Surrogate alcohol poisoning and technical liquids-1

Raw alcohol is the product of fermentation of sugar. From this method of treatment are rectified, used in particular for the preparation of alcoholic beverages. In surrogate alcohol than ethanol, contains a large amount of harmful to the human body of impurities, particularly fusel oils, consisting of higher alcohols (isoamyl, butyl, isobutyl, isopropyl, etc.). Especially toxic amyl alcohol, accounting for more than one third of fusel oils. Compared with ethanol, they have more power and greater drug toxicity.
Propyl alcohol also used as a solvent of resins and other substances. The general nature of the action on the human body, they resemble ethyl alcohol. There are cases of fatal poisoning after taking 300 ml and more poison. They are rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and in a few minutes after taking appear in the blood and rapidly accumulate in the body, particularly the brain. Propyl alcohol from the body, and their metabolites (propyl and lactic acid, acetone) are excreted in the exhaled air, urine and faeces. When the concentration in the blood of about 15 ‰ isopropyl alcohol can occur coma and death.
At autopsy of the dead are marked only signs of rapidly ensuing death. One of the metabolites of propyl alcohol — acetone — can be detected in urine up to 4 days even after taking a small amount of isopropyl alcohol.
Butyl alcohols — Colorless liquid with a characteristic odor of alcohol. They are used as solvents in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and a number of other industries, in particular for the manufacture of brake fluid SBR containing 50% butyl alcohol. Lethal dose ingestion — 200-250 ml, although individual variations are considerable sensitivity.
Butyl alcohol gives a narcotic effect, and the central nervous system is affected. When administration is developed transient intoxication, which after 3-4 hours goes into drowsiness, apathy, later noted decreased vision, flashing "flies" in the eyes. Disturbed function of the kidneys. In the absence of appropriate treatment, usually within 2 days develops a coma and the patient dies.
The autopsy revealed signs of rapidly ensuing death from the body there is a smell of butanol.
Amyl alcohol — Yellowish liquid with a characteristic odor of fusel. Poisonings occur when receiving raw spirit, and at the use of brake fluid ASA, containing 50% of amyl alcohol. When taken by mouth lethal dose is about 20-30 ml of pure amyl alcohol. Alcohol intoxication while taking ethanol even with a small amount of amyl alcohol differs severe.
By the nature of effects on the amyl alcohol are drugs. Primarily affects the central nervous system and paralysis of vital centers of the brain stem. After ingestion amyl alcohol for several hours circulates in the blood through the lungs is released in the urine. Poisoning characterized by general weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, burning sensation along the esophagus and stomach pain. Within minutes marked confusion, stupor, cyanosis increases. Death occurs in a state of severe coma. Picture of poisoning depends largely on the concentration of amyl alcohol you drink the liquid. The main morphological changes observed in the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach contents have fusel odor.
Meths used as a technical alcohol. It contains a significant amount of impurities, in particular methyl alcohol, which makes it more toxic.

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