabins, staff — in the forecastle, 10-20 man. Take food in the mess in the dining room and commands accordingly. Daily water consumption per person is 40 liters. Summary group receive allowances at rates only brown sugar (pressed in the restaurant packed) with the third meal (tea, coffee) during the entire period of the campaign. Sugar stored in accordance with sanitary standards.
Then found out by asking a subjective assessment brown sugar (taste, convenience or inconvenience in use, saturation, and other assessment and wishes) and action (health, fatigue, activity, mood, feeling of hunger between meals, etc.), conducted anthropometric survey , an assessment of the functional state of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as a blood test.

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